With just THREE more shows including this weeks NXT before Takeover: New Orleans – who made their way into the Dusty Rhodes Classic Semi Finals?  Did Tommaso Ciampa continue to be his big jerk self this week?  Can Kassius Ohno pick up a win he so richly needs and deserves?  Probably not, but it’ll probably be an enjoyable road!

How do we get Johnny Gargano reinstated?!

On tonight’s NXT, after weeks of Tommaso Ciampa being frustrated by the crowds reaction to him, NXT’s Most Hated Person snapped.  He really let those Gargano faces get in his head.  He screamed about poor Johnny Wrestling being gone, he yelled in the face of and ripped up signs of both a young woman’s AND an elderly lady, he threw a tantrum!  Only to be surprised by a masked, but unfortunately quickly unmasked, Johnny Gargano.  Johnny got a few licks in, but was quickly dragged away and out of the building by security.

Obviously we’re happy to know Johnny’s back and will probably get a big Takeover: New Orleans Match, but I still wish we’d have gotten a longer absence.  Or at least maybe just signs that Johnny was lurking near by.  I really would have liked if a masked man kept attacking Ciampa and it was assumed to be Johnny but unproven.  Ah well.  The question remains how a currently unemployed Johnny gets his job back.  The simple answer is he keeps attacking Ciampa until Ciampa himself demands he’s reinstated for a fight, but I feel like the old Psycho Killer’s character would resist giving in at all costs.  I don’t know how Johnny could push him far enough to do it.  Another solution could come in the form of Johnny’s wife, Candice Wrestling.  What with her attacking Zelina Vega last week, we could possibly see Candice convincing Zelina to put Johnny’s career up in a match between the ladies.  And how nice would that be? Showing a strong woman fighting for her love.   I’m interested to see how it plays out, though think it has to get a move on if we’re making it to a match in New Orleans.

What is Mr. Regal’s big announcement?!

During the show, William Regal teased that he was finalizing the details for an announcement he’ll make next week that I believe he said would “change the landscape of NXT.”  What is his announcement?  Obviously there are spoilers out there, but there’s no need to get into that here as we’re living to enjoy the moment.  I still think NXT has so much gosh darn talent that any announcement can really only help – unless it’s an announcement of more new talent (which we have so so much of).

Does Kassius Ohno even go here?

I think Kassius Ohno is awesome.  He’s hard hitting, I don’t give a shit about his look and he’s a King of Wrestling.  So what are we doing?  I’m really hoping with the commentary pointing out how inconsistent he’s been that it’s going to lead to him snapping and somehow ending up finding his way up this ladder.  Because man, he deserves it.  And I really don’t think if they had NOTHING for him he would have found his way back.  It is totally possibly he’s happy living in Florida and working for the dream company but he deserves the world.  A lot of these wrestlers do though, and there are just so many.  I’m rooting for you Ohno, we’re all rooting for you!!

Tonight he was in a pretty good match with Adam Cole, but after he’s duped into thinking Cole is hurt – Ohno lost any advantage he had.  Again, having it so blatant that he could have wrapped up the win if he hadn’t been fooled by Cole’s dastardly makes it possible he’ll snap soon and we’ll see a different Ohno.  Time will tell.

Some Notes:

Lars Sullivan should be someone’s Psycho Sid.  

I know Sid was his own person first, but that is the vibe I get.  I’d love to see him bodyguarding for someone he eventually snaps on and delivery vers a million powerbombs to.

Shayna Baszler =/= Commentator. 

I like Shayna, I think she’s intimidating in the ring but I do not need her to be out doing commentary, at least not yet.  She doesn’t need to be out picking on Ember Moon during her matches, it’s not necessary for her character.  She doesn’t seem comfortable to me while doing it, so it takes some of the shine off of her intimidation factor.  Their feud gained little steam tonight after the last few weeks of action.

Mustache Mountain Injury

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven were supposed to be a part of the Dusty Rhodes Classic but were put out due to an injury to Bate.  Because of this, Roderick Strong implored Regal to be a part of the tournament with a mystery partner, and it turned out to be his recent opponent, Pete Dunne.  While I’m happy Dunne AND Roddy are getting more exposure, I wonder if the plan was for Mustache Mountain to move on beyond Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch too.  It’s weird that they insist on having make shift teams advance into this tournament, and not for the first time, when I feel like it should be built around existing tag teams to give THEM the exposure.  Ah well.

Is Alestair Black a Son of a B****??

Pretty sure that’s what wasn’t bleeped out that Andrade “Cien” Almas called him!  After Black signed the contract for their match at Takeover last week with Zelina Vega signing for Almas, Andrade must have been upset that his lady was attacked by Black’s apparent new friend Candice LaRae.  His promo was pretty good, he seemed heated, but with Black not showing up it did make Almas look a little more cowardly.


Dusty Rhodes Classic Quarterfinal Match: Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne defeated Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Ember Moon defeated Aliyah

Adam Cole defeated Kassius Ohno

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