WWE RAW 7.23.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

For my quick thoughts on the all women’s PPV announced at the start of the show, you can check that out here!

1. I Wouldn’t Be Against Kevin Owens Getting The Money in the Bank Briefcase

Kevin Owens made his return to RAW tonight. He cut a pretty good promo about his kids being worried about him not being able to walk after he was thrown off the cage. He then asked Stephanie McMahon to fight Braun Strowman again at SummerSlam, but if KO wins he gets Braun’s MITB contract. And it doesn’t matter how KO wins. So you can assume KO will try to get Braun to be DQ’d. But I’m almost to the point where I would be okay with Owens getting the briefcase. Owens has busted his ass for the WWE over the last few months and the contract obviously works better with a heel. Either KO wins it at SummerSlam or Braun cashes in at SummerSlam. I always thought Braun’s first Title win being because of Money in the Bank was a bit cheap. And now the WWE has a potential way to get around it.

2. Not Even The B Team Can Save The RAW Tag Team Division

I really like the B Team. They got over on their own and the WWE did the smart thing by putting the Tag Titles on them. But after the B Team beat Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt again tonight, what exactly is next for them in the tag division? The division is an absolute joke right now. Smackdown Live has five competent teams. RAW has nothing. The Authors of Pain and Titus Worldwide are stuck in an endless feud. The Revival are probably the next challengers. But after that there is literally nothing. At some point the Authors of Pain will get the Titles but who exactly are they feuding with? They need to reunite American Alpha when Jason Jordan comes back. But they still need another team or two to make me care about the division again.

3. Can We FINALLY Get the Coronation Out of the Way at SummerSlam?

So Roman Reigns is getting yet another shot at Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. I was hoping for a Triple Threat match but we are getting the one-on-one match. The crowd is going to eat this match alive at SummerSlam. We were ready for Roman to win at Wrestlemania and they didn’t do it. Then again at the Greatest Royal Rumble and it didn’t happen. Now we are ready for it at SummerSlam and it needs to happen. If it doesn’t, then get ready for no Champ on RAW until Wrestlemania. Either Roman wins and we all get on with our lives, or BRAUN cashes in and he becomes Champion. While Reigns as Champ may not be ideal, it is still better than not having the Champ around.

Quick Hits

-Man does Vince McMahon look REALLY old in HD.

-It is so clear that Braun Strowman is in a holding pattern right now.

-I would be surprised by a “We Want Enzo” chant but they were in Cincinnati and they support the Bengals.

-Another week, another loud pop for Seth Rollins.

-Nice very subtle kiss tease between Sasha Banks and Bayley. Of course it could just be me over analyzing things.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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