NJPW G1 Climax B Block Results 7.26.18 w/ The Chairman

After a few days off, G1 Climax is back in full swing. B Block action starts thing off and here’s how things shaped out on day four.


Toru Yano vs Hirooki Goto


This match didn’t last long as it didn’t even make four minutes. Not a surprise though considering Toru Yano’s matches don’t usually last that long. Yano went on the attack early on his Chaos teammate trying to steal the match with a few rollup pins. Goto though wasn’t going down like that. Yano went for a low blow, but Goto blocked it and started headbutting Yano like crazy while holding his wrists. Goto hit the GTR quickly after to score a quick two points which is something Goto needed being he had some of the longest matches so far in the G1. Goto moves to four points while Yano remains at two.


WINNER: Hirooki Goto


Tetsuya Naito vs Tama Tonga


Tama has spent the past few days off on Twitter gaining nuclear heat to possibly catapult himself to become the most hated wrestler. Tanga Loa once again is with Tama at ringside. It was noted that this is only the second time Naito and Tonga have faced off in singles competition with the other taking place at Dominion 2014. Naito takes his time dressing down for the match which angers Tonga. Naito is telling the ref that he wants Tanga Loa ejected from ringside which aggravates Tama. Tama then convinces Tanga to head to the back. As Naito stares Tanga down, his back is turned to Tama who jumps him. The bell sounds and of course Tanga Loa returns to ringside which prompts a chorus of boos from the crowd. Naito though ends up getting Tama to go outside. Naito looks to be going for a dive, but right away Tanga Loa grabs Naito. Naito slides outside and pushes Tanga into the gate and does the same with Tama when he comes over. Naito then runs in the ring looking to take them both out with a dive, however Naito opts to go for the Tranquilo pose. The crowd is 100% behind Naito which is unusual for NJPW since most of their matches have split crowds. Definitely not the case with Tama Tonga wrestling as the crowd is completely against him.


The action continues and Naito at one points spits over towards Tanga Loa on the outside. The distraction though allows Tama to hit the Gun Stun on the ropes to Naito. Tama distracts the ref and Tanga Loa grabs Naito and powerbombs him on the ramp. Instead of leaving him outside, Tanga brings Naito back to the ring so Tonga can get a pinfall victory. Naito however kicks out at two.


Tama goes back to work with a Tonga Twist, kickout again by Naito. Tama looks for the Gun Stun, Naito however counters with a German suplex followed up by a flying forearm. Naito is looking for Destino, but Tama ends up throwing Naito into the referee knocking him out of the ring. Tanga Loa sure enough gets involved, but Naito gets some backup when Evil charges to the ring. Evil eliminates Tanga Loa, but Bad Luck Fale enters the mix and takes care of Evil. Bushi then runs in! Fale has the Grenade, but Bushi spits the mist in the face of Fale. The ring is just Naito and Tonga and it’s Naito that gains the upper hand with an enzuguri. Naito looks for Destino, but Tonga with a backwards kick to the groin stops that from happening. Tama looks for the Gun Stun, but Naito stops Tonga with a low blow. Naito hits the Destino and the ref returns to the ring to make a three count. Naito stays in the hunt moving to six points while Tama remains at two.


WINNER: Tetsuya Naito


Tomohiro Ishii vs Zack Sabre Jr


This is a battle of power verses technical submission wrestling. Sabre looks to use his submissions, but Ishii continued to power out. Sabre starts to get frustrated and starts pie facing Ishii. Ishii snaps and starts chopping Sabre into the ropes. Sabre though finds an opening and gets the arm of Ishii. Ishii depends on that right arm for all his power offense from chops to lariats so Sabre Jr is trying to weaken it. Ishii desperate to get out of the hold somehow gets his foot to the rope for a break.


As the match goes, Sabre Jr starts mid kicking Ishii in the chest several times. Ishii though had enough and lariats Sabre followed up with a suplex. Sabre is sitting up and Ishii with another lariat takes him down. Ishii covers, but Sabre kicks out. Sabre Jr then tries a bunch of pin variations, but can’t keep Ishii down. Ishii moments later looks for the Brainbuster, but Sabre escapes and goes for the Zack Driver it appears. Ishii however escapes and finishes the sequence with a pop up headbutt. Ishii goes for a lariat, but it’s countered by Sabre Jr into an armbar that is getting worked into a triangle choke. Ishii however with all his power manages to pick Sabre Jr with his arm and slams him to the mat. However this was the opening Sabre Jr needed as he quickly applied a devastating armbar that made Ishii tap out almost immediately which is an uncommon thing to see. Sabre Jr picks up a critical win moving to four points while Ishii remains at four.


WINNER: Zack Sabre Jr


Kenny Omega vs Juice Robinson


Last year Juice managed a huge upset over Omega in the G1, can history repeat itself? It’s been noted that Omega has a heel injury. The match starts and early on in the contest Kenny is looking for the Rise of the Terminator, however Juice responds with a slingshot spear. The contest finds itself outside as time progresses and Juice is aiming to throw Omega into the gate outside. Omega however manages to get his foot up on the last second at the gate to stop himself. Each man then battles on the outside trying to gain the upper hand. Eventually Juice manages to get it and slams Omega onto the mat outside. Juice then hops up on the apron and takes Omega out with a running cannonball to the floor. They get back inside the ring and Juice leaps off the top rope with a crossbody looking for a pin, Omega however rolls Juice over and tries a pin instead, but Juice kicks out.


The match continues and at one point Juice starts delivering some right punches and transitions to big chops to the chest of Omega. Omega goes to the corner to recover promoting Juice to attack with the cannonball, Omega has this scouted and dodges the move. It’s noted that the chest of Omega is busted open and bleeding from the chops. Omega sets Juice up for You Can’t Escape, but when Omega goes for the moonsault to finish the move, the knees are up blocking it. Juice has Omega set up in the corner for the cannonball and this time strikes. Followed up with the powerbomb and pin to end it, but Omega kicked out.


Juice is doing everything he can to survive. He even hits the Juice Box, but not enough to beat Omega. Juice went for Pulp Friction, but Omega took him down and then smoked him with a V Trigger to the back of the head. Omega hits another big move and then another V Trigger. Omega has Juice where he wants him and goes the One Winged Angel, but Juice somehow rolls up Omega and almost stole it. Omega isn’t playing around though and hits another V Trigger followed by a successful One Winged Angel to remain the only undefeated wrestler in the G1 Climax and leads B Block at eight points. Juice however remains at the bottom with zero as the only winless wrestler.


WINNER: Kenny Omega


Kota Ibushi vs Sanada


The main event puts perhaps the two most athletic men of B Block in the ring with Ibushi vs Sanada. This is the first singles encounter these two will have in the ring and both of them didn’t come up thru the NJPW Dojo like many other NJPW wrestlers have. Ibushi and Sanada went about other ventures to get to where they’re at today including wrestling in other Japanese promotions and doing excursions overseas.


The match was fast paced from the start with even a double dropkick at the same time just to show what we’re in store for. They both eventually end up outside and Kota looks for the Golden Triangle, but missed and Sanada hits a moonsault to the outside. He’s looking for a Skull End on the outside, but didn’t quite get it off as they end up on the ramp brawling. They eventually make it back to the ring and exchange strikes. Sanada hits a dragon screw and applies a leg lock to Ibushi. Ibushi suffers for a bit, but musters up the strength to reverse the hold. This forces the wrestlers into the ropes and a break.


The action continues with Ibushi and Sanada going outside and in the ring keeping things going. Kota at one point lands a double backflip kick and stuns Sanada as he was looking for a big move off the top rope. Kota goes up looking for something big, but Sanada knocks him off the top. Kota though gets up and delivers a springboardrana and goes for a cover. Sanada kicked out. They both go outside again and Kota launches himself with an asai moonsault off the ropes knocking Sanada down and back in they go.


Kota delivers a springboard missile dropkick and wants to go for the last ride. Sanada escapes and hits a missile dropkick of his own and a German suplex, but Kota lands on his feet and goes a German himself. Sanada however lands on his feet as well and applies Skull End, but Kota countered  and delivers a kick to the back of Sanada’s head. Kota is looking for the Kama Goye, but Sanada side steps it. The two men keep fighting for positioning and eventually we see Sanada toss Ibushi into the corner with the lawn dart. Sanada hits a tiger suplex, but not enough to finish Ibushi. Sanada looks to finish things with a moonsault, but Ibushi moves and hits a double stomp to the chest of Sanada.


The two men are looking to go home. They both exchange variations of strikes, but it’s Ibushi with a lariat followed by the last ride, but Sanada survives. The match reaches the twenty minute mark as Kota pulls down the knee pad signaling he’s ready to end this match. Goes for the Kama Goye, but side stepped again by Sanada. He hits a neck twist with Ibushi dangling from the top rope. Sanada finally applies Skull End and Red Shoes is checking Ibushi seeing if he can continue. When Sanada sees Ibushi fading and finally out, he releases the hold and goes up top. Sanada delivers a moonsault and gets the three count. Big win for Sanada moving him to six points while Ibushi remains at four.


WINNER: Sanada


Match of the Night: Kota Ibushi vs Sanada


B Block Standings


Kenny Omega (4-0) 8 points


Tetsuya Naito (3-1) 6 points


Sanada (3-1) 6 points


Kota Ibushi (2-2) 4 points

Tomohiro Ishii (2-2) 4 points


Hirooki Goto (2-2) 4 points


Zack Sabre Jr (2-2) 4 points


Tama Tonga (1-3) 2 points


Toru Yano (1-3) 2 points


Juice Robinson (0-4) 0 points




A Block returns Friday, but B Block action returns Saturday with another series of big matches. With the first half of B Block in the books, here’s what is happening in B Block Saturday.


Tama Tonga vs Zack Sabre Jr


Tama desperately needs to win if he wants a chance to win G1, but he’s going to face a man that’s not shy about using dirty tactics to win either Zack Sabre Jr. Sabre Jr being affiliated with Suzuki Gun will have Taka more than likely at ringside so it’ll be interesting to see what happens between Taka and Tanga Loa. Will we see the speed of Tama vs the submissions of Zack or will this match be settled with what happens on the outside?


Juice Robinson vs Toru Yano


Two of the superstars on the bottom of B Block in what should be labeled as a must win. Juice just wants to get out of the hole to get his first win. Juice is probably already dreading the fact he’s potentially owing IWGP United States Championship matches to half the B Block. Does Toru Yano add his name to this growing list?


Tomohiro Ishii vs Kota Ibushi


Both men are coming off losses and are tied at four points. The winner of this stays in the hunt while the other takes a huge step backwards. Many folks myself included were speculating the final night of B Block action when Ibushi meets Omega would decide B Block. That window is quickly closing and could get slammed shut if Ishii wins.


Hirooki Goto vs Tetsuya Naito


Another big match in the B Block pairs these two together. Naito knows he’s chasing Omega at the top of the B Block standings and has defeated all comers since. Goto knows a win here ties him with Naito at the six point mark.


Kenny Omega vs Sanada


Sanada has been having himself a breakout G1 Climax and now he gets his chance to dethrone the undefeated leader of B Block Kenny Omega. All the pressure is on Sanada here. Sanada knows if he wins, he’ll be tied with Omega at eight points and hold the tiebreaker. He also knows defeating Omega would award him a IWGP Heavyweight Championship match as well. The way things are pointing, this is now a can’t miss match!


That concludes night four of B Block in NJPW. Thanks for reading. Follow Twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest and we’ll do it again Saturday.