WWE RAW 4.32.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The Brock/Roman Build Once Again Shows The WWE’s Lack Of Direction

How lazy was that opening segment tonight? Paul Heyman tried to get the crowd to boo Brock Lesnar again by talking about his new contract and how much money Brock makes, and how desperate the WWE is to have Brock back. Reigns comes out and says that he will win the Universal Title back, and that’s it. With the match taking place in Saudi Arabia, and this build, it lends credence to the reports that Vince changed his mind on the Wrestlemania main event in the week leading up to the show. There has been zero hype for this match and the build shows it. Hell, they have been building up to Reigns/Samoa Joe and they end up putting Joe on Smackdown. That screamed of a move Vince made when he woke up Tuesday. This feud can’t end quick enough and I am hoping Roman wins on Friday just so Brock can go away.

2. Meanwhile, Braun Strowman Stays Over

Did you hear the reaction to Braun Strowman during his tag match? The crowd loves him. It was just like last week: Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode are there as the new guys, but all the crowd cared about was Braun. I don’t know what else the crowd has to do to tell everyone in the WWE that Braun is the guy they want to see on top. They apparently moved Samoa Joe to Smackdown because they didn’t want him behind Roman Reigns. But here we are with Braun, who is still more over than Roman, and he is stuck in these random tag matches with no story. And the crowd still loves him. If Vince McMahon is as involved in this character as he reportedly is, why is he not pushing Braun as a Champion?

3. RAW Is In A Clear Holding Pattern

After watching last week and this week’s show, I think it is pretty clear that RAW is in a holding pattern until after Backlash. This week just felt like a glorified house show. Random tag matches thrown together out of nowhere, no big angle whatsoever on the show. It felt like things are going nowhere. Of course, it doesn’t help that your shows biggest star (well at least they think so) is now booked in a match at Backlash against a Smackdown Live superstar. It doesn’t look like there will be any big feuds until after Backlash. Sure, the Greatest Royal Rumble might have a Title change, but it still won’t lead to any new storylines. I’m betting next week doesn’t change things either. They really should have held off on the Shakeup until after Backlash.

Quick Hits

-Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt would work as a team for me if they hadn’t lazily made Bray back to his normal self. Don’t let the announcers fool you.

-Jinder Mahal is as bad a comedian as he is a wrestler.

-Is it bad I have to keep reminding myself that Bobby Lashley is on this show every week?

-The “Moment of Bliss” promo Alexa Bliss did was hilarious. Go out of your way to watch it.

-Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are going to try and save this show on their own. God speed.

-Personally, I would have had RAW end with a huge Sasha Banks/Bayley brawl rather than Ronda Rousey saving Natalya.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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