The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Is The Best Done Team/Faction Breakup In Wrestling History


This week the HTCWrestling Staff answers what is the best done team/faction split in wrestling history!

Matt: I have to go with the most iconic breakup of all time, The Rockers. Not before or since has there been a split that has catapulted a “good hand/tag team wrestler” into a star that many believe to be the best wrestler of his generation, Shawn Michaels. This is THE tag team breakup many refer to as the benchmark for how to do this type of angle right and gave birth to the always fun debate of “Who is the Jannetty” of any tag team.

Cam: When choosing the best breakup of a tag team or stable of all time, it makes us all insane to want to relive such sadness in the world of wrestling but we’re all here to do a job. I initially thought of Shawn Michaels turning on Marty Jannetty which elevated HBK’s career but I chose the split between the Mega Powers, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Hogan gets a lot of crap for his overall resume. The overall build and eventual split from Savage elevated Randy to the top of the card leaving Hogan with a very good feud to be proud of.

The Chairman: The best done tag team/faction breakup in my opinion was the Shield. Not only was it a complete surprise, but everybody benefited from the split when it happened. Many times over the years when a tag team or faction breaks up, there is one wrestler that becomes a main event superstar while the other fades into the mid card if not lower. See Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. The Shield created three main event superstars in Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. Maybe the biggest surprise of the Shield breakup is Seth Rollins being the one to turn rogue. Many expected Ambrose or Reigns (which we’re still waiting for) to turn. I still remember Dean’s face when Seth laid waste to Roman with the steel chair as he was announced by Triple H as “Plan B” only to take him out next. The Shield since debuting at Survivor Series 2012 were on top of the wrestling world and all three of these men have accolades stacked up between the three of them such as all three being grand slam champions, Money in the Bank winners, Royal Rumble winners, pay per view headliners, the list goes on. WWE got this one right by pulling the trigger on breaking up the Shield when they did. Now if we can get them to realize that Seth Rollins is the man to build the company around and not Vince’s boy.

Heather: I hate to be predictable, and I actually hate to go so recent but I think it has to be The Shield breakup. One of my favorite segments of all time is of course the barbershop segment where the coward Marty Jannetty leaps through a window to escape his now former partner Shawn Michaels. And I was really excited when Christian finally turned on Edge and gave him the one man conchairto. But the question is what was the best done, and that has to be The Shield. Normally break ups are a long time coming, or are hinted and expected for awhile before they happen. The split of The Shield was unexpected for a lot of reasons. They had just soundly beaten Evolution the night before for the second time, they were standing tall, they had hinted at a breakup earlier in the year, but had gotten through it and been more awesome than ever.

Everyone also seemed so sure that either Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns would be one of the people to end The Shield, but it was Seth Rollins that pulled it off. I wasn’t even watching that night and I had so many text messages after it happened of people SHOCKED. I was shocked. The guy who yelled “noooooooo”, shocked. It was incredibly well done, it was shocking and it led to a great run of heel Seth Rollins. That’s gotta be my pick.

Justin C: There have been some good ones recently. As others brought up The Shield, you can also go to KO/Y2J. But the payoff to that breakup didn’t have the proper blowoff. I thought of Batista leaving Evolution as well but I’m going with the Mega Powers as well. That breakup started all the way back at Survivor Series. Hulk Hogan was the survivor on his team while Randy Savage was eliminated, and you could tell he was already getting jealous of Hogan. Then the Rumble and the big angle on Saturday Night’s Main Event happens and you are on your way to a Wrestlemania main event. Nowadays everything is week to week. But this was built up over three months and lead to a Wrestlemania main event. That doesn’t happen nowadays.

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