Lucha Underground Review 6.13.18 w/Justin C

After a recap of what happened last season, we cut to a shot of Dario Cueto dead in a casket. Agent Winter is with Dario’s father and they talk about Dario’s father taking over the promotion. But they can’t use the Temple anymore. So Dario’s father says he knows a place. Agent Winter reminds Dario’s father of what their real objective is. Dario’s father says Dario was always the weak one. Dario’s dad takes the key and leaves.

Melissa Santos is in the ring and starts a ten bell salute. But Dario’s dad, who we find out is named Antonio. He says there will likely be a new Champion tonight, because Pentagon Dark will defend his Title in Aztec Warfare!

Aztec Warfare For The Lucha Underground Championship

The Mack and Killshot are in the ring. Remember they are Trios Champs with Dante Fox. Antonio says since Dante Fox isn’t here, so the next luchador who enters will be their partner. I’m pretty sure Dante Fox isn’t coming back. Well the next luchador is Son of Havoc. So he is now one of the Trios Champions. They are also starting 1,2,3.

Quick action between all three to start as Joey Ryan comes out at #4. Ryan pulls handcuffs from his trunks and cuffs himself to the ropes. But he gets a beatdown. #5 is Mr. Pectacular. Of course he is Robbie E from Impact. Mack takes him out in the corner, but Killshot sneaks from behind and eliminates The Mack. #6 is Pentagon Dark as we cut to commercial.

Pentagon takes out everyone then looks at Ryan but turns away. Ryan takes off the cuffs and attacks but Pentagon catches him with a modified package piledriver and eliminates him. Pentagon then hits a Package Piledriver on Killshot and a Shooting Star Press from Son of Havoc eliminates him. We really need two finishers to protect Killshot? Tommy Dreamer is #7 and he introduces some weapons. Mr. Pectacular is taken out with a garbage can shot. Pentagon and Tommy Dreamer go at it as Mariposa is #8. Dreamer dropkicks a garbage can into a seated Pentagon as Mariposa attacks both with a kendo stick. Son of Havoc elimiantes Maripsoa with an edited springboard stunner. Dreamer clears the bleachers and dumps some thumbtacks. Pentagon spears Dreamer onto them. How are those people suppose to go back there and sit now? Dreamer gets eliminated in the ring as Vinnie Massaro is #9. Some guy delivers him a pizza. It looks awful. He tries giving some to Pentagon but he refuses it. Pentagon eliminates him.

#10 is Hernandez. Hopefully he has all of his dates correct this time. He slaps Pentagon. Pentagon returns with a kick to the gut then breaks his arm and pins Hernandez to eliminate him. Son of Havoc goes for a springboard stunner again but Pentagon catches him with a backstabber and eliminates him. #11 is Johnny Mundo. Mundo hits a kick to the hit then a running C4. No one initially comes out at #12. Then Ricky Mundo comes out looking like Johnny with a real freaking creepy doll. They double team Pentagon for a bit but then Ricky keeps staring at the doll. Ricky tries to rollup Johnny but he kicks out. Johnny then quickly eliminates him.

Fenix is #13. He hits a hurricarrana on Mundo then a running springboard moonsault to the outside on Mundo and Pentagon. Jeremiah Crane is #14. Crane sets up a chair and just drops Fenix on it. Mil Muertes is #15. Mil starts by taking out everyone. But then everyone starts landing head kicks. Fenix finishes off Mil with a springboard double stomp to the back of Mil which looked like it hurt like a mother fucker. Daga is #16, lead to the ring by Kobra Moon. Chavo Guerrero is in #17. Ugh. Crane is waiting for Chavo, but Pentagon comes from behind and eliminates him. Chavo goes after Pentagon. He then goes after Fenix and eliminates Fenix with a suplex? What?

Daga is caught in the ropes and Mundo slides under him and German suplexes him then takes out Kobra Moon on the outside. Cool spot as Daga is eliminated with the awful End of the World. King Cuerno is #18. Cuerno cleans house and takes out Pentagon with his dive as Dragon Azteca Jr. comes out at #19. Mundo eats a DDT and then Azteca takes out Pentagon with a running swanton over the corner. Kobra Moon comes back out and brings Vibora(taker). He tombstones Mundo and Marty the Moth comes down at #20 and eliminates him.

Dragon goes for a dive to the outside but Chavo throws a chair at him. Chavo goes to the top but Cuerno pushes him off and hits a frogsplash on Azteca to eliminate him. Cuerno catches Pentagon with a knee. He goes for the Thrill of the Hunt but Chavo low blows him and hits a Gory Bomb to eliminate Cuerno. Why is Chavo eliminating good people? Pentagon hits two low kicks to Chavo and eliminates him.

We are down to Marty and Pentagon. Pentagon hits a superkick but Marty comes back with a bicycle knee. Marty gets a couple of near falls. Pentagon comes back with a backstabber. Marty comes back with a double underhook DDT for two. Pentagon catches Marty charging at him with a kick then a springboard piledriver and package piledriver for the win.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Pentagon Dark

After the match, Pentagon breaks Marty’s arm. Antonio Cueto comes out and says next week Pentagon will defend the Title against his only son, Matanza.

Kind of a meh episode. Definitely a step down from previous Aztec Warfare matches. A good amount of it felt rushed and there were no standout moments. Plus Chavo eliminating Fenix and Cuerno pissed me off.

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Justin C

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