WWE Money in the Bank 2018: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Elias Passed His First Big Test

Some people might not call it a big test but I did. Elias is over with the crowd but he has yet to have a big match in the WWE. Well I considered this Intercontinental Title match with Seth Rollins, the current best worker in the WWE, to be a test for him. And I think Elias passed with flying colors. He did well when on offense and got the crowd to get behind Rollins with his comeback. With Rollins winning by hooking the tights, I expect a rematch at the next PPV. But Elias looked good here and I expect his push to continue.

2. Alexa Bliss? Really?

I was really hoping the WWE would go in a different route with the traditional heel winning the MITB briefcase. Becky Lynch came so close numerous times to getting the briefcase and the crowd would have went nuts for her winning. But instead Alexa Bliss won the contract after being in the Title picture forever. I like Alexa, don’t get me wrong. But I would have preferred someone not around the Title picture to win here. Hopefully they continue with Becky being the underdog and actually build something up off it.

3 And Right On Cue

Ive been having computer issues throughout the night so I’ve been going back and forth typing. And sure enough Alexa Bliss cashes in and gets back the RAW Women’s Title. First let me say Nia vs Ronda was better than I expected. But it also succeeded in turning Rousey into just another woman. Then Alexa comes out and cashes in. I mean, as I said above, I like Alexa. But her back in the Title scene does nothing for me. Of course Nia there does nothing either. So what happens now? Is Nia a face again? Do we get Ronda vs Alexa, which should have Ronda squashing Alexa. There’s a good amount of questions but none of them are good right now.

4. A Long Reign for AJ, But No Reign For Nakamura

It was tough to call that match a Last Man Standing Match after seeing Gargano and Ciampa kill each other last night. But the last half of the match picked up and was good. The Styles Clash off the steps and Phenomenal Forearm through the table were great. AJ Styles has quietly had a seven month reign as Champion and that is great.

Nakamura, meanwhile, failed yet again to capture the WWE Title and I don’t know if he ever will. Nakamura has been his best since turning heel and I thought he deserved a Title run. But that doesn’t seem to be in the cards My guess is Nakamura moves on to Daniel Bryan, maybe Jeff Hardy (Id give Hardy Almas). But the ship has sailed on Champion Nakamura. At least we will have the Royal Rumble.

5. I’m A Braun Guy But Even I Felt Underwhelmed By That Finish

I have been on the Braun Strowman bandwagon for awhile. I’ve always wanted the guy to win the Title. He should’ve won it last year. But I think there were better options for the Men’s MITB winner. The WWE did the opposite of what I would’ve done: They gave the women a heel winner and the men a face winner. Braun should just announce he is facing Brock at SummerSlam and be done with it. But Rusev, Kofi or Miz would have been better stories winning this match.

Random Thoughts

-Kevin Owens hating all things related to breakfast makes him the ultimate heel in my book.

-It’s like Sasha Banks saw everyone landing hard on their back last night and said “Hold my beer.”

-Hopefully Big Cass losing again cleanly to Daniel Bryan puts him far away from the top for awhile.

-James Ellsworth coming back does nothing for me. I didn’t need to see Asuka take another loss because of him.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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