Five Thoughts On Wrestlemania 34 w/Justin C

1. That Was Certainly An Unpredictable Wrestlemania

When we previewed Wrestlemania on the HTCWrestling Podcast last week, Cam and I talked about how it seemed like a lot of these matches were quite predictable. Boy were we wrong. The Universal Title Match, the Smackdown Women’s Title Match, the US Title Match and the WWE Title match all had endings that a good amount of people did not see coming. While some of them were quite questionable, they at least got people talking and Brock going over Roman in the main event will definitely have people tuning into RAW tomorrow to see what happens next there. I have a strong feeling we are getting a Universal Title change tomorrow.

2. What A Waste Of John Cena and the Undertaker

I called the build to Cena/Undertaker atrocious over the last week. I was willing to give it a shot, but the final RAW before Mania killed any hope I had for it. While Cena sitting in the crowd with the fans was cool, and him sprinting to the back got a huge laugh at my Mania party, everything else was god awful. It was a complete Taker squash of John Cena. I’m done with Undertaker at Wrestlemania and really don’t need to see him wrestle again, especially if that is all he can do. And Cena could have been used in an actual match to put someone that matters over. I really hope it isn’t building to a rematch at next year’s Mania.

3. I Can Talk Myself Into Asuka’s Loss Being Okay

Long win streak’s in wrestling are always a dangerous thing. Exhibit A being Goldberg in WCW. There comes a point where the crowd will eventually start to turn on it. Yes, Goldberg was still over in WCW. But he was losing some momentum (though not as much as Kevin Nash would make it seem). Then you have to figure out a way to end the Streak to make everyone happy. And that is always tough to do. I thought Charlotte and Asuka had the best “wrestling” match on the show. While I was stunned to see Asuka lose, I can be okay with it if done right. I would have preferred Asuka stay in the Figure Eight a bit longer. But Charlotte will be around full time and can play off beating Asuka every week, unlike Brock Lesnar. And if Asuka was still undefeated come next year, the crowd might have gotten sick of her by then. The follow up, as always, will be key.

4. The Mixed Tag Match Over Delivered

I just said Charlotte and Asuka put on what I though was the best “wrestling” match of the night. But the mixed tag match may have been the best overall match of the night from an entertainment perspective. Everyone at my Mania party was into it, when a good amount of them didn’t care about it beforehand (my party consists of 80% of people who just know about wrestling because of me). Ronda Rousey was incredible. Her acting and selling was top notch. Her interactions with Triple H and the array of punches in the corner was great. Everyone played their part so well. I would have preferred Steph not blocking the armbar so much, but otherwise she was fantastic. I look forward to see what is next for Ronda Rousey when she has an actual match.

5. Is The Roman Reigns Experiment Over?

I wonder what was going through Vince’s mind when the entire Wrestlemania crowd paid no attention to the main event. It is one thing to boo Roman, it is another to not care at all. They cared so little that they barely popped for when Brock Lesnar won. Dana White said before the show this weekend that Brock would be returning to UFC. I truly believe that is why the crowd cared so little, otherwise the crowd might have been behind Brock more. As I said above, I expect a shock Universal Title change tomorrow. But can it really be Roman Reigns? I honestly wonder if Vince is done with Reigns after tonight for awhile. Or can we expect another Roman main event next year? The match was nowhere near as good as their WM31 match. But it definitely has more people talking than the WWE probably thought.

Myself and Cam will have many more thoughts on this show come tomorrow during the HTCWrestling Podcast!

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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