Lucha Underground 7.18.18 Review w/Justin C

Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Paul London vs Dezmond X

The Rabbit Tribe distracts Dezmond early on which gives London the upper hand. The Tribe holds Dezmond for London but Dezmond moves and London baseball slides them. Dezmond hits a springboard moonsault on Saltador and Mala Suerte but London then takes out Dezmond. Dezmond moves out of the way of a corner splash then jumps up from the mat and hits a hurricarrana on London. Dezmond hits a handspring kick to the back of the head but misses a 450. London hits double knees but then gets rolled up by Dezmond for the win.

WINNER: Dezmond X- Decent first showing from Dezomnd X. I don’t know what the story is going to be with the Rabbit Tribe. Is London going to kill someone again now?

All seven Aztec medallion winners come put their medallions into the Title. But Antonio Cueto says he always found seven to be an unlucky number. So they are going to have an impromptu battle royal, and the winner gets to pick who won’t be in the match next week. The Mack wins after Son of Havoc eliminates himself. The Mack says he would like to say he is afraid of no man, but Mil Muertes scares the shit out of him. So The Mack says Mil is out of next week’s match. Mil beats up everyone on his way out.

Vibora(taker) vs Johnny Mundo

Taya and Kobra Moon each grab the leg of their opponents to start. They then get in the ring and start fighting. With the ref distracted, Mundo low blows Vibora and get some kicks in. Vibora kicks out at one. He hits a running boot in the corner then a front slam. Mundo escapes a chokeslam and hits a reverse then a front ranna. Mundo goes to the top but Vibora(taker) sits up. Mundo stalls, then hits a swanton to the outside onto Kobra Moon. Taya distracts the ref, so PJ Black hits Vibora with a chair. Mundo hits the End of the World but Vibora kicks out at two.

Mundo takes out the ref. Drago comes out along with Daga to make the save. Vibora gets back up and we get a powerbomb, chokeslam, and moonsault from Vibora for two. Ricky Mundo pulls Johnny out of the ring. Vibora hits a moonsault to the outside on both. Back in the ring, Mundo hits a handful of enziguris. He goes for a springboard, but Vibora catches him and hits a reverse chokeslam for the win.

After the match we get a big brawl between tribes.

WINNER: Vibora- It was a good showing from Vibora. But there was too much going on during the match in order for it to get a good flow. Also the crowd doesn’t seem to know who to cheer.

Ricky Mundo’s creepy fucking doll tells him to beat up Jack Evans.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Dark (c) vs Cage

They fight on the outside to start. Cage throws Pentagon into the chairs then the railing. Pentagon grabs a camera wire and chokes Cage with it. Cage drops Pentagon on the apron then throws Pentagon into the chairs again. Cage then ties Pentagon’s match to the railing and lays in some kicks. Cage misses a chair shot and Pentagon hits a slingblade.

The action finally gets inside the ring. Cage hits a bucklebomb then a suplex from the apron for two. Pentagon comes back and hits a back stabber then a codebreaker for two. Pentagon finishes off Cage with a couple of package piledrivers for the win.

Pentagon goes to break Cage’s arm, but Cage powers out of it and drops Pentagon on the belt.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Pentagon Dark- Decent match. The action took place more on the outside of the ring then on the inside. They also only got ten minutes. They kept Cage strong in the end but he still ended up losing clean. Pentagon continues to go through competitors and remain the top guy on the show.

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