WWE RAW 5.7.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C


1. Ruby Riott’s Breakout Week Gets Stalled

I thought Ruby Riott had a pretty good week. She beat Sasha Banks on RAW then beat Bayley on the Backlash pre-show. Both matches were standout performances and I was fully expecting Riott to challenge Nia Jax for the Title next. But then they had Ruby Riott eat the pinfall in her MITB qualifying match with Ember Moon and Sasha Banks. Now, WWE Logic being what it is, Riott could still challenge Nia. But the result of this match makes you question that. Ruby had a hot streak going and typical WWE booking has put a halt to it. And even if she wasn’t going to challenge for the Title, she would have been a perfect choice to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

2. After Weeks Of Waiting For A Bobby Lashley Promo, They Give Us That?

If I am not mistaken, I have talked about Bobby Lashley almost every week on here. And it has constantly been about asking why we should have a reason to care about him. So they give him a sit down interview. Okay, lets see what this is about. And then the interview happens. And they have him talk about his sister’s beating him up as a kid and all this stuff about his family. I’m just sitting here watching it, and wondering if they actually think this is going to get him over. That was seriously awful. I barely paid attention to it, and I’m sure no one in the arena cared about it either. That was the worst possible first promo from Lashley. The best part is they said he main evented Wrestlemania. That never happened. Not even Renee Young could make this watchable.

3. Things Aren’t Going To Get Any Better With Roman Reigns

So Reigns did a backstage interview where he STILL TALKED ABOUT BEING SCREWED. Roman, you are not Bret Hart. That worked with Hart because he had a legit beef. You lost clean to Brock at Mania, then you lost again. The WWE needs to stop drilling this awful angle into our heads. At least Reigns lost his MITB qualifier. The bad? Jinder cost him the match. Can you imagine a Jinder/Reigns match right now? Reigns is at a worst level right now than Cena ever was. People hated Cena, but Cena found ways to be entertaining and eventually embraced the hate. The WWE refuses to do that with Reigns and it continues to get worse. There is really nothing the WWE can do right now to save this situation. Even feuding with Jinder won’t help him. Instead, the crowd will just turn on the match. But I bet Vince McMahon doesn’t believe that!

Other Notes

-No better way to get No Way Jose over then to job him to Baron Corbin clean.

-So now Sasha and Bayley are friends again? What they should have done is have Bayley accidentally cost Sasha the match, then have Sasha do that to Bayley. Feud back on. But NOOOOOOOOO!

-Are they really wasting Drew McIntyre with A-Dolph Ziggler and B-In the tag team division? I can tolerate him with Dolph at least, but they deserve better than the tag team division.

-You would think at this point Kevin Owens would no when a BRAUN run by attack is coming. But AJ Styles also hasn’t figured out to wear a cup yet so maybe I’m overthinking things.

-Seth Rollins woke up a dead crowd and got a decent match out of Mojo. PUSH THIS MAN.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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