WWE RAW 4.30.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Seth Rollins Should Be The Man On RAW

The crowd reaction to Seth Rollins tonight on RAW was great. The crowd was 100% behind him the second his music hit. His reaction was the same as hometown favorites Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. I know people want Braun to win the Title (I do), but sooner or later Seth Rollins should get his shot at the top again. Rollins looks like a new guy since winning the Intercontinental Title. He’s playing his face role perfectly. And we all know that Rollins can work in the ring. If Rollins can keep this going, he should easily surpass Reigns on the card by next year’s Wrestlemania. The show really should be “Monday Night Rollins” sooner rather than later. How unique would it be to have a top face on RAW that the fans actually want to cheer.

2. Why Are We Suppose To Care About Bobby Lashley?

Bobby Lashley came back the RAW after Wrestlemania. Since then, he’s been thrown in random tag matches. That’s it. If memory serves me right, he has not had any promo time so far. He doesn’t have a feud. He’s pretty much just a guy at this point. Normally, when someone debuts the night after Wrestlemania, it takes the WWE at least a couple months to treat you like just another guy. But they did that with Bobby Lashley in less than two weeks. If they want to save Lashley in the WWE, they need to do something big with him in the next few weeks. He got zero reaction all night on RAW. I thought this might happen with Lashley when he came in, but I didn’t think it would happen in less than a month’s time.

3. RAW Is Lacking A Big Time Story

Even after the Superstar Shakeup, RAW still did have talent. Smackdown Live has the better talent. But there are still good workers on RAW. The problem is that the writing hasn’t given us a reason to care about anyone. Roman Reigns is out here complaining about his Title matches. Bobby Roode and Elias are having an average mid-card program. As mentioned above, no one cares about Bobby Lashley. Braun doesn’t have a story. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have looked like complete geeks. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre have no story.

Hopefully they are just waiting for Backlash to pass. But RAW right now is just there. No major developments have happened. No one has a story that they can sink their teeth into. Of course, it once again doesn’t help that the Universal Champion is nowhere to be found. RAW needs to properly use the talent it has and since the Superstar Shakeup that has not been the case. What RAW is really lacking is a true dominant heel. If the WWE had guts, they’d do that with Roman Reigns. That is how you can make RAW really interesting. But until something changes, RAW seems like nothing more than a glorified house show.

Quick Hits

-Were the Quebecers not available to fight the Authors of Pain?

-Bobby Roode might have crushed his larynx? I didn’t see Randy Savage crushing his throat with a ring bell.

-Ruby Riott is a good wrestler. I hope she gets the RAW Women’s Title in 2018.

-It would be typical WWE to run this Titus O’Neil trip angle into the ground.

-I can’t get over how bad RAW’s tag team division is. New Day or Usos needed to move over.


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Justin C

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