New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax Block A Results 7.20.18

Justin C here with this morning’s A Block show review. I apologize for missing Night 2, but I have been non stop busy from Sunday to today (and thru tomorrow). But I have enough time today to sit down and watch this show!

A Block Match 11: Jay White vs Michael Elgin

White chops Elgin, but Elgin responds with two of his own that send White down then to the outside and Elgin follows it with a dive. Elgin stands on a chair and goes to suplex White into the crowd, but White counters and belly-to-belly’s Elgin. White slows things down back in the ring with a couple of submissions. Elgin then catches White coming at him with a kick then hits a double stomp. Elgin hits some running clotheslines but then misses and White hits a Saito suplex. Elgin hits some chops and elbows and counters all of White’s. Elgin then German suplexes White into the corner. White hits a couple of underhook suplexes but Elgin comes back with a suplex then a superplex off the top for two. They battle out to the apron where White drops Elgin face first. There is then a weird suplex spot off the apron. I can’t tell who took the brunt of it. I think it was a botch. Elgin just beats the 20 count.

Elgin counters the blade runner with a discus elbow to the back then another one. Sit out powerbomb from Elgin gets two. Elgin hits a buckle bomb but White pulls the referee in with him. White hits a low blow then follows it up with the Blade Runner for the win.

WINNER: Jay White- Match was too slow in the beginning for my liking. White continues to be at the top of the A Block and it seems like they are using the G1 to put him over.

A Block Match 12: Minoru Suzuki vs Yoshi Hashi

Suzuki attacks Hashi on the outside before he gets in the ring. He slams Hashi’s injured right arm into the post then the barricade. They get to the ring where Suzuki applies an armbar in the ropes. Suzuki rips off the arm tap of Hashi. Suzuki messes with Hashi as he eggs him on. It is like Hashi is a young lion to Suzuki. Hashi finally gets some offense in. He puts Suzuki on the ropes and dropkicks into Suzuki’s back. The crowd is basically non-existent for Hashi’s offense. Suzuki catches Hashi and applies a cross armbreaker but Hashi gets to the ropes. Suzuki applies the sleeper then goes for the Gotch piledriver but Hashi counters it. Suzuki hits a running dropkick then punches and slaps the shit out of Hashi. Suzuki connects on the Gotch piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Minoru Suzuki- It is really tough to get into any Yoshi Hashi matches when you know the guy isn’t taken as a serious threat. Suzuki just beat the crap out of him most of the match.

A Block Match 13: EVIL vs Togi Makabe

The action quickly spills to the outside. Makabe throws EVIL into the railing but EVIL ducks out of the way of a Makabe charge. EVIL grabs a chair and puts it around the neck of Makabe then slams another chair into it. They end up going all the way up to the cheap seats and fighting. They finally get back into the ring where both men exchange submission holds. Makabe blocks the STO and they hit a couple of double clotheslines. EVIL finally takes down Makabe and hits the STO for the win.

WINNER: EVIL- Okay match. It consisted mostly of brawling around the ring and crowd then very little action in the ring. Couldn’t get fully into it.

A Block Match 14: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Bad Luck Fale

Tanahashi catches Fale with a dropkick in the corner right after the bell. Tanahashi goes after the legs of Fale. Fale tosses Tanahashi over the railing. Tonga Loa lays the boots to Tanahashi with the ref distracted. Fale throws Tanahashi into the chairs. Fale slows it down back in the ring and works over the back of Tanahashi. Tanahashi gets a burst of energy and goes back to the legs of Fale with some dropkicks. Tanahashi gets a cloverleaf applied. Fale breaks it and Tanahashi goes flying to the outside. Tanahashi leg whips Fale into the ropes. Tanahashi goes for a sunset flip pin but Fale sits on him then hits a splash. Tanahashi escapes Fale’s Bad Luck Fall and gets a couple of near falls. Tanahashi hits a slingblade but Fale comes back with the Grenade for two. Tanahashi counters the Bad Luck Fall into the slingblade then hits High Fly Flow. The ref gets pulled out and the Tongan Club beats up Tanahashi. Red Shoes comes back and flips off Fale and gives the match to Tanahashi via DQ.

WINNER via DQ: Hiroshi Tanahashi- If they are going to stick with this MO for the Tongans the rest of the G1 then I am okay with it.

A Block Match 15: Kazuchika Okada vs Hangman Page

Page gets frustrated with Okada early. He sends him to the outside and just barely catches Okada with a dive. He calls Okada a piece of shit. Okada catches Page with a front slam. Okada sets Page up on the top and hits a dropkick. They go to the outside where Page catches Okada with a hard clothesline. Page misses a moonsault. A few counters and Page ends up hitting a package tombstone for two. They go to the top. Okada knocks Page off. But Page comes back and hits a neckbreaker off the top for two. Okada rolls to the outside, where Page hits a moonsault off the top. Back in the ring, Page hits his flip into the ring followed by a clothesline for two. Page hits a running dropkick in the corner, but Okada comes back with a tombstone for two. After an exchange of blows, Okada hits a dropkick. Page ducks the Rainmaker and hits a superkick. Okada ducks a clothesline but Page counters the Rainmaker into a powerbomb for two. Okada hits one clothesline then the Rainmaker for the win.

WINNER: Kazuchika Okada- They messed up in a couple of spots but the last few minutes were very good with the counters. For this block, nothing still tops Page/EVIL from Night 1.


Jay White 6

Michael Elgin 4
Togi Makabe 4
Hiroshi Tanahahashi 4

Bad Luck Fale 2
Hangman Page 2
Minoru Suzuki 2
Kazuchika Okada 2


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