Justin C Watches WCW Superbrawl Revenge 2001

We are here in the dying days. But for the people in WCW at the time, they didn’t know that. Eric Bischoff had announced last month that he was buying WCW and was putting the pieces in place to do that. But very soon, Jamie Kellner will cancel future WCW programming on the Turner Networks. Without a TV deal in place, WCW is pretty much worthless to anyone other than someone like Vince McMahon. But we will get there.

Ric Flair is the CEO and in total control of WCW. He’s formed a group called the Magnificent Seven: Road Warrior Animal, Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and himself. They’ve already retired Goldberg and tonight they have the chance to do that to Kevin Nash. It is amazing that in 2001 WCW still can’t build new stars. Of course, all of the ones they could have built bolted to WWF.

Six Man Four Corners Elimination Match For A Shot At The WCW Cruiserweight Title: Jamie Noble vs Kaz Hayashi vs Yang vs Shannon Moore vs Evan Karagias vs Shane Helms

Billy Kidman was attacked backstage by Road Warrior Animal before the show. Why? No, not why was Kidman attacked. But why is Road Warrior Animal being treated as a big deal in WCW? One Road Warrior without the other is meaningless. Of course, we all know Hawk had his problems at the time. My guess is they saw what WWF did with the Big Boss Man a few years earlier and were trying to do the same with Animal.

The winner gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Title next month at Greed. The wrestling isn’t bad. But honestly, this is the same type of stuff the Cruiserweights do to start every Nitro and PPV. Tony says the rumor in the locker room is that the one man Chavo doesn’t want to face is Shane Helms. But Helms was just added to the match minutes ago, so how would Tony know that? We get a spot where everyone goes to the top and everyone misses. A few minutes later, everyone hits a move to the outside and connects. Who are the legal men? Apparently its Karagias and Yang. Or maybe not because Noble comes in and breaks up the pin? Why, this is an elimination match, not first fall wins. Yang finally eliminates Karagias but not before he botches the finisher first. Noble eliminates Yang with a Tombstone. Moore hits a Fameasser off the top on Noble to eliminate him. Moore backslides Hayashi then Helms hits a guillotine leg drop. Moore attacks Helms, then Kaz goes to kick more but the ref Scott Armstrong eats most of it. Kaz and Moore work together, but then Kaz turns on Moore. Helms then eliminates Moore. Kaz blocks the Nightmare on Helms Street into a snap German for two. Helms finally hits the Vertebreaker for the win.

They show security footage of Chavo Guerrero talking to Ric Flair and Animal, indicating Chavo asked them to take out Kidman.

The Wall vs Hugh Morrus

The M.IA. is no more, and General Rection is back to being Hugh Morrus. One of my biggest questions nearing the end of my WCW run is who in their right mind in the WWE thought Bill DeMott was the best person to train their future wrestlers. What in this WCW run showed them anything? Morrus uses the stairs on Wall. Also remember when The Wall was treated as a big deal in WCW? He misses a leg drop off the top. Morrus hits a low blow then drops the Wall on the ropes. The match eventually ends after what seems like ages after a Morrus moonsault.

Konnan and Animal brawl backstage.

WCW Tag Team Championship: Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo (c) vs Sean Stasiak and Mark Jindrak

The Natural Born Vanilla Thrillers EXPLODE! I mean if it was up to me I thought O’Haire and Jindrak were the best of the group. I have no clue why they were broken up. The piped in crowd noise is really bad for this one. Jindrak gets catapulted into his partner. But Stasiak comes back in and takes out Palumbo. They’ve been working over Palumbo for way too long at this point. Stasiak misses a splash that he would have overshot anyways and Palumbo finally makes the tag to O’Haire. Stasiak moves Jindrak out of the way of a Swanton, but Palumbo superkicks Stasiak and O’Haire hits one on him for the win.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Rey is still wrestling with those awful devil horns on his head. I blame this on Nash for taking Rey’s mask. Rey blocks a sunset flip powerbomb and hits a hurricarrana on the outside. Chavo comes back in the ring with a gut buster and takes control. Chavo catches Rey going for a moonsault, but Rey counters and throws Chavo into the corner. But Chavo catches Rey with a dropkick coming off the top. Chavo continues to dominate. He rips the mask off a fan at ringside and puts it on Rey. After some more Chavo offense Rey crotches Chavo on the top, puts the mask on Chavo, and hits a Frankensteiner off the top. Chavo looks ready to leave but Rey hits a somersault plancha to the outside. Rey goes for a springboard moonsault but slips in the ropes. Chavo brings a chair in and sets it up in the corner. They go to the apron and after another slip, Rey hits a seated springboard hurricarrana to the outside and Chavo literally bounces off the floor. Rey goes to grab the chair but the ref takes it. Chavo grabs another chair and uses it and finishes off Rey for the win. Take away the botches and you have a pretty darn good match.

Lance Storm, the new commissioner, tells Bryan Adams that his match is after Dustin. Adams says he isn’t doing anything without his partner.

WCW United States Championship: Rick Steiner (c) vs Dustin Rhodes

It’s so sad to hear Tony Schiavone talk about the new owners that will be coming in. Rick’s theme has a guitar rift similar to “Welcome to the Jungle” so I have no idea how that made it past the WWE people. Steiner dominates the match early on. Rick goes right to some rest holds as well so he doesn’t get blown up. Tony Schiavone calls this match stiff. If by stiff he means “it’ll make me stiff as a dead person” then sure. Dustin tries using a chair but the ref stops him. Back in the ring Steiner takes off the turnbuckle pad. Steiner eventually throws Rhodes into it and picks up the win with his feet on the ropes as well. Double cheating. Dustin gets his revenge after with a nut shot in the corner.

Totally Buff vs Kronik

Apparently Bryan Clarke is still missing. And Adams can’t make a sub. And the winners get a Tag Title shot. Buff and Luger go on and on about something. Adams comes out alone at first, but then Clarke comes out. Clarke is taken out on the outside with a steel chair and is just laying there as Adams gets beaten up on the inside. Adams gets his knees up as Luger jumps and starts going after both men. All of the sudden, Bryan Clarke comes stumbling out on stage and the Clarke that was on the floor attacks Adams. That was apparently Mike Awesome, who takes out Adams. Buff hits the Blockbuster and gets the win for his team. Hey, that was a pretty good swerve there. Match sucked, but I’ll give them that.

Lance Storm boots Kronik out of the building. Kronik attacks security and Tony and Hudson start to piece together the people getting thrown out all being against Flair.

Match for the WCW Commissioner Job: Lance Storm vs Ernest Miller

Storm already one the job on Nitro, but they are still having this match for some reason. While The Cat may not have been a good wrestler he was over with the crowd and is a great talker. The Cat hits a couple of quick kicks sending Storm to the outside. After some battling on the outside Storm catches Cat on the way in and works over the right knee in the ropes. Storm goes to work on the bad knee of the Cat. All of the sudden Cat starts a comeback and completely forgets about selling the knee. It’s all about the basics people. Storm catches Cat and applies a Canadian Cloverleaf but Cat gets to the ropes. Mike Sanders comes out but Miss Jones takes him out with a high kick, the the Cat hits one in the ring on Lance Storm and picks up the win.

Diamond Dallas Page vs Kanyon

We were suppose to start with Jeff Jarrett, but Jarrett reminds DDP about when he said he would fight Kanyon anytime anywhere. So Jarrett says DDP will fight Kanyon first. Kanyon comes out from under the ring and attacks. He slams DDP’s head into the steps and DDP is busted open. Kanyon takes control from there just like every other match so far tonight. DDP gets a comeback going. Kanyon comes back with a Kanyon Cutter but only gets two. Jeff Jarrett comes back down and hits the Stroke on DDP. Kanyon then hits the Flatliner for the win.

Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett

Kanyon does the intros and says this match has a two hour time limit. Oh god, imagine a two hour Jeff Jarrett match. They brawl into the crowd and then to the announce table. Jarrett slams a chair into the ribs of DDP. Obviously Jarrett has studied some old DDP tape and found his weak spot. DDP is able to catch Jarrett with an awkward DDT and get some offense in. Kanyon pulls DDP out of the ring. DDP goes after him but Kanyon ducks and Jarrett hits him with a chair. Kanyon distracts the ref and Jarrett grabs the guitar. DDP moves and Jarrett hits Kanyon with the guitar and then DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Jarrett for the win.

WCW Championship: Scott Steiner (c) vs Kevin Nash

Ric Flair comes out for commentary. He grabs a chair not realizing there is already one there for him. Schiavone asks Flair what is in the envelope from earlier but Flair tells him not to worry about it. Flair says the loser of this match leaves WCW forever. Wasn’t Nash suppose to leave WCW when he lost to Hulk Hogan at Road Wild 99? Nash has been nowhere to be found all day. The ref starts counting until the Wolfpac music hits. Nash is pushed out in a wheelchair by two nurses. This is where we get the famous “sympty” line from Steiner. But it was a fake cast and Nash gets in the ring and hits Steiner with the belt. Nash orders the ref to ring the bell and gets the pin. That means Steiner is gone.

Ric Flair freaks out and says he forget to say it was a 2 out of 3 falls match. DDP is shown walking to the ring but Totally Buff takes him out and lock him in a lighting case. Steiner is busted open. I wonder if Nash asked for extra money since he had to work three times tonight (in his mind you know that’s what he thought). Steiner hits Nash with brass knucks. Now Nash is busted open. Flair says it is also Falls Count Anywhere, so Steiner pins him on the outside to even it up. Nash is actually out here taking suplex bumps and everything. Nash blocks another knucks shot and hits a sidewalk slam. Flair hands Steiner a chair as Midajah takes the brass knucks away from Nash. Steiner applies the Recliner but Nash powers out. Midajah takes out the ref but Little Naitch, being the pro, takes her to the outside. Nash hits the Jacknife and takes out the ref again. That makes me think she screwed up the first time. She eats a sidewalk slam. Flair pulls out the ref. Steiner hits a low blow. Brass Knucks, chair shot, Recliner and Steiner wins.

Holy over booked mess Batman. The amount of protection Nash needed to win was ridiculous.

At Sin I thought the wrestlers were fighting for the new owners. Here? That’s not the case. Nothing good on this show at all. Now there is no Goldberg or Nash for WCW as Ric Flair has total power. Skippable show.

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