NJPW G1 Climax 28 Night 18 Review 8.11.18 W/5 Minute Wrestling Reviews

Night 18 of the NJPW G1 Cilmax 28 tournament was the best night of the tournament. The main event was highly anticipated between Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi, and the Golden Lovers delivered one of the best matches this year in an absolute classic. Naito and Sabre also had a tremendous match that featured great action, and Ishii vs. Sanada was another amazing match in Ishii’s MVP G1 run. The finals are upon us, and should be an unbelievable match to cap off a great month of wrestling!

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• Toru Yano vs. Tama Tonga: Loa gets tossed from ringside and Yano gets a rollup. They brawl outside and Tonga chokes Yano out. Yano finally hits a belly to belly for 2, but then Fale comes out and Tonga tosses the ref and hits a gun stun on a second ref for the DQ. ½*

• Hirooki Goto vs. Juice Robinson: Juice takes off the soft cast right away. Juice hits a corner clothesline and cannonball. Juice targets the injured elbow of Goto and delivers some headbutts. Goto hits the spinning corner kick and Saito suplex for 2. Juice lands a spinebuster and great cross body for 2. Juice delivers a stiff shoulder block but eats Ushigoroshi, but follows with Juice box. Goto delivers a headbutt and reverse GTR as he sells the elbow. Juice catches a midkick and delivers a stiff left hand. Pulp Friction ends it. ***3/4

• Tomohiro Ishii vs. Sanada: They start off with some great reversals and Ishii lays in strikes. Stiff chops are traded and Sanada hits a dropkick and plancha. Sanada lays in forearms as Ishii fires up and hits a 2nd rope suplex for 2. Sanada hits a rana and springboard dropkick. Ishii locks in Skull End, but Sanada hits a sliding lariat for 2. Draping twisting neckbreaker and TKO get 2. Sanada hits a Saito but Ishii follows with one of his own. Ishii hits a powerbomb and slinding lariat for some nearfalls. Sanada lays a stiff lariat and Skull End in the middle of the ring. Sanada misses the moonsault and gets chop blocked. Sanada lands some great kicks and high angle Tiger suplex for 2. Ishii hits a shining wizard and they no sell some strikes trading back and forth as the crowd goes wild. Ishii hits a vertical drop brainbuster to get the win. ****1/2

• Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Tetsuya Naito: Sabre attacks quick then Naito taunts him in the ring. Naito delivers an arm drag/bar but Sabre reverses and ties Naito up in submissions. Sabre reverses the corner dropkick and locks in some more leg submissions. They trade holds on the mat before Naito pops up and hits a neckbreaker and dropkick to the neck. Corner dropkick follows then spits in Zack’s face as Sabre delivers stiff kicks. Sabre reverses a pinwheel kick into an STF. They trade strikes an Sabre hits a hard slap to the face. Tornado DDT is followed by a Sabre triangle and cradle for 2. Naito reverses the Zack Driver into a reverse DDT. Naito slaps Sabre hard and hits Gloria for 2. Sabre twists Naito in an Octopus hold and delivers a pair of PKs. European clutch gets 2 and another clutch gets 2. Destino is followed by an attempt for a second one but Zack hits the Zack Driver to win. ****1/2

• Kenny Omega vs. Kota Ibushi: They start with a quick pace as Ibushi hits a dropkick which is followed by a couple stiff chops. Ibushi misses a plancha to the outside and Omega hits a bodyslam to the apron. They trade kicks and forearms inside. They counter each other’s moonsaults, and trade shots on the apron and Omega hits a package piledriver on the apron! Omega follows with a dropkick to the face and Aoi Shodoi for 2. V trigger to the back of the head is followed by a high angle German suplex for 2. A stiff V trigger is followed by a Terminator dive. Ibushi hits a Pele and a springboard Rana for 2. Golden Triangle moonsault follows and Ibushi hits a flurry of strikes and a standing moonsault with both knees landing on Omega’s chest. V trigger to the back of the neck and they trade lariats. Ibushi lays in suplexes and a huge lariat, Last Ride follows for 2. Komigoye gets 2 and they trade elbows. Kenny hits a couple huge V triggers, but Kota lands a perfect head kick. Ibushi misses a Phoenix Splash, and Omega hits J Driller for 2 and then dumps Ibushi on his head. They head up top in a OWA position but Ibushi lands double stomps right to the neck! Top rope Tiger Driver gets 2 and Komigoye gets the win! *****

Overall: 9.25/10

B Block Final Standings:

Kota Ibushi: 6-3 (12pts.) – Advances
Kenny Omega: 6-3 (12pts.)
Zack Sabre Jr: 6-3 (12pts.)
Tetsuya Naito: 6-3 (12pts.)
Tomohiro Ishii: 5-4 (10pts.)
SANADA: 4-5 (8pts.)
Juice Robinson: 3-6 (6pts.)
Hirooki Goto: 3-6 (6pts.)
Toru Yano: 3-6 (6pts.)
Tama Tonga: 3-6 (6pts.)

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