WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 7.3.18 w/ The Chairman

Smackdown Live this week was clearly a throwaway episode in a sense being popular American holiday Independence Day was right around the corner. There was some progression towards Extreme Rules and I will be covering that in this week’s hits and misses.


HIT: United States Championship Open Challenge


Jeff Hardy put on some red, white, and blue facepaint and issued an open challenge for his United States Championship. Before Smackdown Live I seen Zelina Vega tweet this tagging Andrade “Cien” Almas. However The Miz was the one that answered the challenge. The match got a lengthy amount of time. Miz tried his cheap heel tactics to steal the United States title, but it didn’t work out for him. Jeff Hardy successfully defeated the “A Lister” and is now set to defend his title against Shinsuke Nakamura at Extreme Rules. Stipulation to be determined? I’m guessing Nakamura won’t be asking for a last man standing match.


MISS: Intergender Wrestling


James Ellsworth was scheduled to face Asuka in a highly anticipated intergender match. What I don’t understand is I know for a fact Ellsworth wrestled in a match against Becky Lynch just before he was released last year. So what’s the big deal? Hell Chyna wrestled with the boys all the time during the Attitude Era. Now had this match been good I would’ve been okay with it. Instead Ellsworth plays the cowardly heel and runs away resulting in a double countout. Asuka has been booked horribly ever since losing her prestigious streak and the move to Smackdown Live. At this point even if she beats Carmella, will anyone care?


HIT: Becky Lynch Still on Straight Fire


Becky meanwhile is disposing every opponent placed in front of her on Smackdown Live. This time it was one half of the Iiconics, Peyton Royce. I was excited when this match was announced because Peyton in my opinion is the better wrestler of the duo. Sadly, Smackdown Live condensed this match down because of time constraints so it never really went where it could’ve. The positive though is Becky hasn’t lost a “singles match” in almost two months and a clean victory over Charlotte Flair is included in this run. Many of us can only hope she’s being primed as the number one contender for Summerslam. Alot of folks, myself included, would love to see Becky Lynch vs Asuka at Summerslam. There may be no streak anymore, but this would get Asuka out of the comedy pitfalls of Carmella and Ellsworth, and booked against a serious opponent. Time will tell.


MISS: Pancake Invitational


New Day is still being linked to pancakes and because it’s a holiday episode, the E just has to have a food eating segment.  This episode of Smackdown Live was overstuffed to begin with and several key superstars were either limited or left off the show. Did we really need to see New Day eat pancakes? Granted the contest didn’t get anywhere because Sanity put an end to it. So I guess at Extreme Rules we’ll at least have New Day vs Sanity. However Sanity’s already been getting the NXT doormat treatment so it’s hard to get excited knowing Sanity is probably doing the job again.


HIT: Finally Building That AJ Styles Rusev Story


The only major championship match at Extreme Rules will be the reigning, defending, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world AJ Styles going one on one against Rusev. I was excited when this match was made official, but the build has been a bit disappointing. That all changed though on Smackdown Live when AJ Styles went one on one against Rusev’s lackey Aiden English. The match was quick and Styles put another win in his cap. However…


MISS: WWE Forcing the Crowd Against Rusev Day?


Rusev attacks AJ Styles at the conclusion of the match and used some heelish moves. Clearly this is going to put the crowd in a pickle. Many fans are definitely in support of Rusev Day. Others are fans of AJ Styles. Should be interesting to see what kind of crowd reaction there is when the AJ Styles vs Rusev match happens at Extreme Rules. If the E thinks they’re going to get everyone to turn on Rusev Day I think they’re going to be in for a surprise. Rusev has major fan support and if the E is trying to make us boo him, it’ll get rejected just like the E making everyone drink the Roman Kool Aid.


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