The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Is Your Favorite Wrestlemania?

From now until Saturday, the HTCWrestling Staff will answer five questions discussing Wrestlemania. The first being what our personal favorite Wrestlemania is!

Heather: Wrestlemania X. I think everything from when you’re a kid resonates more because we always think everything was cooler when we were kids. If I were so bold I could pick one of the most reviled Manias of all time, IX, because it is the first I have a clear memory of watching all the way through. X though has two of my favorite and best Wrestlemania matches of all time in Bret Hart vs Owen Hart and Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels in a ladder match.

The bookending of Owen beating Bret in the beginning of the night, only to be looking up at his brother again as he’s praised by his peers and raising the WWF title is awesome storytelling we so rarely get nowadays. The ladder match is fantastic, and while it does not hold up – I was happy to see Macho Man get his revenge on the monster Crush. Lastly, there’s a great Men on a Mission rap that told us the whole story of Wrestlemania X and THAT definitely still holds up.

Cam: My favorite Mania of all time is Wrestlemania 31. I attended it live and the whole weekend was perfect. The show itself was great from top to bottom. Daniel Bryan had a nice moment to open the main show. The Seth Rollins and Randy Orton match was a classic. Triple H, Sting and all the NWO/DX stuff made their sub par match look like an instant classic. Oh yeah, Seth Rollins cashed in his money in the bank briefcase against Brock Lesnar and Roman
Reigns surprising everyone in the audience and elevating Rollins to the next level.

The Chairman: My favorite Wrestlemania ever would be Wrestlemania 17.

Justin C: I’m going with Wrestlemania 19. There are two Top 10 Mania matches on their in Angle/Lesnar and HBK/Jericho. There was the culmination of the Rock/Austin storyline that spanned over three Wrestlemanias. The Hogan/Vince match was much better than it had any right to be. It was a good show from top to bottom. Take away the Bud Light girls crap and you pretty much have a perfect Wrestlemania.

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