WWE RAW 4.2.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Who Thought That Opening Segment Was A Good Idea?

I mean, that came off about as corny as you could have imagined. Stephanie really just chokeslammed Ronda Rousey through the table? I hope it was designed for Ronda Rousey to come off as the best person in that segment because otherwise it was a complete flop. Kurt forgot Ronda’s last name for crying out loud! If you weren’t looking forward to this match before hand then this segment did nothing to change your mind.

2. John Cena vs The Undertaker- The Most Botched Program In Wrestlemania History

Wrestling historians will look back at this year’s Wrestlemania, and perhaps all Wrestlemanias, and look at Cena/Taker as the most botched program in Wrestlemania history. This was so simple for the WWE but they screwed it up. In all honesty this match should have been done about four years ago. But for whatever reason the WWE kept putting it off. Now the WWE wants you to think that this match isn’t even happening this Sunday. I understand that we are in the Network Era and PPV buys don’t matter. But for heaven’s sake, you could have given this match SOME sort of build going into the show. And now it is built on whether or not Taker shows up. I don’t know what the plan was here. But if this was it, they have horribly screwed it up.

3. At Least Reigns and Lesnar Didn’t Have A Tug of War for the Title

Nothing could have been worse than the final RAW before Wrestlemania 31. I’m still not invested in Reigns, only because I know that the WWE will revert back to the same old same old with Reigns after Wrestlemania. The WWE has done a decent job of getting people behind Reigns, but unless this character change is permanent, it won’t matter in the long run. At least Reigns having the Title will mean that it could possibly be defended on an episode of RAW. Reigns will have good matches with whoever steps in his path, but I’m not buying into his character yet.

Random Thoughts

-The Sasha/Bayley story continues to be played out well. They should main event one of the RAWs after Wrestlemania.

-I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish with the BRAUN/Bar segment but I thought it came off really flat. That isn’t the comedy Braun should be involved in.

-Matt Hardy vs Goldust. You know it is the last RAW before Mania and they don’t want any of the big names wrestling.

-Asuka/Charlotte could have been much bigger. But the video packages don’t do it justice. Keeping Asuka on RAW until after Mania was a mistake.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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