Is this Wrestlemania the Most Important Mania Ever?




Five, ten, twenty years from now Sunday, April 8th, 2018 may be looked at as the most important Wrestlemania in the WWE’s history. You could make an argument for
several Wrestlemania’s to fit that mold The WWE is at a cross roads when it comes to the talent they currently have on their roster. It reads like an NFL team with
a lot of cap room that has a a plenty good young talent along with the over paid veterans riding their wave in the spotlight. As New Japan, Ring of Honor, hell even
Impact Wrestling continue to take positive step forwards with their booking ideas and continued good attendance numbers next Sunday and the following months are going
to be more important to the WWE than they or anyone may even realize. A whole lot of questions surround some of the top names not only in the WWE but the entire
wrestling world. In typical WWE fashion one should only expect a few of those questions answered at Mania or the weeks after but should be answered over the next
few weeks and the WWE’s continued success may just depend on it.

Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar came back, again, it was the right place and the right time. Lesnar’ part time schedule didn’t matter, every time Lesnar came out everyone popped.
Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak at Mania 30 is still debated to this day if it was the right thing to do or not; one thing is for sure, Paul Heyman
sure looked like he had fun telling everyone about it for the next six months after. But with all good things, they all sorta seem to end. Lesnar’ last 365 days plus
of being the Universal Champion, outside of the fatal five way match, has been a complete bore and let down. His status post Mania seemed to still be up in the air until
Dana White of the UFC let the world know Lesnar was coming back to fight in the octagon. Essentially, the WWE has traded an over paid UFC star for another (more on that

Roman ready to lead

If someone would have asked me after last year’s Wrestlemania if Roman Reigns was ready to be the number one guy in the WWE and lead this very stacked roster into the
future I would have laughed in your face. Boy, what a difference a year makes. Roman, reportedly, has taken over as the top guy in the locker room, he has grown a lot in
the ring and in developing his already doomed character. Reign’s being the Universal Champion come Sunday night is not only the best thing for business, it’s the best
thing for just about every guy on the Raw roster because Roman will defend the title on any given Monday Night Raw or house show. I’ve been preaching for this for months
now, let’s just hope it doesn’t back fire in my face.

Undertaker’s Last Match

This column started off as a hate letter to just about anyone who would read it. John Cena doesn’t need to wrestle The Undertaker on Sunday but it’s going to happen
weither anyone wants to happen or not. The deadman is past his prime and John Cena has become little Hollywood Dwayne. They both have nothing to prove, Mania has been close
to sold out for weeks, so WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? Simple answer, Vince McMahon still doesn’t believe in his day to day talent so he will continue to rely on the
Attitude Era to make the bigger shows seem bigger, to him, I guess?

Ronda Rousey & Her Future


The WWE is trading one over paid UFC talent for another. Sure Rousey is a big wrestling fan outside of being on television but is that enough to justify the top dollar
I’m sure she is being paid? I guess only time will tell. Having her debut match at Mania was an obvious choice, the match and participants have been a big swing and miss.
Rousey and Kurt Angle are winning today but what does that mean for Ronda tomorrow? All I know is if she breaks Asuka’s streak that would be a bigger missed opportunity than when Lesnar ended the Deadman’s.

Daniel Bryan

I begged and pleaded with the WWE to clear Daniel Bryan before he could leave to indies and sure enough they did. Daniel Bryan was the most over babyface the WWE had
when he was forced to retire. Now that he is back the dream match list grew ten fold. Bryan’s match at Mania will be a must see for so many reasons but the biggest
question I will have after tonight is how clear is Bryan? Will he have another match on Smackdown this Tuesday? Will he be put right into a continued feud with Kevin
Owens and Sami Zayn or will the WWE Title be his target? Just as long as we get the fued with The Miz everything will be A ok.

Triple H only Wrestling at Mania Now

Triple H has become the last survivor of the Attitude Era. He has become the voice of reason and excellence behind the curtain so when does Hunter hang up the boots for
good? Something tells me that the boss to be wil and should only wrestle at Wrestlemania. There are plenty of matches left for him with Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and just about anyone on the NXT roster. Next year Trips, don’t put anyone over that doesn’t need or deserve to go over. (Could you imagine the heat if Stephanie pinned Ronda

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