WWE RAW 5.28.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Finn Balor Can Be, And Probably Is, Just As Good As Seth Rollins

For the second week in a row Finn Balor was able to get another good match out of Braun Strowman. I almost wonder what would happen at this point if him and Seth Rollins switched spots. For some reason Balor continues to be just behind the eight ball when it comes to getting the same recognition as Seth Rollins. He was held back from getting a Universal Title match. I often wondered what would have happened if he wasn’t injured in the first ever Universal Title match. Balor needs to be given another chance to shine. Unfortunately I don’t think this is happening until Brock Lesnar is out of the Universal Title picture. But if he is given the chance Balor will be able to show just how good he is.

2. Seth Rollins vs Elias Was Built Well, But Could Still Be Dangerous

I thought the way they built to Elias vs Seth Rollins was well done. Elias refused to leave the ring until Rollins came down and essentially bullied him out. After Rollins match, you knew Elias would come back out and get his revenge. And he did so by breaking his guitar over the back of Rollins while he was standing on the announce table. It was a good way to get heat on Elias with the cheap shot. But why is this dangerous? Remember, wrestling fans have short attention spans. You don’t want a situation where the crowd is split during their IC Title match. You want the entire crowd behind Rollins right now while building him up for a Universal Title shot. It might not hurt his momentum in the end, but it is a bad look. Rollins walking off refusing the stretcher was well done too. It was a good start to the build for the next few weeks.

3. The WWE Just Wiped Out The Last Three Months Of Nia Jax’s Character

After last week I didn’t think the build to Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey could have gotten any worse. Well, it turns out I was wrong. With Rousey on commentary, Nia was given a live mic and had an “exhibition” match with a jobber. She proceeded to bully the jobber and beat her up even when she was already down. Over the last few months, Nia was built up as the anti-bully. Remember when she cut that B A STAR promo after her match at Backlash? I guess the WWE didn’t either. This just goes to show that this Ronda/Nia match was thrown together at the last minute with no though to it at all. They turned Nia heel for pretty much no reason other than this match. It also proves that Alexa Bliss, in kayfabe, was right in saying that Nia is nothing but a big bully. The WWE has no long term planning right now and it shows in this storyline.

Other Notes

-That security guard who Finn took out bumped for the industry! What a pro!

-All this talk of the RAW guys cashing in Money in the Bank on Brock Lesnar. Are they going to go to his house in Canada to do it?

-Poor Sami Zayn, trying to make entertaining TV out of this Lashley feud.

-At some point Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre will need a storyline to sink their teeth into.

-The B Team BBQ reminded me of a Bills game tailgate every Sunday minus the alcohol and flaming table.

-I don’t like Sasha winning the gauntlet match. Now if Bayley was Champ? Sure. But at this point I think they rebooted the RAW Women’s division.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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