Justin C’s In Person Thoughts From WWE Extreme Rules and RAW

Yes, I attended WWE Extreme Rules in Pittsburgh on Sunday night and traveled back to my hometown of Buffalo on Monday for RAW. And I’m pretty much all wrestling’d out after those two shows. Of course, the three hour drive both ways is pretty exhausting as well. I have a handful of thoughts after attending both shows. I’ll get my rant out of the way first.

1. Pittsburgh, You Suck

I’ve never been a fan of the city of Pittsburgh. I can’t stand the Steelers and the Penguins. And after Sunday, I cannot stand their wrestling fans. Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins were out there trying to have a good match. And then the city of Pittsburgh tried turning the countdown clock into the Royal Rumble. It took away from the match. It made the crowd look like idiots because they then chanted for the clock after it was taken away. Just remember this Pittsburgh when Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley are continuously shoved down our throats. Chanting for the clock and not Seth Rollins might just kill any chance of a main event push soon. They gave Rollins the opportunity to main event and the crowd cared more about themselves than him. Great job Pittsburgh.

2. They’ve Made The Crowd Not Care About The RAW Main Event Scene

To my surprise the Reigns/Lashley match at Extreme Rules wasn’t universally shit on. I mean the crowd didn’t care at all, but they didn’t completely hijack the match like I thought they would. Of course, then they set up the two triple threats on RAW and the outcomes were pretty obvious from the second Angle announced them. Now next week we get Lashley/Reigns 2. And the crowd couldn’t give a fuck about Brock Lesnar anymore. One of the loudest pops on RAW was when Kurt Angle said he would strip Brock of the Universal Title. So you have two guys the WWE wants to push but don’t care about. And you have a Champion who the fans just want to go away. This is all a recipe for disaster come SummerSlam. The crowd was ready to explode when they thought Finn Balor might win. But nope, it’s Roman again.

3. Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey Is The Right Match To Make

If you remember, I was hesitant about this feud when it first started. But they have done a tremendous job of building up to Ronda getting her hands on Alexa. The crowd at RAW popped big when Ronda got her hands on Alexa and was ready to break her arm. They’ve built this up perfectly. You know Alexa will talk a big game the entire time leading up to it. Mickie James will bump around to make Ronda look great (not that she needs it). By the way, credit to Mickie for talking those bumps Sunday while wearing those ridiculously high heels at the same time. I expect Ronda to take the Title at SummerSlam in a well laid out match.

But I also met Alexa Bliss on Monday at she was a sweetheart. Didn’t have the chance to say much but she was very nice with me and everyone else I saw her interact with.

4. Meanwhile, What The Hell Is Going On With Sasha Banks and Bayley

Every week I tell myself that they can’t make the Sasha Banks and Bayley feud much worse. Then they have Sasha bet up Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox causing a double countout. Then Sasha tells Bayley that she loves her with all her heart and walks away. Okay? I mean I don’t think the case, but a lot of people kind of thought that meant Sasha has “feelings” for Bayley. I don’t think the WWE meant it to be a lesbian angle but some people took it that way. And if it was meant to be like that, I don’t expect the WWE to be able to pull that angle off. This feud has been going on forever. At this point these two should be blood rivals but the WWE doesn’t want to pull the trigger.

5. A Sad Rusev Day

Pretty much the main reason I bought tickets to go to Extreme Rules was to see Rusev fight in the WWE Title match. Him and AJ Styles had the match of the night. But it was so sad to see Rusev not win. I think it might be his only WWE Title shot. And now it looks like they might break up Rusev and Aiden English. Those two work so well together that breaking them up would be stupid. It would kill English. And it takes away from Rusev’s act. What I also found weird was that there were no Rusev Day shirts available for sale at the show. If the guy is fighting in your WWE Title match shouldn’t you have his shirts available? This goes to show that this was a one time thing and that the WWE won’t be pushing Rusev again any time soon.

6. They’ve Killed Asuka

While the Sasha Banks/Bayley feud is killing both women on RAW, Asuka is getting killed on Smackdown. Remember when she was undefeated? Now she looks like a complete geek. And it looks they might be moving on to Becky Lynch against Carmella at SummerSlam. So where does that leave Asuka? A possible rematch against Charlotte? But would the WWE really do four women’s matches at SummerSlam? Carmella can talk a decent game but her run as Champ has been a bit underwhelming. They need to take the Title off her. Becky is the best option to do it if you ask me. But Asuka is no longer a must see attraction in the WWE and it is sad that they can’t find a way to make her better than what she has become.

7. The B Team Is WWE Booking Done Right

Sometimes the WWE does something right. And they have done it with the B Team. They were one of the more over acts on both shows. The crowd popped big for their win on Sunday. I really hope that the WWE sticks with these two. They have clearly embraced the act and the crowd has bought into them as well. Plus, Matt Hardy is clearly banged up and could use some time off. Plus the RAW tag team division isn’t that good so let the B Team get a bit of a run with the Titles. I’m sure they will face the Revival next. I’m assuming this is all leading to the Authors of Pain taking the Titles at some point. But for know Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel have been killing it and they deserve this run as Tag Team Champions.

8. Waiting For The Daniel Bryan Trigger To Be Pulled

There were some reports over the weekend that Daniel Bryan had finally re-signed with the WWE. But Dave Meltzer quickly shot those down saying nothing had changed. Then Bryan took the pinfall in the Tag Title match. If Kane was injured, it should have absolutely been Kane taking that fall. There was no reason for Bryan to take it. And now Bryan is moving on to this feud with the Miz. It’s the feud that should have the most heat to it, and Miz has no problem talking and getting the people to hate him. If Bryan is going to stay with the WWE he absolutely needs to win this feud. Otherwise, we may not see him at the top for a very long time.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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