The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: If You Could Change The Finish Of One Wrestlemania Match, What Would It Be?

The Chairman: There’s many Wrestlemania matches and it’s hard to pick one. I however would go back to Wrestlemania 30 and change the finish of the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar match. I would’ve kept the streak alive. Now I have no problem with the legendary streak of the Undertaker ending. My biggest gripe is that Brock Lesnar got that honor when an up and coming superstar could’ve used that rub that could’ve taken them to the next level.

Cam: If I could go back and change one outcome to any Wrestlemania match it would be a little complicated. Despite it being a huge shock I would have the Undertaker beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30 just to have the deadman lose, yes I said LOSE, to Bray Wyatt at Mania 31. Bray Wyatt is borderline, at the least, on his way to the unemployment line, aka Impact Wrestling, and having him beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31 would have changed history. If Bray beats Taker he really is the new devil guy or whatever. Imagine Wyatt winning, Taker out the next night and he joins the Wyatt Family. He follows Bray around until Summerslam then beats him and can go on and have his dumb matches with Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns still. Bray could have sold his win over Taker just like Paul Heyman did all those months after Mania. Instead, a few years later, Lesnar is on his way out and literally no one cares about Wyatt anymore.

Heather: TOUGH. Alright I’m gonna preface this by saying that this is only the result I want to change IF they were always going to have The Undertaker’s streak end some day.

CM Punk should have beaten Taker. If they were always going to have the streak eventually end, there was no better time for Taker to pass that torch. Punk was HOT, as he normally was, and he went into this match as the biggest heel in the company. I feel like Taker would have been fine with letting him win too. I don’t think they ever seriously considered giving Punk the win here, and I don’t know that they ever would have what with Paul Bearer having just passed and all the crazy shit Punk was doing to dishonor his memory. That being said, what a great shock it would have been.

Justin C: Everyone going with Undertaker answers so far. I kind of expected that. The real obvious one is having Booker T beat Triple H at Wrestlemania 19 after the build they had. I’m actually going to say that I would have had John Cena beat the Rock at Wrestlemania 28. The aftermath of Cena losing was having to deal with the build to Rock/Cena 2 at WM29, where Cena said he had “the worst year of his life” which was complete bullshit. I know Rock/Cena 2 did the most money of any Mania, but having Cena win the first time avoids the rematch. You could have done Cena/Punk for the Title, Rock/Brock or Rock/HHH and Brock/Taker this year instead.

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