NJPW G1 Climax 28 A Block Review 8.5.18 w/Justin C

Bad Luck Fale vs Yoshi Hashi

I have a feeling Hashi’s string off good matches ends here. Fale takes Hashi to the outside early and throws him hard into the barricade a couple of times. Back in the ring Fale works over the injured right arm of Hashi. Hashi dropkicks the leg of Fale then hits a neckbreaker and follows it up with a block buster off the top for two. Hashi tries for a suplex but obviously fails. Fale shoulder tackles him and hits a splash. Hashi comes back with a clothesline. Tama Tanga comes on the apron and distracts Hashi. Fale takes Hashi down, but Hashi pushes Fale into Tanga. Fale misses a splash. Hashi hits a codebreaker on Tanga then running double knees on Fale for two. Hashi applies an armbreaker and guess what? Tama Tonga comes out and interferes, causing a DQ.

WINNER via DQ: Yoshi-Hashi- I am stunned, STUNNED I TELL YOU by this result.

Minoru Suzuki vs Hangman Page

Suzuki tries going after Page as he makes his entrance but Page is ready. Page takes out Suzuki and Desperado with a moonsault off the stage. Suzuki recovers back in the ring and takes Page through the crowd. He crushes him between two chairs then puts a railing over him and kicks it and throws a chair onto it. Page makes his way back to ringside. Suzuki, that evil bastard, hits him with a water bottle! Suzuki throws Page into the corner but he comes back with a lariat. Page hits a handful of clotheslines then a dropkick in the corner. Page hits a backdrop but it kind of wakes up Suzuki, who is super pissed off now. He lands a couple of forearms then a penalty kick for two. Suzuki taunts Page and tells him to bring it. They exchange forearms. Suzuki ducks the buckshot lariat and applies a sleeper. Page escapes and hits a forearm. Page hits the Buckshot lariat this time. Suzuki comes back with a sleeper. He goes for the Gotch piledriver but Page counters with the Right of Passage for the win.

WINNER: Hangman Page- A big win for Page in this tournament. The crowd and announcers reacted big when the ref counted three. I still think Page has disappointed so far in this tournament but this is a good win for him.

Jay White vs Togi Makabe

As required in A Block the action goes to the outside early on. White throws Makabe into the barricade a few times. White slaps Makabe a couple times over the head back in the ring, which wakes Makabe up. Makabe lands some corner punches. White ducks a clothesline and hits a backdrop then a brainbuster. White lands some chops and clotheslines that don’t phase Makabe. White then hits a flatliner and German suplex. Makabe comes back with a clothesline. They go to the corner with Makabe does his power up and belly-to-belly. White grabs the ref, so Makabe comes back and hits a German suplex and lariat for two. White moves out of the way of the King Kong knee drop. White grabs two chairs and pushes Red Shoes out of the way. Makabe lariats the chair into White. Red Shoes grabs the chair from Makabe but White shoves Makabe into him. White then hits the Blade Runner for the win.

WINNER: Jay White- Just like Bad Luck Fale, White’s matches have followed the same formula from the beginning. So if you have seen one White match this tournament you’ve seen them all

Michael Elgin vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Tanahashi asks for a test of strength early on and immediately regrets it. Elgin takes Tanahashi down to the mat a couple of times then face plants him. Elgin keeps thwarting all of Tanahashi’s offense until Tanahashi hits a flying forearm and follows it up with an elbow and standing swanton. Tanahashi hits the dragon screw leg whip but Elgin shoves him away and hits one of his own. Elgin follows it up with a belly-to-belly and falcon arrow for two. They go to the top, where Tanahashi hits a dragon screw leg whip off the turnbuckle. Tanahashi applies a cloverleaf that Elgin eventually powers out of. Tanahashi head scissors Elgin to the outside but Elgin comes back in and hits an enziguri on Tanahashi on top. Elgin then hits a superplex off the top for two.

Elgin hits a powerbomb and follows it up with a buckle bomb, but Tanahashi bounces off and hits a slingblade. Tanahashi tries another leg whip but Elgin counters to a German suplex. Elgin hits a forearm but Tanahashi counters a powerbomb into a neckbreaker. Another slingblade but Elgin catches Tanahashi going for a crossbody. A couple of quick counters ends with Elgin hitting two straight lariats. Elgin hits the Big Mike bomb for two. Elgin hits a buckle bomb then goes for another Big Mike bomb but Tanahashi rolls Elgin up for the win.

WINNER: Hiroshi Tanahashi- Eh, I might have given Elgin the win there. A loss doesn’t effect Tanahashi too much either way, though it would have put White in a “win and in” situation. But a very good showing from Elgin.

Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL

Evil hits two quick lariats and goes for Everything is Evil but Okada escapes and hits a neckbreaker. They roll to the outside where Evil tosses Okada into the barricade. Evil puts a chair around Okada’s neck and throws him into the post. Evil remains in control back in the ring. Okada finally catches Evil with a DDT and starts his comeback. Evil moves out of the way of an Okada dropkick and hits a senton. They go out to the apron and Evil jumps off with Okada and drops him on the railing. They go out to the ramp where Evil tries hitting a Samoan drop. But Okada counters to a DDT and runs from the top of the ramp to the bottom and hits Evil with a dropkick.

Back in the ring Okada dropkicks Evil into the corner then goes to the top and hits a nice sit out dropkick. Evil grabs a charging Okada then lifts him up and puts Okada’s feet on Red Shoes so he can hit Magic Killer. After a couple of blocks Evil hits a clothesline in the corner then a sit out slam. Okada blocks Everything is Evil then goes for a Rainmaker, but Evil ducks and hits a Rainmaker for two. They counter each other’s finishers again, and this time Okada hits Everything is Evil for two. Okada hits a back dropkick then a Tombstone. Evil hits a lariat but Okada comes back with a spinning lariat and Rainmaker for the win.

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada- Expected outcome. Final few minutes were entertaining and sets up A block to have two matches that determine who wins the Block.

So here is where we stand with A Block with One night left.

Tanahashi controls his own destiny. He wins the block with a win.

Jay White wins the block with a win AND a Tanahashi loss.

Okada wins the Block with a win AND a Jay White draw or loss.

I fully expect Evil to beat White, because I can’t see Okada being reduced to the role of spoiler in the final match. From there? I don’t know who wins between Tanahashi and Okada.

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