WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 6.5.18

We’re one week closer to Money in the Bank after tonight’s Smackdown Live. Here is this week’s hits and misses.


HIT: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair


When this match was announced last week I was excited. Granted there was a thought in the back of my mind that the Iiconics were going to show up and ruin it, but creative left them off the show again sadly. Needless to say Becky and Charlotte had an amazing one on one match. My only complaint was it didn’t get enough time. Lots of fun and lots of back and forth wrestling. Becky Lynch got the victory and now Becky and Charlotte are tied at four a piece in respective one on one battles between each other. I’m hoping these two get a pay per view match at some point in 2018 involving the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship.


MISS: Naomi and Lana Feud Continues


At least this week we got a wrestling match instead of a dance off. Either or I have no interest in this feud, let alone both of these competitors taking up spots in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Just kills me seeing the Iiconics, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose being left out of the big match. Sadly creative sees something in Lana and Naomi that I don’t and keeps pushing them along enough.


HIT: New Day vs Samoa Joe, Miz, and Rusev


The Money in the Bank competitors of Smackdown Live all engaged in battle in tonight’s main event. Of course New Day is only supposed to nominate one member to the pay per view, but I can see them sending all three of them because who is going to stop them? Money in the Bank matches have no rules except climb the ladder and secure the briefcase. There was lots of action amongst all the competitors and I was excited to see Big E and Samoa Joe engage in battle. I wanted alot more of that! The match ended when Miz accidentally tossed pancakes at his partners and they all abandoned him and New Day picked up the win.


MISS: Big Cass Verbal Garbage


Daniel Bryan was absent tonight, but his Money in the Bank opponent just had to speak his mind. Cass went on cutting another horrible promo about how tall he is and he’s the only superstar Daniel Bryan has ever faced. If this guy got future endeavored, it couldn’t be fast enough. The worst part is there’s all these dream matches we the people want to see Daniel Bryan involved in, but he’s tossed aside into a feud with Cass. It’s almost as if the E is punishing him for not resigning a contract yet.


HIT: Contract Signing Backstage


AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura made their match at Money in the Bank official with a contract signing. However this one took place instead of in the ring where nothing but chaos happens. I kind of liked how this went. The setting was definitely somewhat more natural as Paige overseen the proceedings. Plus it helped with the flow of the show, especially when Smackdown Live is only two hours and time is definitely valuable. Nakamura made several jokes regarding his pens being out of ink and Styles finally snapped and slapped Nakamura. This match is going to be phenomenal.


MISS: The United States Championship is Missing


We still haven’t seen Sanity yet and alot of the recent NXT additions are barely on the radar. However where’s Jeff Hardy and the United States Championship? It’s been two weeks now since we’ve seen either? I’ve heard rumblings Hardy is injured, but whether that’s the case or not you can’t keep a title off television. The Money in the Bank card is already overflowing and there’s only one show left. Is it possible the United States title is cast aside? Even if Hardy does wrestle, who would he draw? Definitely some mishandling with the roster and midcard titles on Smackdown Live.


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