Lucha Underground Review 7.11.18 w/Justin C

We start with Antonio Cueto calling out Cortez Castro, saying that isn’t his real name and that his sources say Castro is a cop. He says Castro will be a sacrifice to the gods, and out comes Matanza who squashes Castro in seconds. And just like last week, Castro disappears after the squash match.

Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Ivelisse vs Joey Ryan

Joey slaps down Ivelisse then rubs her face into his chest hair. Gross. Ivelisse comes back with a head scissors takeover but then walks right into a right hand. Joey slows things down. Ivelisse tosses Joey to the outside but before she can get going Joey comes back in and hits a superkick. Ivelisse with a couple of head kicks but Joey hits a spinebuster for two. Ivelisse catches Ryan with a back kick then hits a smooth Mexican destroyer for the win.

WINNER: Ivelisse- Okay match. Ivelisse moves a bit slow so it was awkward at times watching Joey Ryan wait for her offense.

Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Killshot vs Son of Havoc vs The Mack

Antonio Cueto comes out and says this match is now for two medallions. Whoever it is that gets pinned does not get a medallion. So in theory, if I was one of these guys, why wouldn’t I just walk to the back when the other two start fighting?

Fast paced action to start. Everyone ends up on the outside where Son of Havoc hits a moonsault off the second rope. Son of Havoc throws Mack into the ropes. Mack balances in the corner on his head then giggles at the Mack. Mack clotheslines Havoc then hits a dive to the outside on him. Killshot knocks Mack off the apron with a superkick then slaps Son of Havoc around. Son of Havoc fights back and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Mack comes back in and hits a pounce on Havoc. Mack and Killshot then no sell a german suplex and lariat clothesline, which I don’t like. Son of Havoc double stomps both men on the back. He hits a springboard Cutter on Killshot but then eats some corner boots from the Mack. They go to the top. Havoc shoves the Mack off. Killshot pulls Havoc down by his beard and hits an AA on the apron. Killshot then hits a double stomp. Mack hits a Stunner on Killshot. He hesitates, then pins Killshot. Killshot is pissed as he leaves.

WINNER: The Mack, Son of Havoc also gets a medallion- It was a dumb added stipulation. Match was fast paced which was good.

Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs Cage

They exchange hard blows before going to the outside and tossing each other into the railings. Cage suplexes Mil from the apron into the ring off the second rope. Cage moves out of the way of a Mil spear and the ref eats it. Cage hits a discus clothesline. Another ref finally runs in but Mil kicks out. Cage takes out the ref. Mil hits a Flatliner. Another ref comes out but again we get two. Mil chokeslams this ref and I’m starting to think this is a Jeff Jarrett WCW 2000 Title match. Cage hits a running senton over the rope onto Mil. They brawl up the bleachers. Suddenly a fan takes off his mask and it is Pentagon Dark. He smashes Cage with a chair shot to the head. Mil hits a Flatliner back in the ring and gets the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes– Way too much smoke and mirrors. There might have been three minutes of action during it.

Catrina refuses to do the kiss of death. I guess because she has life now?

Pentagon Dark tells Cage they will fight next week for the Lucha Underground Title.

Mascarita Segrada takes the Rabbit Tribe to see the White Rabbit. Paul London tells the White Rabbit they seek his guidance. London says they will do anything, so the White Rabbit demands they kill Mascarita Segrada. So Paul London smashes him with the White Rabbit’s cane and gets blood spattered all over him. Uhhh, alright then. Didn’t see that coming at all.

Better episode than last week. Triple threat was good but I wasn’t a fan of the either two matches.

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