WWE RAW 6.25.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Imagine If They Did This Bayley/Sasha Feud Right?

The Bayley/Sasha feud was off to a good start back before Wrestlemania. Then they went back to being friends. Then they fought again last week. And now Bayley snapped and attacked Sasha Banks this week. I saw some people suggest it was a Bayley heel turn. I don’t think it was. Sasha attacked Bayley last week. This was retaliation. Plus, the announcers were pretty much putting over how Bayley had enough of Sasha. If this thing had been built up the right way it could have been an even bigger match. Imagine if Sasha put Bayley on the shelf a month or two ago and this was Bayley’s big comeback? The reaction Bayley got showed that the crowd still does care for her and wants to get behind her if given the right motivation. This was it. Now don’t drop the ball.

So of course they are going to send her to counseling next week. This company.

2. Imagine If They Did This Brock Lesnar Story With Someone the Crowd Cared About?

I see the WWE is going back to the well with the “Brock Lesnar contract” story. Of course, the only two people that they bring out to the ring for this is Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley. Reigns gets a 50/50 response at best and the crowd still has no reason to care for Bobby Lashley. I will give Reigns and Lashley some credit, I thought the exchange they had to start RAW was good. But imagine if it was Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Hell, throw Braun Strowman in there as well. They want the crowd to buy Lesnar as the bad guy, when most of the crowd can see through the “worked shoot” aspect that the WWE is aiming for.

3. Did They Really Use The Main Event To Get Roman Cheered?

For about ten seconds I thought maybe, just maybe, the WWE read my column and decided to turn Roman Reigns heel and team him with Ziggler and McIntyre. But that didn’t happen and Roman Reigns stood tall in the end. I guess they wanted to save Rollins regaining the IC Title for Extreme Rules. But did they really need to have Roman out there at the end? They just wanted to have him get cheered right? There’s no other explanation. Of course Reigns could have just remembered he was always friends with Rollins to begin with (for the most part). The match itself took a bit too long to get out of first gear but once it did the match was very good.

Other Notes

-Woah they found the Authors of Pain and Alicia Fox all in one week!

-Maybe Titus Worldwide should also tell the Riott Squad that the backstage crew is off limits?

-I really wish they would stop shooting the makeup gun at every woman on the roster. Tone it down a bit.

-A Kevin Owens fat joke? You just know that was Vince McMahon hard at work there.

-A good crowd can make a show better and San Diego did their part tonight.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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