WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman

Well WWE fans, we did it! We survived the most extreme night of the year in WWE. While there were some good moments, there were also some disappointing ones as well. I’m going to break down some of the hits and misses of this years Extreme Rules event.


HIT: The B Team Win the Raw Tag Team Championship


While the match Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel had against the defending champion Deleter of Worlds Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt was nothing memorable, it was a feel good moment seeing Axel and Dallas win the titles. Those that have followed the WWE know what kind of roles Axel and Dallas have been subjected to in recent years. Victories were something these two didn’t see very often. More or less they were used as enhancement talents or the victims of bad comedy segments. However that has all changed now ever since they rejuvenated themselves as the B Team. The question now is how long can the B Team keep up their winning ways before they hit a wall?


MISS: Asuka’s No Longer a Threat


Once upon a time Asuka had a very long undefeated streak. She dominated in NXT then buzzsawed all her competition on the Raw roster from Bayley to Sasha to Alexa and everyone in between. Ever since her first loss to Charlotte at Wrestlemania though it all went away. Asuka has failed now on her conquest to become champion on the main roster three times in the past four months. Two of those losses are to Carmella. Granted Carmella has had to rely on her little follower James Ellsworth, but the aura of Asuka is gone. Once again Asuka was more focused on James Ellsworth dangling upside down from a shark cage than her task at hand. Carmella took advantage and pushed Asuka from behind where she smacked her head on the cage and Carmella scored another victory. I really hope they move Asuka out of this feud now that she’s lost twice to Carmella and give Becky Lynch a chance. As for Asuka, WWE has alot of damage control to do to build her back up to what she once was.


HIT: The Phenomenal One Doesn’t Care if it’s Rusev Day


AJ Styles gave Rusev his first title defense for the WWE Championship. There were definitely some close calls where it looked like Rusev was going to win. Especially the one time in the match where Rusev smoked Styles with a Machka Kick. Styles was resilient though and he even had to nullify Aiden English at one point. In the end though, Rusev didn’t have the answers to put an end to Styles. Styles nailed him with the Phenomenal Forearm and the championship remains with AJ Styles. Rusev had a solid outing and definitely proved he has what it takes to work in a main event caliber program. However I see AJ Styles moving onto another opponent for Summerslam.


MISS: Team Hell No Can’t Recapture the Magic


Team Hell No’s recent reunion was received with mixed reactions from the fans. While some jumped all over the nostalgia act, others were annoyed with the idea. Kane and Daniel Bryan found themselves victim to a backstage attack by Harper and Rowan where it was announced the match may not take place. Bryan made it to the ring, but Kane’s ankle was injured in the backstage melee. Therefore Bryan took on the Bludgeon Brothers by himself. Eventually Kane did make it to the match in a walking boot. Team Hell No gave it their best effort, but the Bludgeon Brothers showed once again why they’re the most dominant tag team on Smackdown Live. One would have to assume Kane will return back to Knox County to heal from his injuries and focus on his political career. Bryan meanwhile I’d assume moves onto The Miz for a Summerslam clash. As for the Bludgeon Brothers, they’ve already decimated the majority of the tag team division. They’ll wait and see I’m sure what’s next in store for them in the future.


HIT: Dolph Ziggler is Iron Man


Ziggler and Seth Rollins received the main event spot for Extreme Rules with their Iron Man match for the Intercontinental Championship. By far this was the match of the event minus some other intangibles. Outside of the annoying Pittsburgh crowd with their counting down of the clock Royal Rumble style, the match was entertaining. Rollins jumped out to a quick two to nothing fall lead until Drew McIntyre got involved. The referee awarded Rollins another fall for a disqualification by McIntyre didn’t care. He laid out Rollins and the referee finally ejected McIntyre. McIntyre of course hit Rollins with the Claymore before departing. Ziggler quickly won some quick falls and eventually was able to get a four to three lead on Rollins. Rollins though managed to tie the match at four falls. Time was running out as both men hit many of their signature moves. Rollins was able to hit a Curb Stomp in the final seconds, but he couldn’t make the cover until it was too late. Originally since the match was a tie, Ziggler was going to retain his title. Kurt Angle however made the match sudden death, next fall wins. Right away Drew McIntyre distracted Rollins and Ziggler took advantage and stole the show once again. Rollins was devastated as Ziggler and McIntyre left with the title.


MISS: Ronda Rousey Breaks the Rules


Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax faced off in a uneventful Extreme Rules match. This wasn’t the focus though. The main focus was Rousey who was still serving a suspension purchased a front row ticket for the event. With Mickie James assisting Bliss, Rousey had enough and jumped the barricade. Rousey attacked James and Bliss. No security guards stopped the fan at all. She just did whatever she wanted to do. Rousey was attacked though and eventually Bliss DDT’ed Nia onto a chair to retain her title. More than likely Alexa will meet Ronda at Summerslam. The question is will Kurt Angle do anything to Ronda for breaking her suspension?


Other results


Andrade “Cien” Almas w Zelina Vega def Sin Cara (preshow)


Sanity def New Day (tables match) (preshow)


Finn Balor def Constable Corbin


Shinsuke Nakamura def Jeff Hardy(c) to win WWE United States Championship


Kevin Owens def Braun Strowman (steel cage match)


Bobby Lashley def Roman Reigns


Overall not a good pay per view. Sure Randy Orton returned and is looking to feud with Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens took another big bump to make Braun look good. But all in all, this event just wasn’t memorable. WWE needs to step up their game with Summerslam right around the corner. Kurt Angle did say that Brock Lesnar will need to show up to Raw tomorrow night, line up a title defense, or get stripped of the title. So finally the Universal title comes into play again perhaps. With that being said that’s it from me. Thanks for reading.