Lucha Underground Review 7.25.18 w/Justin C

Sammy Guevara vs “The Savage” Jake Strong

Complete squash early on for Strong. Guevara climbs a ladder to the balcony, then hits a moonsault from the balcony to the floor. Guevara lands a couple of kicks on the floor. They go back to the ring where Strong recovers and applies the ankle lock and breaks Guevara’s ankle.

WINNER: “The Savage” Jake Strong- I think it is pretty obvious that they are building to “The Breaker of Ankles” Jake Strong vs “The Breaker of Arms” Pentagon Dark.

Vinnie Massaro vs Matanza 

Antonio Cueto tells Vinnie that he was going to fire him. But after his performance in Aztec Warfare, he is giving him a pizza. Vinnie is mad there is pineapple on it. Antonio says Vinnie is going to be made a sacrifice. Out comes Matanza. He beats up the poor pizza delivery guy. Vinnie slaps Matanza then runs the ropes, but he runs out of breath. Matanza hits him with the Wrath of the Gods for the win, and Vinnie disappears as does the pizza delivery guy who wanted money.

WINNER: Matanza

Everyone comes out for the Gift of the Gods Title match. But Antonio Cueto comes out and says not everyone will be in the Gift of the Gods match. They are going to have a trios match. And the winners will fight for the Gift of the Gods Title. Antonio says since Ivelisse and Son of Havoc have had success in the trio division, they will team together and pick their partner. They pick the Mack.

The Mack, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse vs El Dragon Azteca Jr, King Cuerno and Dezmond X

Killshot is shown at the top of the stairs watching on. The Mack takes out everyone with clothesline. He hits a Samoan Drop on King Cuerno then a standing moonsault. Son of Havoc hits a handspring elbow and springboard moonsault for two. Ivelisse comes in and applies the Black Widow to Dragon but Cuerno kicks Ivelisse. They work over Ivelisse for a bit before she makes the hot tag. Mack takes out Dragon and Cuerno with a spinning dive. Son of Havoc takes his opponents out with a handspring moonsault to the outside. Havoc misses the Shooting Star, and Cuerno hits the Thrill of the Hunt for the win.

WINNERS: King Cuerno, Dezmond X, El Dragon Azteca Jr.

After the match, Mil Muertes comes out and powerbombs The Mack on the apron. Killshot comes down and hits Son of Havoc though the announcers sell it might have been an accident. Mil then takes out both anyways.

Gift of the Gods Championship: King Cuerno vs El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Dezmond X

Cuerno hits running knees in the corner on Dezmond. He then frankensteiners Dezmond into Dragon and Dezmond gets a two. Dezmond gets both guys in the corner and hits a running forearm. Dezmond clears out Cuerno but Dragon catches him with a boot then an armdrag off the top. Cuerno takes out Dezmond with a knee. Dragon dives over Cuerno and hits Dezmond while Cuerno then dives onto Dragon.

We get back in the ring where Dezmond hits a handspring kick to Dragon. Cuerno comes in and has Dragon’s legs tied up then puts Dezmond in a full nelson at the same time. Everyone ends up hitting some kicks. Cuerno knees Dragon on the outside. Dezmond takes out Cuerno then Dragon comes off the steps and hits a hurricarrana. Dezmond hits a 619 around the post on Cuerno. Dezmond and Dragon exchange blows, allowing Cuerno to recover and hit a clothesline on both men. Cuerno asks everyone to move and drops Dezmond on the railing. Cuerno lifts up Dragon and brings him over to the chairs. Suddenly, Dezmond comes from the top of the bleachers onto both with a swanton.

They go back to the ring. Dezmond misses a corkscrew dive but comes back and hits a palm strike on Dragon. They fight for position on top. Dragon eventually catches Dezmond and frankensteins him off into a pin for the win.

WINNER and NEW Gift of the Gods Champion: El Dragon Azteca Jr.- Best match of the season by far. It was a standout performance from Dezmond X who really shined. I would’ve liked to see King Cuerno win, but they’ve been building up El Dragon Azteca Jr. for awhile now.

We end with Mariposa telling Marty that he should be focusing on winning the LU Title.

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