WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 8.7.18 w/ The Chairman

Here are the hits and misses for Smackdown Live.


HIT: Becky and Charlotte Begins


After Charlotte Flair interjected herself into the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship picture last week with a win over Carmella, you know damn well Becky Lynch isn’t too thrilled on the idea. She even said she wanted Carmella one on one. The tea sipping friends joined forces in a tag team match against the Iiconics tonight with Carmella doing commentary of course. Charlotte and Becky took care of business no problem as they build momentum for Summerslam. I’m hoping these two meet one on one at the upcoming women’s pay per view Evolution and I hope Becky turns heel at some point between now and then. Justin summarized this up perfectly in his article about booking Evolution (check that out if you haven’t yet). This could be a very good story if developed properly. I just really really really hope it doesn’t turn into another Sasha and Bayley story.


MISS: Iiconics are not iconic


We’re about four months in now of the main roster debut of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay and after the first few weeks they’ve fallen completely flat on their face. Other than ambushing Charlotte Flair and leaving her for dead opening up Carmella’s opportunity to cash in money in the bank, what else have they done that you can remember? Unfortunately nothing but taking loss after loss after loss. This is not the proper way to build up new superstars, especially women wrestlers when the divisions on both shows are paper thin. If it’s not these two then it’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville doing the job. Four talented women wrestlers that probably should’ve just stayed in NXT if this is how they were going to get treated. Then again, Asuka’s booking since coming over to Smackdown Live hasn’t been any better and I don’t need to speak on her accolades. And just remember, Carmella is the champion of this division…


HIT: New Day vs The Bar WWE Tag Team Match of the Year?


The tag team division in WWE on both brands hasn’t been stellar in 2018. Last summer we had the Usos and New Day killing it every night they encountered each other. Sadly the repackaged Bludgeon Brothers have been propelled to the front of the tag team division and have done nothing memorable at all during their reign. New Day though reminded us once again tonight though they have amazing magic in the ring when given the opportunity and their opponents the Bar stepped it up as well. The action was intense and the match got plenty of time to tell their story. I was hoping Cesaro and Sheamus would’ve received a chance to challenge Harper and Rowan, however that wasn’t the case as New Day defeated the Bar. It’s always a treat to watch Cesaro wrestle, the dude is one of WWE’s best when given the chance. New Day though is getting the title shot at Summerslam as they look to become five time champions.


MISS: Bludgeon Brother Squash Match


Smackdown Live is two hours. Two hours to showcase talent in the ring and tell stories to build programs. There shouldn’t be local talents getting squashed by the tag team champions, but that’s what happened tonight. The Bludgeon Brothers have absolutely no charisma at all and why they’re still champs is beyond my guess. Harper is a fantastic wrestler and it was awesome seeing him get that singles push last year. Instead though he keeps getting repacked with Rowan and it’s dragging him down. If the E wants a creepy heel tag team, green light Sanity. At least they have a mouthpiece in Eric Young who’s also solid in the ring. The reason why Smackdown Live’s tag division flourished last year was because the Usos were the centerpiece and now they’re barely blips on the radar which is a damn shame. Usos should’ve been moved to Raw for the shakeup, but I’m not going to go on any further on that subject.


HIT: R Truth is a Hidden Gem We Don’t Appreciate Enough


We don’t see much R Truth anymore and he’s not going to go out there by any means and give us a wrestling match to remember any time soon. But that man will make you laugh out loud. The E is overkill on the comedy at times, but R Truth has been gold. Tonight when he challenged Shinsuke and saying he had to pin Carmella had me laughing out loud. He had Dillinger following him around once again and the E should just go ahead and make them an enhancement midcard tag team. Rather see the Bludgeon Brothers beat them up and get exposure for R-Truth than John Doe.


MISS: Zelina vs Lana the Sequel


If you missed Smackdown Live last week no worries. They decided to give us another match between Zelina and Lana with pretty much the same finish. Aiden English tries to help and screws things up. I’m still waiting for the mixed tag team match between Rusev and Lana vs Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega. It’ll be a nice kickoff match at Summerslam I’m sure. Crazy to think Rusev was wrestling for the WWE Championship a few weeks ago and now he’s stuck in this storyline. Andrade Cien Almas should be wrestling for championships, not involved in this storyline. Nobody wins here and the way things are going neither will Aiden English as he’ll get reduced back to catering once the alliance with Rusev Day is officially severed.


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