WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 5.15.18 w/ The Chairman

Tonight on Smackdown Live we find out who else joins the Money in the Bank ladder matches. Keep reading to see what the hits and misses were from the latest Smackdown.

HIT: Becky Lynch Finally Wins


It’s no secret there’s alot of upset Becky Lynch fans these days, myself included. Her booking has been questionable as of late as the losses continued piling up. Tonight though Becky was in a triple threat match against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. Sure enough Mandy and Sonya double teamed Becky here and there. Of course as the match progressed and knowing there was only one spot, Mandy and Sonya weren’t on the same page anymore. Becky Lynch though managed to lock Mandy Rose in the Disarmer and made her tap out. Becky will be joining Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss, and Ember Moon in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Next week Smackdown Live announced Billie Kay vs Lana for a qualifying match…


MISS: You Have to Qualify For a Briefcase, But Not a Title Match


The past two weeks we’ve seen superstars battle it out to qualify for a chance to win a Money in the Bank briefcase. The briefcase of course gives you a title match any time you want. However when it comes to the title, nobody has to qualify. The Royal Mellabration took place to celebrate Carmella’s title win. Paige however showed up and announced at Money in the Bank that Carmella would defend against Asuka. Asuka is a worthy opponent, however she didn’t earn it. She didn’t beat anybody to earn that title shot. This is just the way things are written. I just find it funny there’s qualifying matches for a briefcase, but not a title shot.


HIT: Three Guys, One Spot


The New Day were victorious tonight in their match against The Bar. Sure these two teams have been feuding for the past few weeks while the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion Bludgeon Brothers are busy making creepy promos and the Usos are off the grid, but at least the latest chapter of New Day vs Bar meant something. With New Day winning this match, they get to send one member of their group to the Money in the Bank ladder match. Now Who? Who? Who? Will it be Kofi? Big E? or Xavier? Does New Day have a triple threat match amongst themselves or do they have a pancake eating contest to decide the one that’s going to Money in the Bank. Guess we’ll find out.


MISS: Nakamura Pins Styles For Basically Nothing


The ongoing feud between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura is going to at least Money in the Bank where Shane McMahon announced on twitter there would be another WWE Championship match. On Smackdown however, the two faced off in a stipulation match where the winner picks the stipulation at Money in the Bank. The match was solid and the Nakamura mind games were on fire once again. However it’s disappointing that we finally got a finish between these two since we’ve had how many no contests as of late and there’s no title change. Nakamura finally got the better of Styles, but all he gets to do is pick the stipulation. I’m curious to see what stipulation Nakamura picks. We’ll have to wait to find out.


HIT: Samoa Joe Cutting Excellent Promos


Samoa Joe was announced to face Big Cass in the final mens Money in the Bank qualifying match next week. Joe didn’t care who Cass was and degraded him for going after smaller guys. It’s almost as if Joe was slightly teasing going face, but I don’t see that happening. Joe has his own agenda and that’s winning Money in the Bank. Bryan will more than likely cost Cass the match so pencil Joe in for Money in the Bank. Because if Joe loses and Cass wins a spot in the ladder match, the internet might cease to exist.


MISS: Andrade “Cien” Almas Debuts and Squashes


We waited how many weeks for Almas to debut on Smackdown Live and he quickly beats a local talent. I really hope this isn’t going to be some slow path to the top for Almas because he’s better than that. He was a former NXT Champion and has an amazing manager in Zelina Vega. I would’ve loved to see Almas qualify for Money in the Bank, but that won’t be happening. With Jeff Hardy’s absence, maybe Almas is going this route? Time will tell. Also where the hell is Sanity???


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