The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: If You Could Pick John Cena’s Wrestlemania Opponent, Who Would It Be?

This week, the HTCWrestling staff picks who they would have face John Cena at Wrestlemania if they could choose from any wrestler in the world!

Heather: Being able to pick a wrestler from anywhere to wrestle John Cena at Wrestlemania is a great topic of discussion. I’m not going to pick Taker or Mysterio because I don’t care about those matches happening. And if we’re going to say ANYWHERE, then I’m not even going to consider WWE because those dream matches can happen.

John Cena is the face of WWE whether fans like it or not. The kids love him, I’ve seen him in interviews- the people love him, other wrestlers love him, this guy lives and breathes WWE (especially now that’s Ferdinand tanked). With that being said, matching him up to anyone, anywhere makes me want to consider that his opponent could be someone who is the face of another significant wrestling organization.

I don’t know enough about TNA to pick someone from there, and I’m not sure they know enough about who they are right now to have a viable “face” of the company. So I got to Ring Of Honor and I’m not sure they actually have a “face” either. Their champion is Dalton Castle who I LOVE, but having that title hasn’t solidified him as the huge draw for ROH. I guess maybe if I had to pick someone who has that role it would be Jay Lethal – and despite maybe not being as popular as he once was – Jay Lethal is a GREAT wrestler who I would love to see get a chance to shine on a big stage.

However, the real best choice if I’m playing the game of Face vs Face is probably have to go across the world and go with Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi was THE guy in NJPW for a long ass time. While Okada is obviously the powerhouse now, Tanahashi definitely has a role similar to John Cena. He’s the veteran. He never gives up. He’s all about the fans. He’s just lovely. Tanahashi was the face of NJPW for a long time and while the changing of the guard is happening – he’s still a huge part of everything they’re doing. Tanahashi probably IS New Japan’s John Cena. And while I’m not the most familiar with his work, I genuinely believe this could be the best choice.

The Chairman: If I could pick any one person to wrestle John Cena at Wrestlemania it’d be Braun Strowman. Strowman’s popularity is insane right now and he really needs a big match at the biggest show of the year. A match let alone a win against John Cena at Wrestlemania I feel could do more for Braun Strowman than a rumored multi man Intercontinental Championship match or cleaning house at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Cena on the other hand would get to step into the ring with one of the most powerful upcoming stars in the business. The winner without a shadow of a doubt could challenger the winner of the Lesnar Reigns match for the title in my opinion. So Braun would definitely be my pick out of the WWE roster. As for someone outside the WWE, a Kenny Omega vs John Cena Wrestlemania match would be very intriguing.

Matt: Samoa Joe. There’s not many dream matches left for Cena anymore (Undertaker has even happened before although not at Mania). But Samoa Joe is a legit star from the same era as Cena. “Destroyer vs Franchise” is the match people should want to see.

Justin C: When I was thinking of the answer to this question, I had to think about Cena’s current in ring ability. He’s slowed down a bit so I don’t know if he could keep up and have a good match with the likes of Naito, Tanahashi, or Okada. The best feud promo wise would be with Kenny Omega. But I’m going a different route and picking Minoru Suzuki. Suzuki is a bad ass mother you know what. And I could see a program where Suzuki bullies Cena, calls him weak and how he isn’t a threat anymore. It’d be like how Bray tried to get Cena to embrace his inner demon at Wrestlemania 30, but better. Then Cena and Suzuki could have an all out brawl at Mania. Cena could take a good beating from Suzuki. It’s just a shame there would be no Young Lions at ringside for Suzuki to beat up.

Cam: John Cena against Kenny Omega is a no brainer. Cena has had, arguably, his best matches when he isn’t the ring general and who better to make Cena look like a million bucks than the match of the year machine that is Kenny Omega. If and it’s a big if Kenny joins the WWE a feud is on a short list of mine as far as dream feuds go.

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