The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Is Your Favorite SummerSlam Match?

This week the HTCWrestling staff answers what their favorite SummerSlam match of all time is!

Cam: I stayed away from any obvious choice when it came to the best SummerSlam match of all time. I penciled in CM Punk against Brock Lesnar but due to dreadful follow up or lack there of, that match will always be one hell of a missed opportunity. Instead, I chose Shawn Michaels against Triple H from SummerSlam 2002. Not only was it Shawn’s first match in almost three years, it was also a grueling encounter that contained many layers of a story to tell between the long time friends. I would personally put this in Triple H’s top five performances along with a solid welcome back party for HBK.

The Chairman: My favorite Summerslam match took place in 2015 between Seth Rollins and John Cena. Those close to me know that Rollins is my favorite WWE superstar and seeing him defeat Cena in a marquee pay per view cemented Rollins in my opinion as the future when he became a double champion holding the WWE Championship and WWE United States Championship. Even though it’s well known Cena hasn’t had much success at Summerslam, a win is a win against one of the greatest in WWE history when the gold is on the line. Sure I could’ve done without the involvement of Jon Stewart (which without a doubt hurt the match) and this match may not even make the top ten of many WWE fans. However this match stands out to me, plus Rollins was rocking that sweet white attire. Three years later and Rollins is feuding for the Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler and has been pretty much an afterthought for the top title on the Raw brand thanks to the part timer era and Cena has been MIA.

Justin C: I’m also going with HBK vs Triple H from SummerSlam 2002. Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler of all time. I never thought I would get to see him wrestle and truly appreciate like I do now. But HBK went out there and put on one of the best performances of his career. He showed that he never lost it. Triple H played the heel role perfectly. And what can’t be underestimated is Jim Ross on commentary. His call of the match is great, as well as his call of the post match angle with Triple H using the sledgehammer on HBK’s back. The match from entrances to end is a perfectly told wrestling story.

Matt: My favorite SummerSlam match of all time is AJ Styles vs John Cena from 2016. I’m not shy in saying I’ve been a Styles guy since his ROH/TNA days so seeing him steal the show with the WWE’s biggest star and pinning him clean was amazing.

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