WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 7.31.18

The road to Summerslam continues on. While Smackdown Live has a clear path, we’ve encountered some bumps in the road. Here are the hits and misses.


HIT: Mella is at Least Money in Promos


Carmella lately has had some cringe promos, but at times she’s shown potential in this department. Tonight was one of them. She gave a very sympathetic promo about how she was always compared to Becky Lynch. Carmella did nothing but build up Becky from being the first woman drafted to Smackdown Live to becoming the first champion. Carmella mentioned how the fans told her she sucked and some legends think she should go away. I was invested and of course I knew this was a setup and sure enough it was. James Ellsworth’s music hit and Becky for some reason had to watch the ramp turning her back on Carmella. Carmella of course took advantage and launched an attack and even went as far as to introducing a chair. However Charlotte Flair makes her grand return and saves her friend.


MISS: Charlotte Flair is Going to Summerslam


Becky Lynch has literally beaten the majority of the Smackdown Live roster over the past how many weeks, including a win over Charlotte. Becky then had to defeat Carmella in a non title match in order to gain her title shot at Summerslam. All Charlotte had to do was walk in the door and Paige gives her a shot at Carmella saying win and you’re in the title match. Charlotte of course wins and now it’s a triple threat. Many Becky Lynch fans, myself included are not happy. I ran a poll last night for the fun of it and 78% of the voters are saying Becky got screwed. 16% of the voters had no opinion. 5% voted more the merrier so bring on Charlotte. And a big zero for Carmella got screwed. The wrestling community has spoken and if Becky Lynch doesn’t leave Summerslam with the title, there’s going to be a dark cloud casted over. I went as far as tweeting that Charlotte Flair is comparable to Roman Reigns. Some will disagree, but face the facts! Both are always involved in the title hunt and whenever another superstar gets a chance, they always find a way into the scene still. Why can’t Becky Lynch have a moment to herself to shine in a one on one championship match?


HIT: Sadistic Orton


Jeff Hardy called out Randy Orton, but paid for it. What Hardy didn’t expect was Shinsuke Nakamura attacking him from behind. Strange thing is just when Nakamura was going to finish off Hardy, Orton stepped into Nakamura’s path. We could very well see some mind games between two of the best in coming weeks. Orton let Nakamura then strike Hardy before he proceeding on a lengthy beatdown of his own. Complete with pouring water over Hardy’s face to wash off his facepaint and stealing his necklace.


HIT: Zelina Vega Finally Wrestling


I didn’t think it’d happen any time soon considering her position as the manager of Andrade “Cien” Almas, but Zelina finally got to wrestle a WWE match. Sure it was against Lana, not exactly a in ring technician, but it’s a start. Zelina even got a victory! Aiden English’s good intentions went wrong again and cost Lana the match. More than likely we’ll probably see Andrade and Zelina in a mixed tag match against Rusev and Lana.


HIT: Samoa Joe Cuts Another Great Promo


The build for Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles has been solid thus far and Styles hasn’t even been around to build it. It was all Samoa Joe this week as he took things personal bringing up Styles family. Styles is supposed to return next week and I don’t think he’s going to be pleased with Joe’s comments.


MISS: Lack of Matches


Two hours and all we got was three matches. Disappointing, but the E clearly was more interested in building Summerslam in the promo department than in ring competition. Guess the only positive is two out of the three matches had Summerslam implications with the Bar inching one step closer to a tag team title match at the pay per view and Charlotte’s victory cemented her Summerslam spot as well. Hopefully next week we get some more wrestling.


That concludes this week for Smackdown Live! Follow my twitter @ChairmanSV and we’ll catch you next time.