Lucha Underground Review 7.4.18 w/Justin C

We start with a recap of the history of the gauntlet and Catrina’s dead/undead story. Then we see Catrina kissing Fenix and taking his soul? His life? We then go to Melissa Santos crying and Catrina shows up. Catrina gives Melissa half of the medallion that the female detective has the other half of. So now Melissa is going to be half undead in the near future too? I don’t know.

Big Bad Steve vs Jake Strong

Matt Striker said Famous B may have to have his leg amputated after Strong broke it a few weeks ago. LOL okay. Anyways this is a complete squash which Strong dominates and wins with the ankle lock. Strong is actually over in LU, maybe more than he ever was in the WWE.

WINNER: Jake Strong

King Cuerno is in the back talking to Antonio Cueto about the gauntlet. Cueto wants it, but Cuerno says it was stolen. Cueto offers Cuerno a chance to make peace and offers Cuerno a match for his tribe’s Aztec medallion against Chavo Guerrero. Cage comes in and wants Pentagon, but Cueto instead offers him a match for a medallion next week against Mil Muertes.

Daga and Kobra Moon vs Johnny Mundo and Taya

The crowd cheers some quick chain wrestling but it is pretty obvious to me that Taya is a tad bit slower than Daga. Mundo comes in and lands a knee to the face and a standing shooting star. Kobra Moon tags in and catches Johnny with a hurricarrana from off the top. Daga comes back in and works Mundo over for a bit tell Mundo catches him with a head kick. Mundo gets Daga in a surfboard then Taya leg drops him. Mundo accidentally superkicks Taya. Kobra Moon gets the tag and kicks both of them. Ref bump, so PJ Black comes in and kicks Kobra Moon in the back of the head. Taya back stomps Kobra in the back for the win.

WINNERS: Johnny Mundo and Taya

After the match Vibora(taker) comes out and cleans house.

We cut to Antonio Cueto going to get Matanza, who was beating up some poor schmuck tied up (we don’t see the person). He says it is time for Matanza’s first sacrifice.

Sacrifice to the Gods Match: Matanza vs Mr. Pectacular

Antonio Cueto says this is the first ever sacrifice to the gods match. Another complete squash match. So was the Jake Strong match a sacrifice too? I guess not, because Matanza looks up and the lights go off then come back on and Mr. Pectacular is gone.

WINNER: Matanza

Match for an Ancient Aztec Medallion: King Cuerno vs Chavo Guerrero

Chavo hits a dive to the outside on Cuerno as he enters. Chavo then tosses Cuerno into the chairs. Chavo beats Cuerno up a bit more on the outside before rolling him in. Cuerno tosses Chavo back outside. Chavo misses a chair shot and Cuerno kicks the chair into Chavo. Chavo tosses Cuerno into the bleachers but Cuerno catches him with a head kick. Cuerno then hits a dive to the outside off the railing. Chavo crotches Cuerno on the corner coming in and hits a superplex. Chavo takes off a turnbuckle pad. Cuerno is able to avoid going into the turnbuckle. Cuerno hits a running knee then his trademark dive to the outside. Chavo grabs the ref for a distraction and goes for the three amigos suplexes, but Cuerno counters them and hits a package tombstone piledriver for the win.

WINNER: King Cuerno

OVERALL: Skippable episode. They got Strong (Swagger) over pretty well and Vibora(taker) hit some nice offense for a man his size but otherwise it was a dull show.

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