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And here we are in 2001 WCW. Nothing has really changed since Starrcade 2000. Scott Steiner is still WCW Champion. Ric Flair has brought in a “mystery man” who no one knows who it is to be in the WCW Title match. Goldberg is still on his quest to beat his previous undefeated streak. WCW is still pretty much not letting new stars shine yet at this point. And of course rumors of an impending sale are already starting to swirl. Thunder was cancelled in January because the ratings were abysmal. WCW lost an astonishing $60 million in 2000. Eric Bischoff was getting a group ready to buy the company, but we all know how that ended. There was an announcement beforehand that Bischoff and his new group were buying the company. So everyone is out to impress the new set of bosses.

We’re in Indianapolis. The arena holds about 18,000 and WCW only drew about 6600 there.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Shane Helms

Because this is what everyone wants from Cruiserweights, the first five minutes is mat wrestling. I mean, I know these aren’t the same cruiserweights that started the division in WCW. But this isn’t going to exactly light up the crowd. Chavo dumps Shane to the outside and the crowd finally wakes up as he hits a dive off the top. Back in the ring Helms hits a neckbreaker then tosses Chavo to the outside and hits a splash of his own. Chavo blocks a Vertebreaker but Helms hits the “Nightmare on Helms Street” which is a driving elbow into the mat. Helms goes for another and after a handful of counters Chavo hits a brainbuster for the win. Not bad action to start the show.

Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson on commentary are wearing all black. That is symbolic. Mike Tenay tries to get who the mystery man is out of Ric Flair but he won’t give it.

Big Vito vs Reno

It’s brother vs brother! I forgot to mention on the last show that at least Reno stopped wearing his khaki shorts with the sumo pants over it. Vito actually cuts a pretty good promo before the match to try and sell the match beforehand. They are also doing a decent job of selling this as a legit fight with blood hatred during the match. It also helps that Schiavone and Hudson are doing a good job selling it as well. Vito hits a pretty vicious looking kick to the face of Reno. Big Vito hits a weird looking elbow drop called the Vito Special. It didn’t look special. Reno blocks Vito and hits an awful double kick that Tony tries covering for. Vito blocks the Roll of the Dice but Reno hits a T-bone suplex. They start throwing fists. Reno counters a suplex and hits the Roll of the Dice for the win. It’s nothing but a Cross Rhodes, but WCW has done a decent job selling how vicious it is so the crowd popped for it when they saw it. Why am I being so nice to WCW today? Reno does his awkward tongue thing.

Mike Sanders tries getting Bryan Adams to do a special job for him. Sanders leaves, but Bryan Clarke comes back with more money from someone else.

Jung Dragons vs Noble and Karagias

Tony says this is a bonus match. Doesn’t WCW know what happens when they add bonus matches to their shows? If you don’t see Halloween Havoc 98. The Dragons hit a couple of nice moonsaults to the outside. Karagias hits Hayashi with a dropkick coming off the top. Noble and Karagias hit a side slam/leg drop combo for two. Noble and Karagias isolate Kaz Hayashi. Karagias stumbles on a springboard moonsault, but Kaz was suppose to move anyways so it kind of worked. Kaz counters a pin with a kick to the head and makes the tag to Yang. Some pretty good action here at the end. Karagias connects on a springboard to the outside. Yang blocks a hurricarrana and hits a sitout powerbomb off the top. Karagias breaks the pin and hits a 450 splash. Yank goes for a corkscrew moonsault, but WHIFFS and overshoots it. They cover with an inside cradle by Yang for the win.

Luger and Bagwell roll up and act like dumb and dumber.

The Cat vs Mike Sanders for the Commissioner Job

Apparently this is also for Ms. Jones as well. They do the corner posing for crowd position. Sanders eventually pulls down The Cat. Every time Sanders starts a comeback Sanders strikes him down. Sanders tries using a chair but Ms. Jones pulls it away and then chases Sanders around with it. Jindrak and O’Haire pull The Cat out and beat him down. Kronic comes out and takes out those two, then put Sanders money back in his mouth. The Cat hits a kick and gets the win. Again, at least the crowd was into it.

Ric Flair makes Goldberg’s match No DQ. Then they show him meeting a fan? Hmmm okay.

Team Canada vs The Filthy Animals

When the hell did Mike Awesome join Team Canada? Did I miss that? There was about 30 minutes during the last Nitro when I fell asleep. Maybe it happened there. They turned Awesome’s 70’s Bus into a Canadian Bus. Jim Duggan is the special referee.

And here we go with the stupid shit. If anyone breaks the rules of the match, they get sent to their team’s penalty box for two minutes. I thought Russo was fired? Awesome and Skipper get sent to the penalty box for one minute each. Skipper and Kidman exchange some cruiserweight moves. Awesome and Storm are sent to the box after both men get caught cheating. Tygress and Major Gunns are arguing. Then Kidman and Mysterio get sent to the box. Tyress then sprays Gunns with water. Duggan puts them both in the penalty box. I love hockey and even I think this is dumb. Kidman and Storm exchange some good moves. Awesome grabs scissors and goes to cut Kidman’s hair but Duggan stops him. Kidman hits a Kid Crusher but Awesome breaks it up. He then hits an Awesome Bomb on Rey. Storm applies the Canadian Maple Leaf on Kidman and he taps.

When they focused on the wrestling of the match it  was very good. But the penalty box stuff was way too much and over done throughout the match.

The Natural Born Thrillers, well Palumbo and O’Haire, cut a promo. And we’re reminded why Mike Sanders does their talking.

WCW Hardcore Championship: Terry Funk (c) vs Meng vs Crowbar

Meng has the Hardcore Title but he isn’t the Champion. Apparently no one wants to take the Title from him. Daffney splashes Funk with water on his way out. Crowbar comes out and they brawl into the women’s room. Meng finally joins them. See, the problem with WCW Hardcore matches is that they always looked like amateur bar room brawls. Funk and Crowbar throw tables on Meng. Crowbar jumps off the seating area then onto Funk through a table. Meng comes back and him and Crowbar have a chop fest. Terry Funk comes back with a shovel. He then puts Crowbar through a guard rail. They fight back to the ring where Crowbar slams a chair multiple times into Funk’s knee. Crowbar applies a figure four. Meng breaks it with a splash. Crowbar and Funk hit Meng in the head multiple times with chairs. Crowbar then hits Funk with a chair. Meng kicks a chair into Crowbar then applies the Tongan Death Grip on Funk and gets the pin. Still have yet to see a good WCW Hardcore match.

Meng, of course, would leave for the WWF a week later. They didn’t acknowledge he was WCW Hardcore Champ.

WCW Tag Team Championship: The Insiders (c) vs Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo

Before the match, the rest of the Thrillers come out and Sanders says he can sub guys in whenever he wants. Ric Flair comes out and isn’t having any of that. Hey look, Nash got in the ring before he got the hot tag this time. Good for him. That lasted for about two minutes before DDP comes in. And we are back to last month’s match with Palumbo and O’Haire working over DDP. Nash gets the hot tag. The Thrillers run out but security stops them. Lex Luger is out. DDP goes after him. Buff Bagwell comes out and hits Nash with a wrench. O’Haire hits a Swanton and gets the win.

There’s a guy in the crowd with a Tim Couch jersey. Poor guy. I had a JP Losman jersey at one point so I guess I shouldn’t talk.

First Blood Chain On A Pole Match For The United States Title: General Rection (C) vs Shane Douglas

Again I ask, are we sure Russo didn’t creep back into booking this show? I also didn’t think there was piped in crowd noise for the show but the last match confirmed my suspicions. The ref finds a chain in the tights of Douglas. Why does it matter? So these two are having a basic wrestling match. Rection goes for a moonsault but gets crotched. Douglas works over the legs of Rection because???? How the hell did Bill DeMott ever get put in charge of training people to wrestle? This match is awful. I just realized the chain isn’t on a pole, so Rection has to get a ladder. Rection grabs the chain, but Douglas had another chain and uses it to hit Rection and draw blood. Douglas wins his first singles Title about a year too late.

There’s a weird segment backstage where Rection says he has nothing left. The Scott Steiner promo before that was normal by comparison.

Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger vs Goldberg and Sarge

This match is getting the Buffer treatment. Maybe that is in Goldberg’s contract or something? I don’t know. Goldberg’s career is also on the line. I love how Buffer describes the Jackhammer as an inverted slam. Goldberg beats both men down early on. He then tags in Sarge. Luger eventually cheap shots Sarge and work over him. We get classic Luger “AHHH’ even when he is on offense. Sarge eventually makes the hot tag to Goldberg. Luger confronts that fan who was backstage earlier. Goldberg saves the fan, but the fan then maces Goldberg. Goldberg is swinging away but can’t see anything. Luger puts Goldberg on his shoulders and hits an awful Blockbuster off the top for the win.

WCW Championship: Scott Steiner (c) vs Sid Vicious vs Jeff Jarrett vs Road Warrior Animal

That’s right. The mystery person was Road Warrior Animal. Imagine buying the PPV, thinking it might be the return of Hulk Hogan or maybe Scott Hall or a debuting Rob Van Dam. Nope, you get Road Warrior Freaking Animal. Hell, you could have even done Rick Steiner.

The match starts without Road Warrior Animal. He’s not announced yet but I know it is him. Jarrett and Steiner double team Sid early on. Both men take turns trying to cover Sid without interference. Sid hits a double suplex and starts a comeback. Sid tosses Jarrett to the outside. We cut to Flair with the mystery man. We come back and Sid’s leg is snapped in half. Everyone is stalling at this point. They mystery man comes out, kicks Sid and Steiner pins him. They reveal it to be Animal and everyone makes it seem Aninal turned on Flair, but we’ll get there.

The first half of this show is pretty good. And you can see the effort in a lot of these guys. But it takes a downhill turn at the Penalty Box match and doesn’t recover. It goes back to typical WCW overbooked main events. Sid’s injury caused plans to change for the remaining few months WCW had left.

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