WWE RAW 6.4.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The WWE Is Ruining Nia Jax

Nia Jax may not be the best worker in the world, but there is always potential with someone if the right amount of work is put in. Of course it goes both ways. I’ve always maintained that if Sid put as much effort into wrestling as WWE and WCW did in putting him over, then Sid would have been a huge star.

But it seems like the WWE is going out of its own way to ruin Nia Jax before she even gets off the ground. Lets make her a face Champion? Okay fine. Its tough to book a monster face Champion but lets see where it goes. Make her the face of anti-bullying? Sure whatever, I guess that can work. Lets turn her heel again just so she can feud with Ronda? What, didn’t we just turn her face. Lets make her bully a jobber. Hold on, we are going backwards here. Now lets make her look concerned for Natalya’s injury in their match. They were teasing Nia attacking Ronda from behind and nothing happened. Geez, can we get Nia’s motives straight? This is just bad for Nia overall and doesn’t let her establish one character to concentrate on and get fully into. The amount of change she’s gone through over the last two months is going to be a detriment to her down the road.

2. Add Bobby Roode To The List Of NXT Letdowns

If you listened to the HTCWrestling Podcast this week, you know that I ranted about the recent booking of NXT callups. At this point, you might as well add Bobby Roode to the list of letdowns Roode was called up in the summer and has failed to make even the slightest impact on the main roster. I wasn’t expecting him to be a main eventer like in NXT. But I was at least expecting him to be a solid upper-mid carder. At this point he is just a guy who is there at this point. He has yet to have a tangible feud with anybody. And he’s being booked as a face despite coming off as a heel at every turn. And that includes his booking tonight in his match against Braun. Roode is in desperate need of a heel turn and I think possibly joining up with Ziggler and McIntyre might help him. But Roode is floundering around waiting for a big opportunity at this point.

3. Add The Riott Squad To That List Too

Man RAW is leaving me in a bad mood tonight. I thought for sure when the Riott Squad moved to RAW, they wouldn’t be jobbed out to every face member of the RAW roster. Well guess what, I was wrong. And I have no idea why I thought any differently. Maybe its because Ruby Riott beat Sasha Banks and Bayley in one week. So here I thought she might get a Title shot at Money in the Bank. But instead, it was used to forward the Sasha/Bayley story which then was taken away. I think. I don’t know. I can’t tell if it is on or off every week. And now the Riott Squad is jobbed out the last few weeks. I mean sure, they got their win back on a technicality. But no one will remember that. The Riott Squad is in the exact same spot they were when they left Smackdown: Dead and Buried with nowhere to go.

Random Notes

-If Michael Cole did a game of mad libs, he would just insert “BIG DAWG” into every single line. I swear that is all he says on commentary half the time.

-Baron Corbin tipping over the table of tacos was the most heat he’s received in his entire WWE run.

-Remember when the Authors of Pain were called up?

-Bayley coming down, getting a tag, and the pin in a match she wasn’t a part of is WCW levels of booking.

-Just once I would like the WWE to maintain some continuity when it comes to minor things, like the referee’s decision being final.

-Finn Balor out here killing himself on an episode of RAW. Hold off on this stuff until Money in the Bank.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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