The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Is Your Favorite Wrestlemania Entrance Of All Time?

Justin C: At this point you should know that I’ve been all aboard the Rusev bandwagon for three years. So seeing Rusev’s entrance at Wrestlemania 31 was great. Coming out on a tank in all his glory was tremendous. It sucked that Rusev got such a big entrance only to lose to John Cena. I would love to see Rusev get a similar entrance this year but I doubt it happens.

The Chairman: My favorite Wrestlemania entrance was Triple H’s Terminator theme for Wrestlemania 31.

Heather: Rusev on a tank is definitely something that sticks out because it was awesome and it’s Rusev. Although I generally hate the music that’s performed at Wrestlemania, I do genuinely enjoy Living Colour and Cult of Personality AND Justin and I were in attendance for CM Punk’s Wrestlemania 29 entrance so that is a tempting choice as well. But, I’m a sucker who will always go for nostalgia: Wrestlemania XII had Shawn Michaels finally fulfilling his “boyhood dream” and he started it off in style. His entrance, flying from the roof in one of his gaudy over the top outfits is classic. Also, sadly because of the circumstances surrounding the death of Owen Hart, it’s certainly an entrance we probably won’t see the likes of again. It was a sight to see when it happened and it’s an entrance I think will always be in the conversation as best ever. It certainly was ahead of its time since most entrances at this time were just kind of normal.

Cam: The greatest entrance at Wrestlemania also happens to be the funniest entrance of all time. At Wrestlemania IX Bobby Heenan rode a camel backwards towards the ring and it couldn’t make me any happier. I watched it back several times and still laughed at Bobby telling them to stop the camel.

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