The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: If You Could Change One Money in the Bank Winner, Which Would It Be?

The Chairman: This was a fun question to go back and look at the past how many Money in the Bank matches and decide which one I wanted to change. Since I only started watching again since 2012, I felt it was only fair to pick something since then. As much as I wanted to pick last year and take it away from Corbin, that would be too easy. So I’m going to take the 2013 World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank briefcase away from Damien Sandow and give it to Cody Rhodes.

I remember Cody being a favorite to win this one, but it didn’t happen. Instead Sandow betrayed his partner and took the contract. Here’s how I would’ve booked things.

Cody turns on Sandow and wins the briefcase. They of course feud thru Summerslam just like they did. They still could’ve ran the angle where Cody speaks out against the Authority (which would lead to a face turn) and of course getting “fired”. Still could run the Cody and Goldust angle where they win their jobs back against the Shield. However I wouldn’t have had Cody and Goldust beat the Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championship (Rollins and Reigns drop them to the Wyatt Family when they feuded).

Now the cash in! TLC 2013!!! If you recall it was John Cena vs Randy Orton in a TLC match to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship. Imagine Cena and Orton going at it for twenty some minutes. Both men are gassed and down on the mat. All the sudden Cody shows up with the briefcase and cashes in. He simply grabs a ladder, climbs up, and unify’s the titles. Could’ve been this generation’s Chris Jericho for unifying two world championships and beating two megastars in the same night.

Cody goes onto the Royal Rumble and successfully defends the title against Orton and Cena in a triple threat. Then there’s Elimination Chamber where they could either let him keep or drop the title pending on how things are going. Imagine if Cody walked into Wrestlemania 30 with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and facing a red hot Daniel Bryan and Batista?

We’ll never know what happened if these events came true. But if they did there’d be no Stardust, no feud with Stephen Amell, and he of course doesn’t ask for his release. This means there’s no ROH Championship reign, no Kiss the Ring, no joining the Bullet Club, no American Nightmare, no Bullet Club is Fine, possibly no ALL IN??? Imagine everything Cody did in the independent community the past few years erased from existence? Could very well had been a reality if Cody won the Money in the Bank in 2013, cashed in successfully, and got the respect he deserved.

Heather: I have a terrible memory with matches and Justin knows this about me, so normally the best I can remember is who did win and if I was mad someone else didn’t. However, even I have to be realistic in knowing that my favorites can’t always win and sometimes they really shouldn’t. My first thought was to throw out that Christian always should have been Mr. Money in the Bank. I also know there was a time when Drew McIntyre was being firmly established as the Chosen One so he should have won. But, I’m actually going to go and exchange a winner that I did like – just because I think someone else really needed it at the time. I’m going to say that Wade Barrett should have won Money in the Bank 2011 when Daniel Bryan won. Now, I know we all love Daniel Bryan but this was a weird time for him to have the briefcase. It did eventually lead into his great heel turn – but he didn’t need the briefcase for that to happen. Wade Barrett on the other hand is one of the most misused superstars in recent memory. My bias for him is well known, but he had the look, the charisma and all of the momentum following the short lived Nexus run. While this was over a year later there was still a chance to make this guy a superstar and they just continued to mess it up. I really think he should have won this match, carried the brief case and eventually been World or WWE champ.

Matt: Jack Swagger. Just because… Why? Who in their ever-loving mind thought this was a good idea? And the pay off? Swagger as World Heavyweight Champion with a guy dressed up in an eagle costume as a “manager.” Not a great time in Smackdown’s history.

Justin C: I’m going to go all the way back to 2006 and the second ever Money in the Bank match. Sure, Rob Van Dam winning was kind of his big break through moment in the WWE. But you could have easily still gotten to Cena vs RVD at One Night Stand that year by simply having RVD challenge Cena to a match: ECW’s best vs WWE’s best. Cena probably accepts that because he “never backs down.”

I would have given the MITB contract to Ric Flair. Yeah, he was old at the time. But Flair was wasted for the most part in 2006. Flair getting one more WWE Title run would have been a great story. The Money in the Bank contract fits his “dirtiest player in the game” slogan as well. So how do we go about getting there? Flair cashes in after Cena’s ladder match with Edge at Unforgiven that year. The crowd, who just saw their hometown guy lose, gets to go home happy as Flair cashes in on Cena and wins the Title. He can hold it until Survivor Series where he loses it back to Cena. Flair gets one more Title reign in the WWE.