Night 12 of NJPW G1 Climax 28 tournament was another good night of action from the B block. Kota Ibushi put in yet another good main event with Hirooki Goto, and Kenny Omega and Zack Sabre Jr. left the fans wanting more after their great match. As the tournament winds down, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top! Omega remains undefeated, while Tetsuya Naito is right behind him at 5-1.

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• Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tama Tonga ** They trade forearms before Loa interferes and delivers strikes. Ishii hits a big powerslam and then delivers strikes in the corner. Ishii takes out Loa with chops. Loa gets involved again after a ref bump and uses a chair on Ishii. Ishii follows up with Germans but eats a Tongan Twist for 2. Ishii lands a big lariat for 2 but the ref gets pulled out by Loa. Fale comes out and delivers a grenade. Brainbuster from Ishii gets reversed into a Gun Stun for a Tonga win

• Juice Robinson vs. SANADA ***1/2 They start off trading holds before ending up outside and countering out of big moves. Juice finally hits a plancha but Sanada locks the Skull End in the crowd. Sanada works the hand but Juice hits a full nelson slam and spinebuster. Juice counters Skull End into a Skull End of his own. Juice hits a big powerbomb for 2. Sanada locks the Skull End but Juice reverses out and hits a left hand punch. Pulp Friction ends it.

• Tetsuya Naito vs. Toru Yano **3/4 They go outside early and Naito tapes Yano to the guardrail. Naito whacks Yano in the head with his DVD. Yano takes off the turnbuckle but Naito takes him out with it. Yano slingshots Naito into the exposed buckle and delivers a big belly to belly. Yano covers Naito with his shirt but can’t get the low blow. Destino ends it.

• Kenny Omega vs. Zack Sabre Jr. ****1/4 They work some mat wrestling to with Sabre working a side headlock before spilling outside. Sabre targets the leg but Kenny is able to hit a moonsault off the barricade. Sabre locks in an STF on the ramp. Kenny hits a Kataro Crusher but You Can’t Escape is reversed into a choke. Omega hits a big DDT and twisting plancha. Zack locks a Kimura but eats a powerbomb and V trigger. OWA is reversed into a European clutch and Sabre reverses a V trigger into a heel hook. Sabre locks in a calf crusher but Omega reaches the ropes. Omega hits the V trigger and gets a roll up to win

• Kota Ibushi vs. Hirooki Goto ****1/4 Work a back and forth start spilling outside. Ibushi lands the golden triangle moonsault, and springboard dropkick. Goto hits a big lariat and Saito suplex for 2. Ibushi hits a Pele but eats a Ushigoroshi for 2. Ibushi hits another Pele when Goto is up top. Ibushi flips out of the sunset flip bomb and they go down on dual lariats. Straight Jacket German gets 2 but Goto hits a headbutt. Reverse GTR connects but Ibushi reverses out of another one. Shotuten Kai gets a great nearfall. Ibushi escapes another GTR but eats a headbutt. Ibushi hits a shining wizard and Last Ride get nearfalls. Komigoye finishes it.

Overall: 7.5/10


Kenny Omega: 6-0 (12pts.)
Tetsuya Naito: 5-1 (10pts.)
Kota Ibushi: 4-2 (8pts.)
SANADA: 3-3 (6pts.)
Zack Sabre Jr: 3-3 (6pts.)
Hirooki Goto: 2-4 (4pts.)
Tomohiro Ishii: 2-4 (4pts.)
Tama Tonga: 2-4 (4pts.)
Juice Robinson: 2-4 (4pts.)
Toru Yano: 1-5 (2pts.)

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