WWE RAW 8.13.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. And There Goes Any Intrigue I Had For Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

After Paul Heyman’s sit down interview last week, I have to admit I had a little intrigue for the Universal Title match. Not a lot, but some. In the back of my head, I had a crazy theory. That theory was that The Shield would reform to help Roman win the Title from Brock. But that all changed tonight when Heyman swerved us all and showed that he was still aligned with Brock Lesnar. Now the only intrigue is whether or not Braun will cash in after the match. If this is a long match it will die a slow death. If it is short it might have a chance of being okay. And I don’t think there will be any kind of double swerve here. The WWE isn’t smart enough for that. Now we just wait for the eventual Roman coronation, a Braun cash in, or Brock winning and RAW still being unbearable while he vanishes again.

2. Renee Young Was A Welcome Addition To Commentary

Of course anyone would be an upgrade over Coach. But I thought Renee Young added a good dynamic to the commentary team tonight. She didn’t seem like she was out of place or in over her head. She worked well with Corey Graves playing the face to his heel role. And she didn’t come off sounding like an idiot like Coach does all the time. If I had once complaint it was that she said “OH” too much after anyone hit a big move. But she wasn’t loud and obnoxious. She did her job and wasn’t out there over thinking things. Much better then her last attempts at announcing. If she is like this all the time I would be fine with her joining the commentary team full time.

3. Dean Ambrose Adds A Much Needed Boost To RAW

I actually thought RAW wasn’t bad this week. And Dean Ambrose’s return at the end of the night added a much needed spark to the Dolph Ziggler/Seth Rollins program. I still hope it ends at SummerSlam but now the match has an added kick to it. Of course I fully expect Ambrose to turn on Rollins sooner rather than later. Ambrose shaved his head and has a heel look that goes with it now. Ambrose is someone that many people have wanted to turn heel for quite some time now. I would love to see him work as a heel. Do they turn him at SummerSlam? It might be too quick because the pop he got was really big. But you know it will be in the back of everyone’s minds going forward.

Random Notes

-I would be surprised if Natty is at SummerSlam Sunday. But if she is, I really hope they don’t go through with a heel turn like many people thought would happen.

-Elias saying he sold out MSG three times (which is not true, WWE hasn’t sold out MSG in a couple years) was such a WWE move. Have to let that false narrative reassure themselves and sucker in their audience.

-Bray Wyatt is still the Eater of Pinfalls.

-Jobber entrance for Bobby Roode. Ouch.

-I still refuse to acknowledge the existence of the B-Team’s new theme.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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