NJPW G1 Climax Night 17 Review 8.10.18 W/5 Minute Wrestling Reviews

Night 17 of the NJPW G1 Cilmax 28 tournament was full of solid wrestling all night. The main event was one of the best matches this year, and is another classic in the Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada rivalry. There is nobody better constructing matches than Tanahashi in my book, and every move both guys made built upon each other expertly. If the G1 Final is anything like the main event tonight, then we are in for a treat!

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• Michael Elgin vs. Togi Makabe: Elgin hits a belly to belly for 2 and lays stiff chops. Makabe hits a powerslam and northern lights suplex for 2. They trade lariats and Germans, with Makabe hitting a big lariat for a nearfall. Elgin hits Splash Mountain for 2. They trade forearm shots in the center of the ring and Makabe hits a DVD and King Kong knee drop for the win. ***

• Hangman Page vs. Yoshi-Hashi: Quick pace to start as they go outside and Page hits a SSP from the apron. Pumphandle slam gets a 2, but YH counters with a neckbreaker. YH hits a top rope blockbuster for 2. They have a solid back and forth with Page hitting a buckshot lariat for 2. Page follows with a 2nd rope neckbreaker for 2. Page eats a superkick and YH hits a destroyer to reverse Rite of Passage for 2. Backstabber follows and Karma ends it. ***1/2

• Minoru Suzuki vs. Bad Luck Fale: They brawl outside early with Fale choking Suzuki with a camera cord. Suzuki locks an armbar and takes Fale out with a chair. Back inside Suzuki lays in forearms and a PK for 2. Fale hits a splash and elbow for 2. Suzuki reverses a grenade into an armbar but Loa comes in to interfere. Fale hits another big splash but only gets 2. Suzuki lays in slaps and locks in a sleeper. Tonga comes in and hits a gun stun for the DQ finish. **

• Jay White vs. Evil: White hits a Saito to the outside and whips/suplexes Evil in the barricade. White continues to take control inside before Evil takes him outside and returns the favor by throwing White into the barricade. White hits Last Shot and a German for 2. Ref gets shielded and White hits a low blow, but Evil connects with Darkness Falls. A big lariat gets 2 for Evil but White counters with the Kiwi Crusher for 2. White gets a pair of chairs but is hit by an Evil lariat. White pushes Evil into the ref but Evil hits Everything is Evil to pick up the win. ***1/2

• Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada: They go out on fire but nobody can connect with anything. Tana works a headlock and they trade strikes. Tana works the leg in an Indian deathlock and whips Okada’s leg on the ring post. Okada hits a dragon screw, and continues to target the leg on the floor. Okada hits a dropkick to the knee, but Tana fights back with a striking combo and senton. Okada hits a DDT for 2 and follows with a shotgun and missile dropkick. Tana reverses a tombstone and hits one of his own. They trade forearms and Tana dropkicks Okada from the apron to the barricade and hits High Fly Flow to the floor. Tana hits a couple dragon screws as Okada does great selling of the knee and then locks in the cloverleaf. Tana transitions and hits a Styles Clash but misses a HFF! Okada hits a dropkick but Tana reverses the Rainmaker into a slingblade. They try for tombstones and Tana connects with Twist and Shout, and a slingblade gets 2. Okada reverses a High Fly cross body with a dropkick. Okada hits a tombstone, dropkick, and twisting RM. Tana reverses a RM into an inside cradle for 2. Dragon suplex gets 2. RM gets reversed into the dragon slap and hits a HFF to the back as time expires. *****

Overall: 7.75/10

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