Lucha Underground Review 8.1.18 w/Justin C

Daga w/Kobra Moon vs PJ Black

Some back and forth early on. Daga applies a choke but Black gets to the ropes. Black comes back with a dragon sleeper. Daga gets to the corner and lands some chops. They exchange forearms. Black hits a spinning heel kick. Black goes to the top but Daga crotches him. Daga hits a frankensteiner off the top. They exchange some near falls. Daga applies a modified crucifix and Black taps.

WINNER: Daga- Kind of sloppy. Really wasn’t too into it. At times it felt like they were going in slow motion.

Out come Drago and Vibora(taker). They lay the boots to Black. Taya and Johnny Mundo come out to make the save. Ricky Mundo comes out a bit late and stumbles. He slaps Vibora who then takes him out with a headbutt. Mundo and Black take out Vibora with kendo sticks. Kobra says the Reptile Tribe will face the Worldwide Underground next week. If the Reptile Tribe wins, Mundo must pledge allegiance to them. That all just felt really weird and awkward.

Catrina tells The Mack death surrounds him, and his cousin took death in. The locker opens and the skull of Big Rick is in there (who was Ezekial Jackson). That’s why they randomly showed him in the opening montage.

El Dragon Azteca Jr says he will defend the Gift of the Gods Title until he cashes it in at Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

Trios Championship: Killshot, The Mack and Son of Havoc (c) vs The Rabbit Tribe

Both teams fight until they get down to Killshot and Mala Suerte. Son of Havoc then tags himself in, which upsets Killshot. Son of Havoc catches Paul London with an enziguri then a backbreaker. Saltador comes in but eats a shoulder tackle, Samoan drop and standing moonsault from The Mack. London pulls The Mack out of the ring. Killshot grabs Mala Suerte and tosses him out of the ring. Saltador knocks Son of Havoc off the top then hits a springboard swanton to the outside. Paul London goes to the top. Killshot and Mack meet him up there, as does everyone else and we get a tower of doom spot. Mala Suerte exchange forearms and knees. Killshot takes out Paul London on the outside. He then double stomps Saltador on the second rope. Mala Suerte hits Killshot with a Cutter but Mack hits him with a Stunner then a splash. Killshot makes the blind tag and comes in for the pin.

WINNERS and STILL Trios Champions: Killshot, The Mack and Son of Havoc- Fun match when it broke down. The tension is still there between the Champs after the match.

Cage and King Cuerno vs Pentagon Dark

Cage and Pentagon were able to each pick a partner but Pentagon said he didn’t need one. Pentagon gets the upper hand early. He ducks a clothesline and Cage hits Cuerno. Pentagon hits a couple of slingblade neckbreakers then a dive to the outside on both. Pentagon throws Cuerno into the railing and Cage into the chairs. Cuerno comes back and throws Pentagon into the steps. Cage suplexes Pentagon in from the apron. Cuerno comes in but Pentagon gets the upper hand. Cage trips Pentagon but Pentagon hits a lung blower and a handful of superkicks. Cage catches Pentagon and puts him in the air and drops him on Cuerno’s knee. Cuerno hits the package tombstone then leaves. Cage then hits a sitout brainbuster for the win.

WINNERS: Cage and King Cuerno- They are continuing the Cage/Pentagon program, probably building to another Title match with a stipulation. Of course, Cuerno also has the gauntlet and Cage doesn’t know it.

Cage brings a couple of chairs into the ring and hits a con chairto on Pentagon.

We cut to Johnny Mundo dressed as Indiana Jones with Taya who break into the Reptile Tribes place. Vibora takes out Taya then chokes Mundo. Taya recovers and takes out Vibora with a cane. They then CUT THE HEAD OFF VIBORA.

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