WWE RAW 7.30.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. 50/50 Booking Strikes Finn Balor

Man, I bet Finn wishes he had a one way ticket back to Japan at this point. Because this is the WWE, Finn Balor had to lose to Constable Corbin tonight so we can continue on with 50/50 booking. And Corbin even beat Finn up after the match! Balor is completely lost right now on RAW. He has no program. He’s not in the IC Title or Universal Title hunt. If anyone needed to move brands after the last superstar shakeup, it was Finn. But now he is stuck floundering on RAW. I’m really curious when his contract is up. The guy is one of the most over people on the roster but the WWE geniuses can’t find anything to do with him.

2. So This Bayley/Sasha Banks Story Is Just Going To Keep Going Huh?

This is now two weeks in a row where Sasha Banks and Bayley have teamed up and gotten along. With only two more RAWs left before SummerSlam, one would have to assume that a breakup is not on the horizon any time soon. Everyone was ready for these two to just beat the shit out of each other after Bayley attacked Sasha last month on RAW. And now they are back together. And we have to wait even longer for one of them to turn on the other. This is typical WWE. They had something hot then decided to stretch it out and ruin it. At this point, Sasha Banks could have been a big heel challenger built up for Ronda Rousey in the fall. Now they are just there with everyone waiting for one of them to turn. And it has turned into one of the worst feuds of the year.

3. This Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar Story Continues To Be A Jumbled Mess

So Brock shows up on RAW reading magazines backstage. Brock doesn’t want to come out. Reigns calls him a bitch. Lesnar threatens Heyman all night. Lesnar then comes out and F5’s Kurt and once again threatens Heyman. There was a “We Want Roman” chant but it sounded mostly like the typical women and children that cheer for him. And guess what? Even if they get the crowd to cheer Roman in the build up to this show, he is still going to get booed at the show and after it when he becomes Champion. I just don’t care one bit at all for this program and I think a good majority of wrestling fans don’t care about it either. And once again, the WWE has no one to blame for this mess but themselves. I just (hopefully) can’t wait for this program to be over before at SummerSlam.

Random Notes

-Alicia Fox’s Northern Lights Suplex is the best in the damn business.

-Elias name dropping The Rock then having Bobby Lashley come out to no response is typical WWE.

-I like Mojo, but even I have to admit Bobby Roode feuding with him is a step down for Roode.

-They are going out of their way to protect Drew McIntyre, which is a good sign for his future.

-I’m assuming McIntyre and Ziggler beating up Rollins constantly is leading to Dean Ambrose coming back. If not then it makes no sense.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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