After taking a break to mourn the loss of Johnny Gargano in NXT, I am back this week with some big questions and concerns about what is going on.  HERE WE GO!  Who is heading for Andrade “Cien” Almas’s title?  WHO kicks off with a LOSS during the Dusty Rhodes Classic?  Why is that jerk Ciampa here??

Is it Aleister Black’s Time to be the Face of NXT?

Last week’s NXT ended with Killian Dain and Aleister Black interrupting Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega celebrating the champ running Johnny Gargano out of NXT (via help from that son of a bitch Tommaso Ciampa) and left us with a battle of the NXT monsters as this week’s Main Event.  Outside a screwy finish, Aleister Black winning was the obvious right call as his popularity rises each week.  Killian Dain is great, but I still stand by my call of SAnitY heading to the main roster after Wrestlemania and Dain has to go with them so there’s no time to get him mixed up in the Championship picture.  Black however, is the perfect man to take the belt off of Almas.  Almas being a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble makes me think that he and Zelina Vega may not be long for NXT either, which means him dropping the title might not be that far off.  Most of his time as champ has been spent feuding with Johnny Gargano, and with that wrapped up he either moves on or moves up.  I think Black takes it off of Almas at Takeover: New Orleans, but it does all hinge on them pulling the trigger on him, and I think the would be really silly not to.  Them not going with Gargano and having him “out” of NXT means Black is their big face on the roster and the can’t keep putting him in mid card feuds even if he is killing it in them.  He’s poised to be the Champion, Almas’s and Vega’s days are numbered.


I had seen a spoiler SUGGESTING that TM61 was taken out in Round 1 of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe it.  While the tournament is shorter this year – only 3 rounds – I still don’t like TM61 losing out so quickly.  With their return to NXT they became a really viable babyface tag team, and were given suitable attention leading up to this match.  While I don’t know that Authors of Pain losing to them in this round would have been the right call either, maybe just – don’t have them face off?  Authors of Pain or SAnitY don’t need the win, and with heel champions – a baby face team emerging in this tournament is the right call.  A nice team of fresh faces.  A team like TM61!  I’m unimpressed by this call here.

Will We See More of the Bruiserweight?

We’re headed into Wrestlemania season so it makes sense to have Pete Dunne around because he should absolutely have a match at Takeover.  He’s an exciting wrestler and someone whose gritty attitude appeals to the NXT audience.  He and Roderick Strong have a meet up backstage where Roddy tries to show respect for their recent bout when the Undisputed Era interrupts to mock Roddy.  Dunne stands up for Roddy by pointing out how little Adam Cole has won since arriving in NXT and this is an interesting development indeed.  There’s an announced match later in the show for next week: Pete Dunne vs Adam Cole and it’s exciting because that means we get more Pete Dunne and there’s nothing to complain about here.  As an NXT champ it will be good to have Dunne around building up potential opponents.

Who Will End the Silent Reign of Tommaso Ciampa?!

This son of a bitch Tommaso Ciampa brought about the end of Johnny Wrestling in NXT breaking the hearts of fans and his lovely, newly signed wife Candice LaRae.  After he did the dirty deed he creepily took over the screen waving goodbye and we saw him again for the first time since on this week’s NXT.  Still dragging the crutch that he used to slam across Gargano’s back, Ciampa was silenced each time he tried to speak into the mic by the angry NXT audience.  After finding and stealing a Johnny Wrestling sign, ripping it up followed by beating it with a crutch, he takes in the boos from the crowd and leaves – saying nothing.  Not that we need an explanation from the son of a bitch who turned his back on his best friend, but WE DESERVE ONE.  It is possible that a new hero could come to the rescue of Johnny Gargano’s honor, but I still believe we’ll get a ticket buying, rule breaking audience member that looks an awful lot like Mr. Wrestling coming for the Psycho Killer.  I just don’t know that Johnny can leave it like this – he needs his revenge.


Authors of Pain defeated TM61

Bianca BelAir defeated Drew Renee in a SQUASH

Aleister Black defeated Killian Dain

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