NJPW G1 Climax 28 Block A Results 8.10.18 w/Justin C

Full disclosure: I was a little slow getting up this morning and missed Togi Makabe vs Michael Elgin. Well all but the last few minutes of it. Makabe ended up winning with the King Kong Knee Drop.

Hangman Page vs Yoshi Hashi

Page hits a neckbreaker in the ropes then a running shooting star off the apron. Page remains in control back in the ring and stops all of Yoshi’s attempts at offense. Page hits Yoshi with a boot then hits the Buck Shot Lariat for two. Page takes Hashi to the top and hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Yoshi escapes Right of Passage about three times. After a handful of counters, Yoshi finally counters it into a Canadian Destroyer for two. He ends up hitting Karma on Page for the win.

WINNER: Yoshi-Hashi

Minoru Suzuki vs Bad Luck Fale

Fale goes after the ring announcer right away so Suzuki goes after Fale. Look at good guy Suzuki! Fale chokes Suzuki with a camera cord. Fale gets back in the ring but he makes the mistake of not waiting for Suzuki so Suzuki applies the armbar in the ropes. Suzuki hits Fale with a chair then chokes him with it. Suzuki then throws Fale into the railing and hits Fale with the chair a couple of times. Fale catches Suzuki with a Samoan Drop coming back in. Fale goes for the Grenade but Suzuki counters into an armbar. Guess what? Tanga Loa pulls the ref out and breaks it up. Tanga and Fale hit splashes in the corner but they are only good for two. Suzuki moves from a splash and lands some slaps and forearms. Suzuki applies a Sleeper. Desperado stops Tanga but out comes Tama Tonga for the interference.

WINNER via DQ: Minoru Suzuki

Jay White vs EVIL

Both men battle for control early on exchanging chops and forearms. White ends up backdropping Evil over the top rope to the outside then throws him into the railing. White then backdrops Evil into the railing. Evil catches White with a kick to the gut back in the ring. They go back outside again and now Evil throws White into the railing. Back to the ring again where White ducks an Evil charge and hits a flatliner and follows it up with a German suplex for two. Evil escapes Blade Runner, then stops himself from running into Red Shoes but White hits a low blow. Evil escapes Blade Runner again and hits a sitout slam for two. Now it is White that escapes everything is Evil and hits a Dragon Suplex and then a package fisherman suplex for two. White brings some chairs into the ring. Red Shoes takes them away. White shoves Evil into Red Shoes and tries to use the chair, but Evil ducks and hits Everything is Evil for the win. Jay White is eliminated.


Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada

Poor Okada looks so lost without his balloons. But he still gives Rocky Romero a high five when he walks by. An exchange of misses early on is followed up by an exchange of chain wrestling. Tanahashi starts to work over the legs of Okada with a handful of submissions and also slamming his leg a few times into the post. Tanahashi misses a charge but he escapes a tombstone attempt. But Okada hits him with a Dragon screw leg whip. Now it is Okada who starts to work over the right leg of Tanahashi. Okada slams the right leg of Tanahashi into the mat a few times on the outside. Back in the ring Okada puts Tanahashi’s leg in the ropes and dropkicks it. Okada goes for a kick but Tanahashi grabs the leg and hits a dragon screw leg whip.

Tanahashi hits a swanton for two. Okada ducks a clothesline and comes back with a flying forearm. Tanahashi kicks the bad leg of Okada but Okada dropkicks Tanahashi into the corner then hits a sitout dropkick off the top. Okada goes for a tombstone but Tanahashi counters it into a tombstone of his own. They exchange forearms. Okada ends up on the apron but Tanahashi dropkicks him off and Okada goes into the railing. Tanahashi goes to the top and hits a crossbody off the top to the outside. Tanahashi grabs Okada’s leg coming back in and hits two dragon screw leg whips in the ropes then applies a cloverleaf. Okada tries fighting out of it but Tanahashi counters it into a Styles Clash. He goes to the top for High Fly Flow but Okada moves.

Okada dropkicks the back of Tanahashi. Tanahashi stops himself in the ropes, but Okada catches him on the way back with another dropkick. Okada goes for the Rainmaker but Tanahashi counters into a slingblade. They both trying going for a Tombstone. Tanahashi escapes and hits a couple swinging neckbreakers then a slingblade. Tanahashi goes to the top but Okada catches him with a dropkick midair. Okada hits a tombstone. Tanahashi ducks two Rainmakers but Okada hits a dropkick. Two more Rainmaker ducks but then a spinning lariat from Okada. ANOTHER duck and Tanahashi rolls up Okada for two. ANOTHER duck and Tanahashi hits a dragon suplex for two. Tanahashi slaps Okada and goes to the top for High Fly Flow and hits it for two. Tanahashi goes back to the top but the bells rings and we have a draw.

DRAW- Hiroshi Tanahashi wins the A Block as a Result.

Phenomenal match, but at least for me, the draw takes a tad bit away here. I would have preferred a clean winner.

So with Tanahashi winning the A Block, here is what we have for the B Block tomorrow:

Kenny Omega wins the B Block with a win.

Naito wins the B Block with a win AND an Omega loss OR a draw between Omega and Ibushi

Ibushi wins the B Block with a win AND a Naito loss

I still think Naito wins the B Block. But I thought for sure Omega and Ibushi would end in a draw and that does not seem likely anymore.

Top 3 Matches From A Block

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada

Kazuchika Okada vs Michael Elgin

Michael Elgin vs EVIL

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