NJPW G1 Climax 28 A Block Results 7.30.18 w/Justin C

Togi Makabe vs Bad Luck Fale

I bet I know how this match is going to end before it even starts. Fale throws Makabe into the railing on the outside. Makabe fights back in the ring with a some corner punches. They double clothesline each other a couple times before Makabe takes down Fale. Fale comes back with one of his own then a splash for two. Makabe blocks the Grenade then clotheslines Fale. Tanga Loa pulls out the ref. Makabe double clotheslines them. Makabe goes to the top but Loa pushes Makabe off. Fale hits Makabe with Makabe’s chain and pins him for the win.

WINNER: Bad Luck Fale- Ugh. I mean I guess you have to give Fale a win here and there but I’d prefer it wasn’t at the expense of Makabe.

Hangman Page vs Jay White

As required in A block, the action goes to the outside in the first couple minutes. White throws Page back in the ring but Page responded with a dive to the outside. Page goes for his running shooting star of the apron but White moves and hits a Saito suplex. White then backdrops Page on the apron. White then throws Page back first back and forth between the railing and apron. White continues to work over Page’s back in the ring, until Page catches him with a lariat. Page lands a handful of chops then leg sweeps White and hits the standing shooting star. Page goes for the Slingshot clothesline but White catches him with a flatliner. White goes for three straight underhook suplexes. Page blocks the third but White still puts him in the ropes and chops him. Page pushes White away and is able to hit the Buckshot lariat. They go to the apron. White ducks a clothesline and flatlines Page. White goes for a German suplex off the apron but Page knocks White off then hits a moonsault off the top to the outside. Page goes to the top back in the ring but White knocks him off. White grabs two chairs. The ref sees one, so White slides it across the ring to distract him. White uses the other on the back of Page. After a couple of near falls, White tries to use the chair again but the ref isn’t having any of his shit. Page untied his shoe, White pulls it off and Page rolls White up for a near fall. White grabs the chair again but Page superkicks it into White. The ref takes the chair away, Page goes for his finisher but White low blows him and hits the Blade Runner for the win.

WINNER: Jay White- I really liked that match. Page sold the back injury the whole match. And they once again did a good job with this match of building Page up as the underdog. I personally thought it was both men’s best match of the tournament so far.

Minoru Suzuki vs EVIL

They start fighting right as Evil enters the ring. They throw each other into the railing. Suzuki gets the upperhand when he throws a railing onto Evil. Suzuki remains in control back in the ring. That is until Evil blocks a Suzuki kick and throws his foot to Red Shoes and lands a kick to the gut. Evil paint brushes Suzuki with his foot, which pisses off Suzuki. Suzuki lands some chops and takes out Evil with a penalty kick. Suzuki applies a cross armbreaker but Evil gets to the ropes. They go to the outside where Suzuki puts Evil’s arm against the post and slams a chair into it. Suzuki puts the chair around Evil’s arm and grabs another, but Evil recovers and puts the chair around Suzuki’s neck and baseball swings another chair into Suzuki.

Back in the ring both men exchange forearms for what seems like three minutes. They each go for their finisher. Suzuki then slides under a lariat and applies the sleeper. He goes for the Gotch but Evil counters and goes for Everything is Evil. Suzuki escapes and applies the sleeper and judo throws Evil over so he gets top control, then hits the Gotch piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Minoru Suzuki- The exact kind of hard hitting match you would expect from these two. They didn’t do anything off their basic script of moves but it was still fun.

Yoshi-Hashi vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Some basic chain wrestling early on. They both break in the ropes but Hashi lands some kicks right after. Hashi tries tossing Tanahashi over but he pulls himself back up, only to be drop kicked back out by Hashi. Hashi lands some chops back in the ring but Tanahashi comes back with some of his own. He takes down Hashi with a neckbreaker then hits a swanton. Tanahashi hits a dragon screw leg whip, but Hashi blocks a kick and hits a backcraccker and follows it up with a running Liger bomb and Swanton for two. Tanahashi hits a DDT. They exchange blows until Hashi knocks down Tanahashi with a lariat. Tanahashi escapes Hashi’s butterfly lock attempt and hits a slingblade and German suplex for two. He goes for High Fly Flow but Hashi moves. Hashi hits the running double knees and goes for the butterfly lock again, but Tanahashi counters into a pin for the win.

WINNER: Hiroshi Tanahashi- That is three straight quality matches from Yoshi Hashi. Yeah, he’s fought some good opponents along the way but he’s more then held his own. They sucked me in for the last five minutes. I wasn’t that into it beforehand.

Michael Elgin vs Kazuchika Okada

Emo red haired balloon mental breakdown Okada is great. Both men test their strength and flex early on. They each block the other’s finisher. Elgin slams Okada. Elgin hits an enziguri knocking Okada off the apron and then hits a dive to the outside. He goes for a slingshot splash in the ring but Okada gets his knees up. Okada goes for the same but Elgin rolls out of the ring and grabs him. But Okada hits a DDT on the floor. Okada starts to work over the neck of Elgin. Elgin catches Okada with a powerslam then two suplexes. Elgin tries going for a superplex off the top. Okada knocks him down. Okada goes for a crossbody but Elgin catches him. Elgin carries Okada to the top but Okada escapes and hits a faceplant on Elgin. Elgin comes back and hits three German suplexes on Okada but misses a splash off the top. They battle their way back to the top where Elgin enziguris Okada and hits a superplex for two.

We get a good exchange where Okada escapes a powerbomb and dropkicks Elgin in the back. Elgin blocks another then hits a Saito suplex. They duck clotheslines and rainmakers until Elgin hits another enziguri and lariat for two. Elgin hits a buckle bomb but Okada counters into a pin for two. Elgin takes Okada to the top where he goes for a Big Mike Bomb but Okada counters into an armdrag. Elgin hits three straight forearms. Okada goes for a dropkick but Elgin counters it into a powerbomb and follows it up with a Big Mike Bomb but only for two. They exchange positions until Okada is able to hit a tombstone. He then follows it up with two Rainmakers for the win.

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada- Very good main event to top off what I think was the best night of A Block action so far. Elgin and Okada have good chemistry together. Elgin came off as a powerhouse here and has had a good showing in this tournament.

A Block Standings

Hiroshi Tanahashi: 10 points

EVIL, Jay White, Minoru Suzuki, Kazuchika Okada: 8 points

Bad Luck Fale: 6 points

Michael Elgin, Togi Makabe: 4 points

Hangman Page, Yoshi Hashi: 2 points

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