JC’s Top Rope Report: A Reason And Cash In Scenario For Every Money In The Bank Participant

Money in the Bank is less than two weeks away. While some people can argue that the Money in the Bank gimmick has grown old and should be done away with, I would argue that the booking of the winners is what has grown old and stale. It is the same formula every year. But it is hard to deviate from that formula, especially when a heel ends up winning the briefcase.

One thing this year’s Money in the Bank has going for it is that it is wide open. That goes for both the men and the women’s matches. You could make an argument for every participant in the match to win. And that is what I’m doing with this column. I’ll look at every participant in both the men’s and women’s matches and make a case for them winning and when they should cash in if they do.

Men’s Money in the Bank

Samoa Joe

Why He Should Win: Samoa Joe has been on a hot streak over the last few weeks. You could make an argument that Joe has been on fire ever since his return from injury. Joe destroyed Roman Reigns on the mic during the buildup to their feud. Losing the match hurt him, but the move to Smackdown helped Joe out and he’s been great on the show. Joe comes off as a bad ass who commands your attention every time he grabs the mic.

When He Should Cash In If He Wins: Samoa Joe comes off as a smart, calculated heel who would be able to pick the perfect time to cash in his contract. And what better time then right after the Styles/Nakamura Last Man Standing Match? AJ Styles gets a hard fought win over Nakamura. Joe’s music hits and he comes out and wins the Title over an exhausted Styles. This sets up Styles/Joe leading into the summer. While Joe has been hot since his return, he has been a bit injury prone since coming to the main roster. Better to strike while the iron is hot with him.

Kevin Owens

Why He Should Win: Owens at the moment is the defacto top heel on RAW. And he has not been treated like that since he came over. Owens and Zayn were the top two acquisitions for RAW during the Superstar Shakeup and they have both been treated as mid card acts since coming over to RAW. Giving Owens the MITB briefcase makes him an instant threat on RAW.

When He Should Cash In If He Wins: This is really tricky with the RAW guys in the match. With Brock Lesnar as Champion, you only have certain times you can cash in the briefcase. If you listen to the HTCWrestling Podcast, you know that Cam and I would have taken the Title off Lesnar a long time ago. Owens is a guy that I think would wait until after Lesnar loses the Title. But lets throw a curveball into this one. Owens switches brands during the Superstar Shakeup and goes to Smackdown. On the night he is moved to Smackdown, he sneak attacks Daniel Bryan and cashes in the MITB contract.

Bobby Roode

Why He Should Win: Similar to Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode has floundered on RAW. I would go as far to say that Roode has floundered on the main roster as a whole. Roode hasn’t had anything to full sink his teeth into on RAW. The MITB briefcase allows Roode to grab the attention of fans on RAW.

When He Should Cash In If He Wins: We always talk about guys that need to turn heel, but Roode is someone that absolutely needs too. His character is just better off that way. His theme song “makes” him a face, but once that stops he works better as a heel. Under this scenario, Roode cashes in on Seth Rollins in September. Rollins wins the Universal Title at SummerSlam. Rollins retains in a Triple Threat match with Reigns and Lesnar at the September PPV. But after the match Roode comes out and cashes in his MITB contract.

Braun Strowman

Why He Should Win: It is a question many wrestling fans have been asking for a long time now: Why hasn’t Braun Strowman been Universal Champion yet? Why wasn’t Braun Strowman in the main event of Wrestlemania. Braun has been built up about as well as anyone could be over the last few years. It came along so naturally. But Braun has yet to taste singles gold in the WWE. The MITB briefcase gives him that chance.

When He Should Cash In If He Wins: This one is straightforward. Brock Lesnar doesn’t have an opponent for SummerSlam yet. Braun comes out the night after Extreme Rules and tells Kurt Angle that he is cashing in and facing Brock at SummerSlam. We get Braun/Brock again and hopefully it is booked better than last time.

The Miz

Why He Should Win: Yes, The Miz main evented Wrestlemania. But I would say The Miz has been at his best since he went off on Daniel Bryan last summer during an episode of Talking Smack. Ever since then, Miz continues to be good. Miz has always been a good promo, but I think his wrestling continues to get better over this little hot streak he’s been on. Miz would not look out of place in the main event scene again and I think he would belong there, similar to his time at the top going into Wrestlemania 27 (which I will defend until this day).

When He Should Cash In: We have yet to see Daniel Bryan vs The Miz on the main roster. The story is obviously there and the MITB briefcase just makes it even better. Miz cashes in on Daniel Bryan after Bryan wins the WWE Title at Survivor Series. Miz then avoids Bryan like the plague until Bryan wins the Royal Rumble and we get Bryan/Miz at Wrestlemania. Is it Bryan vs Styles/Nakamura/Joe at Mania? No. But the heat for the match would be off the charts and the Miz gets another chance to show he belongs at the top.


Why He Should Win: If you know me you know exactly why I think he should win. Of course the majority of WWE fans know exactly why Rusev should win as well. The fans want to get behind Rusev. The guy has been one of the most entertaining wrestlers since the “Rusev Day” phenomena started. But the WWE brass continues to hold Rusev back and not give him the opportunity that he deserves, and would probably knock out of the park. Can Vince stop being jealous that Rusev is banging Lana?

When He Should Cash In: The best place for Rusev to cash in would be the night after Wrestlemania. It is the exact type of crowd that would go nuts for Rusev cashing in. I would imagine it would be a Dolph Ziggler reaction times three. Of course who is Champion would be tricky. For this argument I’ll say the WWE does something really stupid and has the Miz retain against Daniel Bryan. Then on the Smackdown after Mania, Rusev cashes in on Miz and the crowd goes nuts.

Finn Balor

Why He Should Win: Well for starters, Finn Balor has yet to receive his Universal Title shot that he deserved after having to give up the Title due to injury. It was suppose to happen at the Royal Rumble, but Vince decided to change his mind because Finn wasn’t “over enough.” So of course Kane was involved, the definition of don’t care when it comes to WWE people nowadays.

When He Should Cash In: I really do think that Seth Rollins is on his way to the Universal Title at some point between now and Wrestlemania. So lets say Rollins is Universal Champion heading into Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan wins the Rumble and challenges The Miz. Rollins comes out on RAW and says that he needs an opponent for Wrestlemania. Out comes Finn with the MITB briefcase. They stare each other down, look at the Wrestlemania sign, then Finn POINTS at it, and the match is on.

New Day/Big E

Why He Should Win: I’m going off the argument that Big E ends up in this match. I don’t think they will say who is in the match until the day of the show, maybe even right before the match starts. I think it is either Big E or Kofi but I’m leaning Big E. Either way, New Day needs something to give them some major credibility back. New Day is an act that is growing stale. Sure they can have good matches, but their character development has stalled completely. And they can still be a main event act if done right.

When He Should Cash In: I would hope this cash in would be quick. I don’t need to see New Day fill the briefcase with pancakes and Booty-O’s. I would actually play it up as people not taking New Day seriously at first with the briefcase. Have them walk around and just have people laugh at them. Then maybe give Kofi and Woods the Tag Titles back. People start to pay attention but not completely. Then Big E cashes in on AJ after SummerSlam and New Day has the WWE and Tag Titles in their stable. I would turn them heel, but I don’t think the WWE would.

Women’s Money in the Bank Match


Why She Should Win: Lana is really popular. She was popular before the whole Rusev Day phenomena took off. If Lana was as good a wrestler as even Alexa Bliss, I think she would be pushed as the top woman in the division. But the problem is we haven’t seen that. In her qualifying match to get into Money in the Bank, she hit one high side kick and that was it. So while she’s a great asset to have around, she hasn’t translated that into in ring success quite yet.

When She Should Cash In: The only way a Lana cash in works is if the Champion is completely knocked out. And I think it would need to be done soon, probably even on Carmella. I’d have Carmella brag about beating Charlotte and Asuka then have both women take her out. This leads to a Lana cash in. Get it done and out of the way quickly.


Why She Should Win: The RAW division is missing top stars right now. Natalya is the veteran who is just kind of there. At least that’s how she was on Smackdown. Mickie James has that role on RAW. It looks like the WWE is giving Natalya a bit more to work with over on RAW. She’s already been paired with Ronda Rousey, which is a big rub for Natty.

When She Should Cash In: Because this is pro wrestling, you just know that the Rousey/Natalya friendship isn’t going to last long. It all depends on how long the WWE wants the relationship to last. They could do an immediate cash in if Ronda wins the Title at Money in the Bank. I’d let the relationship grow a bit more and make some fans believe that Natalya won’t cash in on Rousey. I’d hold off and leave the cash in before SummerSlam, leading to a Ronda/Natalya match there.

Alexa Bliss

Why She Should Win: Alexa has lost a bit of steam since losing the RAW Women’s Title at Wrestlemania. Not only that, but her months of storyline build up were rendered completely useless when Nia randomly turned into a bully heel last week. Alexa is too damn good on the mic to get pushed down the card, but she could be held back from the top for awhile as Ronda Rousey takes more of a role in the company.

When She Should Cash In: I’ve always been really intrigued by the possibility of an Alexa Bliss face turn. She’s good enough on the mic where she can turn how and why she talks trash into a positive. And if they are committed to keeping Nia heel, you can have Alexa cash in on her and talk about how she conquered the bully. I’d do it right away at Money in the Bank. Ronda wins via DQ because of Natalya interference, even though she laid out Nia. Alexa comes out and cashes in and talks about being right about Nia being a bully.

Charlotte Flair

Why She Should Win: Charlotte Flair is the woman in the WWE. She carries herself like a star everywhere she goes. Whether it is on TV or media appearances, Charlotte just looks the part of the top woman. And if she isn’t carrying around the women’s title, then why not have her carry around the MITB briefcase?

When She Should Cash In: My theory for Charlotte cashing in has always been the same. Ronda wins the RAW Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble. Charlotte then cashes in on her after the match. You get around the “brand specific” clause by saying that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H allowed the lifting of that rule to stop Ronda. You turn Charlotte heel, build to Charlotte/Ronda at Mania, and have someone win the Rumble to challenge the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Ember Moon

Why She Should Win: While Ember Moon has looked fine since being called up to the main roster, she has yet to make a true impact on it. Winning the MITB briefcase makes her an instant threat in the eyes of WWE fans. It is the power of the briefcase.

When She Should Cash In: If Nia is still heel a few months down the line then we can have Ember cash in on her then. Maybe Nia gets a long reign as Champion and Ember can cash in some time in the fall, probably in October. Hopefully holding the briefcase for awhile builds up Ember Moon as one of the top women on RAW.

Becky Lynch

Why She Should Win: I will scream it at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear: Becky Lynch is not only the most under utilized female on the main roster, she is the most under utilized wrestler on the entire roster. She has the wit and charm to get over. The crowd wants to cheer her. Oh, and she is a pretty good wrestler as evidence by her match with Charlotte on Smackdown. Giving Becky Lynch the MITB briefcase gives her the big win she’s been lacking since first winning the Smackdown Live Women’s Title.

When She Should Cash In: Well in this scenario, I have Charlotte winning the Royal Rumble and going on to challenge Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania. Over on Smackdown, Champion Asuka needs a challenger for Wrestlemania. Out comes Becky Lynch with the MITB contract. She looks at Asuka, looks at the Wrestlemania sign, POINTS, then hands the contract to Paige. And there is your Mania match.


Why She Should Win: Well, she won the women’s battle royal and did nothing. Maybe she can win here and do something? Sorry but if you’ve read my stuff you know I am not a Naomi fan.

When She Should Cash In: I’m stealing my idea from earlier with Lana. Carmella brags about all her victories and gets knocked out by Asuka. Out comes Naomi and there’s your cash in.

Sasha Banks

Why She Should Win: Sasha Banks and Bayley are both in the same spot. They both could be here and I would be writing the same exact thing. These women are floundering right now in their go nowhere feud. If it was me, I would have put Ruby Riott in this match and had a huge angle between Sasha and Bayley that I talked about earlier. But Sasha is here and she needs to win to give her some momentum back.

When She Should Cash In: In a perfect world Bayley is the RAW Women’s Champion when Sasha cashes in. But at this point I don’t see Bayley getting there anytime soon. Can we have faith in the RAW writers to get Bayley there? For the purposes of this scenario lets say yes (lol). Bayley wins the RAW Women’s Title at SummerSlam. And in the celebration is knocked out by Sasha. Sasha turns heel here and really kicks off their feud this time. For real.

And there you go. As I said, this year’s Money in the Bank is wide open. And when you think about it none of these ideas are that far fetched.

Until Next Time,

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