NJPW G1 Climax B Block Review 7.28.18 w/ The Chairman

B Block action returns in NJPW. Here is how it went down for night five between these wrestlers. I apologize for tardiness and some of the brief summaries, it’s been a very busy weekend fans.


Zack Sabre Jr vs Tama Tonga


Taka does his usual introduction for Sabre Jr. Tama Tonga comes out mocking Roman Reigns and Tanga Loa steals the microphone and does a decent job at announcing Tama. The match gets underway and of course during the duration of the match the outside factors of Taka and Tanga Loa play a role in this match.


Things intensify towards the end. Sabre has Tonga locked in a triangle hold and Taka has a sleeper on Tanga Loa on the outside. Not looking good for Tama, but he manages to take the ref out. This opened the door for the Guerrillas of Destiny. Tanga finally takes care of Taka and moves onto Sabre Jr. Tanga Loa hits a side slam. Tanga looks to continue the assault, but Sabre Jr locks a guillotine on Tanga. Tama quickly takes him down with a hangman neckbreaker. Tama looks for a Gun Stun, but Sabre Jr moves and Tanga Loa takes the Gun Stun instead.


Sabre Jr then applies the triangle on Tama and he’s tapping. Out of instinct Sabre Jr releases the hold, but the referee is still out of commission. Zack checks on the ref and Tama goes in for a quick roll up pin. Kickout by Sabre Jr. Tama then looks for a Gun Stun, but Sabre dodges and gets Tama Tonga locked in another submission. It’s not looking good for Tama, but Bad Luck Fale shows up and takes down Sabre Jr with a Grenade throwing out the match. Zack Sabre Jr is awarded two points for a disqualification victory and moves to six points while Tama remains at two and clearly probably doesn’t care at this point.


Juice Robinson vs Toru Yano


It was said before the match that if Juice Robinson loses every match in the G1, he will vacate the IWGP United States Championship and go home. Well if he’s going to get a win, this is his best chance being Toru Yano hasn’t had much luck in the G1 this year either except a upset win over Kota Ibushi. The match was short and silly. Juice had Toru Yano in a airplane spin that knocked both men to the ground for a brief moment. Then when it seemed Juice Robinson had Pulp Friction, Toru Yano kept spinning around with Juice trying to avoid the move. Juice though delivered and finally won his first two points in the G1. Both Juice and Toru Yano remain on the bottom of the B block with two points.


Kota Ibushi vs Tomohiro Ishii


Both men entered this match with four points a piece. The winner will stay in the running while the loser most likely will not be winning B Block. In what was considering an intense match. Kota Ibushi finally put away Ishii with the Kami Goye to advance. Ibushi moves to six while Ishii stays at four.


Hirooki Goto vs Tetsuya Naito


The NEVER Openweight Champion Goto hopes to moves up the ranks against Tetsuya Naito. It was anybody’s match over the course of the bout. Naito looked for Destino, but Goto ended up countering with a reverse GTR instead. Wasn’t enough to keep down Naito. Naito moments later went for a running Destino, but it was blocked by Goto. Goto then delivered two intense headbutts before looking for GTR. Naito countered into a Destino however. Naito went for the pin, but Goto kicked out. It was said this is the first time in the tournament this year someone kicked out of the Destino. Naito went for a second Destino to seal the victory and move to eight points while Goto remains at four.


Kenny Omega vs Sanada


IWGP Heavyweight Champion “The Best Bout Machine” Kenny Omega leads the B Block, but Sanada has a chance to shock the world here with a huge victory and put himself atop the B Block by holding a tiebreaker over Omega. The match went on for quite a bit of time. Kenny Omega though looked like he had this one in the bag when he went for One Winged Angel, but Sanada turned it into the Skull End. Sanada went for the moonsault, but Omega rolled out of the way. Kenny was looking for the V Trigger, but missed. Sanada wanted to go for the tiger suplex, but Omega went for lariat when he broke free, but missed. Sanada though moments later went for Skull End and locked it on. Red Shoes was checking Omega, Sanada released the hold and was looking for the moonsault just like how he put away Ibushi. Omega though moves out of the way again and both men are down.


Eventually they get to their feet and exchange blows. Sanada finally was able to get the advantage and looked for Skull End again, but Omega turned it into a piledriver and went for the cover. Kickout by Sanada. Omega then locked and struck with the V Trigger to the back of Sanada’s head. He was looking then for One Winged Angel, but Sanada with a reversecarana escaped. Sanada then was looking for move to put down Omega, but instead Omega hoisted Sanada up and delivered the One Winged Angel to remain undefeated in B Block. Omega leads with ten points and Sanada remains at six.


Here’s a side note and my random thinking. Going into this main event, Tetsuya Naito has eight points after his victory. If Sanada would’ve defeated Omega, there would’ve been a three way tie at eight. Naito is Sanada’s stablemate in Los Ignorables De Japon. Naito also knows he doesn’t hold the tiebreaker over Omega since he lost to him in head to head. Wouldn’t it make sense for Naito to come out and at least try to screw Omega over and help Sanada win? Then of course Naito would have to make sure he beat Sanada when they face off. Just my thought.


Match of the Night: Kenny Omega vs Sanada


Here are the B Block standings with five matches down and three to go.


Kenny Omega (5-0) 10 points


Tetsuya Naito (4-1) 8 points


Sanada (3-2) 6 points


Kota Ibushi (3-2) 6 points


Zack Sabre Jr (3-2) 6 points


Tomohiro Ishii (2-3) 4 points


Hirooki Goto (2-3) 4 points


Tama Tonga (1-4) 2 points


Toru Yano (1-4) 2 points


Juice Robinson (1-4) 2 points


As you can see, B Block is down to a five superstar race at this point. Omega, Naito, Sanada, Ibushi, and Sabre Jr. The only hope these guys have is Omega still has to face Sabre Jr and Ibushi so these two very well control their own destiny. Definitely should be an interesting finish in the B Block. With that being said, here’s what’s coming up Wednesday when B Block returns.




Tama Tonga vs Tomohiro Ishii


Tama doesn’t care about the G1 at this point considering how many times he’s been disqualified. Ishii is going to keep fighting for pride. We’ll see where it goes.


Juice Robinson vs Sanada


Juice finally tasted victory in the G1 this year and has a chance to play spoiler here with Sanada’s G1 Climax chances. Sanada needs to win out if he wants a chance to win B Block. Both of these men have had some solid matches in B Block this year and I look for them to have a great one together. Should be a good one here.


Toru Yano vs Tetsuya Naito


Toru Yano has struggled in the G1 while Naito has defeated all comers since losing to Omega on the first night. I don’t see Naito losing this one considering he’s on the heels of Omega, but you never know what Toru Yano is capable of.


Kenny Omega vs Zack Sabre Jr


Blows my mind this isn’t the main event considering the circumstances of this match. I guess Omega can’t main event every show lol. Sabre Jr needs to win out to have a chance at B Block. Fortunately for him the man leading the pack is his opponent. Sabre Jr can also punch his ticket for a IWGP Heavyweight Championship match with a victory. All he has to do is beat the undefeated B Block leader Kenny Omega. Sabre Jr wins he reaps the rewards, loses and his G1 chances are gone.


Kota Ibushi vs HIrooki Goto


Ibushi looks to stay in the G1 Climax race, but he’ll have to defeat the NEVER Openweight Champion Goto. Goto you could say has had a disappointing G1 considering where he’s at in the standings. Goto though is going to take down anyone standing in his path. Ibushi needs to win this one to keep his chances alive.


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