Lucha Underground Review 6.28.18 w/Justin C

The show starts with Johnny Mundo calling an emergency meeting of the Worldwide Underground. Ricky Mundo is there with creepy doll. If you know me, you know I fucking hattteeeee creepy dolls. One of the few things that truly freaks me out. They talk about getting revenge on the Reptile Tribe and want Jack Evans to call one of them out but he won’t because he hates snakes. They all leave and that creepy fucking doll says “Don’t worry Ricky your secret is safe with me” and laughs.

Jack Evans vs XO LIshus

XO Lishus is similar in character to Pimpinela Escarlata. XO ducks a charge from Evans then hits a crossbody over the top to the outside. XO takes his time coming back in the ring so Evans kicks the back of his knee out. Evans mocks XO with a running springboard eye gouge. XO tries a comeback after a few submissions but Evans hits a face kick. Some back and forth action until they both get to the top, where XO hits a face buster off the top for the win!


Pentagon Dark comes out and says anyone who faces him for the Title will be broken. Cage comes out and attacks Pentagon and powerbombs Pentagon off the apron through a table.

Melissa Santos is nervous for Fenix backstage.

Three Ways To The Grave: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs Fenix vs Jeremiah Crane

Everybody gets some offense in early on. Crane hits a weak dive through the bottom rope. Fenix comes back with a moonsault off the top and Mil follows it up with a dive off the top. Mil slams Crane’s face into the casket multiple times then powerbombs him on it. The poor people in the seats move again. Crane does the Braun run around the ring but Mil catches him with a spear. Mil sets up a table but Fenix catches him with a hurricarrana off the railing but then runs right into Crane hitting him with flowers. The nerve!

Mil tries to hit a double flatliner then chokeslam but it is broken up. They try to put Mil through a table but it doesn’t break so Crane powerbombs him through it. Fenix and Crane go up the stairs where Crane piledrives Fenix at the top. Mil comes up the elevator and slams Crane into the doors. Cool spot. While still up top, Fenix goes even higher and jumps onto Mil and Crane.

Everyone gets back up and Mil knocks both of them down the stairs. Mil sets up two tables, one on the outside and one on the inside. Mil gets knocked on to the one on the floor. Crane goes to the top then tosses Fenix over his shoulders and onto Mil through the table. Back on the top Crane piledrives Fenix off the top through the table in the ring. Crane goes to put Fenix in the coffin but Ivelisse comes out. Crane hit her knee with a hammer last year at Ultima Lucha. She comes back with a hammer and beats his ass. She pushes him into the casket and Crane is taken away.

***Jeremiah Crane Eliminated***

Back from break Mil rips Fenix’s mask. He takes off the bottom turnbuckle pad and catapults Fenix into it and Fenix is busted open. Mil brings the casket in the ring and sets it up in the corner. They try to get each other in. Fenix hits a spinning heel kick to get Mil in but Mil blocks the lid from being shut. Mil comes back and belly-to-belly’s Fenix into the closed coffin. Fenix rolls through off the ropes and hits a Cutter. Mil catches Fenix off the top and chokeslams him on the coffin. Fenix tries another comeback but this time Mil catches him with a Flatliner off the top. Mil takes Fenix to the outside and puts him in the coffin for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes

Matanza is locked up with chains by the wrist. Apparently that key controls the soul of Matanza. Antonio Cueto wants Matanza to destroy the key and become a god, so he does. Okay.

OVERALL: Two match show. First one was nothing. The Three Ways to the Grave match was better than expected. Much better than the Mil/Matanza one. Fenix and Mil have great chemistry together and always put on fantastic matches. Pentagon/Cage is fine. I wouldn’t put the Title on Cage. Though at this point I don’t know who I would have beat Pentagon. He’s too over at this point.

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