WWE RAW 4.9.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C (Plus Thoughts On Brock Re-Signing)

1. The RAW NXT Call Ups Are A Mixed Bag

Tonight on RAW we saw Ember Moon, No Way Jose and the Authors of Pain get called up. I hope I’m wrong but No Way Jose screams Adam Rose 2.0 to me. I mean, it is the exact same gimmick for the most part. But there was nothing for him in NXT. Ember Moon, if booked properly, could be one of the top women in the RAW division. She struggled at times in NXT so her booking needs to be done just right. And when she hits the Eclipse perfectly, like she did tonight against Alexa Bliss, it looks great. The Authors of Pain could be a better version of the Bludgeon Brothers. I’m guessing Paul Ellering didn’t want to be on the road with AOP full time, but they really do need a mouth piece. Hopefully they don’t injure someone early on.

2. Bobby Lashley Is Back. Yeah?

Bobby Lashley’s first run in the WWE was very uninspiring. I know that he improved in Impact Wrestling, but I’m just not excited to see him on the main roster. He’s really going to have to go out of his way to impress me early on. I just don’t want to see him get pushed over the likes of Samoa Joe, Finn Balor etc. Lashley needs to earn his spot on the main roster and even his pop coming back wasn’t that great in my opinion. Hopefully Lashley goes out of his way to impress the WWE Universe because if not I could see his star fading quicker than expected.

3. Is 2018 The Year Of Seth Rollins?

On the HTCWrestling Podcast earlier today my co-host Cam talked about 2018 possibly being the year of Seth Rollins. After watching tonight’s RAW, I’m starting to get the feeling that he may be onto something. Rollins was the heavy focus of the show tonight, getting good promo time early on and ending the show with his hand raised. Roman Reigns might not be done on top, but I think they might start transitioning Seth Rollins to being the guy during the year. The crowd gets behind him and he is one of the best workers in the company. I think he solidifies the IC Title as the workhorse Title before moving on to the Universal Title picture by the middle of the year. If he stays healthy he could be a huge star by the end of the year.

Quick Hits

-Can Ronda Rousey just come out and rebreak Stephanie McMahon’s arm every week?

-I actually think it is smart to keep Jeff Hardy away from Matt. Let Matt do his own thing for now with Bray.

-For her own sake I do hope Paige finds something outside of wrestling to keep her busy.

-Oh good Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt are now teaming together. Ugh.

-I would’ve held off on the Superstar Shake-Up for a few weeks.

Brock Lesnar Re-Signs With WWE, Will Fight Roman Reigns In Saudi Arabia for the Universal Title

This new broke a little less than an hour after we did the HTCWrestling Podcast on Monday. And I think everything about it is awful. There was one report that Vince sees Brock Lesnar as one of his only stars. If that is the case then Vince needs to take a hard look in the mirror and question his booking decisions. Because that is all on him. Brock Lesnar literally brings nothing to the table anymore in the WWE. And if the reports are true that Vince called an audible mid match that is nuts. Lesnar being able to fight in UFC and WWE is ridiculous on the WWE’s part. He won’t be worth the money the WWE is paying him.

As far as the rematch in Saudi Arabia, I get they are doing it for the money. But the fact that they have to probably do the Universal Title change there and not in America just goes to show you how poorly Reigns is looked at. It is never going to work and it will never work for Reigns. I really thought they might be moving on from Reigns after Wrestlemania, but Vince is just playing the long con game with us again. And Reigns was out here on RAW, COMPLAINING ABOUT GETTING ANOTHER UNIVERSAL TITLE MATCH AND HOW HE FOUND OUT! It’s like Vince has no idea how to book a top star anymore.

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Justin C

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