WWE RAW 3.5.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Ronda Rousey’s Segments Get Better Every Week

Once again Ronda Rousey improved this week on RAW. I was nervous when she came out all smiling and slapping hands with everyone at ringside. But she got her biggest reaction yet. And when she turned serious at the end it got even better. I think she was suppose to interrupt the drum roll before it ended and it worked. I would’ve saved Kurt and Ronda getting the better of Stephanie and Triple H for another week. But in the end the overall segment delivered. I would expect Ronda to get left laying in a week or two, maybe get banned from the building. They have to find ways to keep things interesting with four more RAWs left before Wrestlemania.

2. I Don’t Get The Idea Of Turning Nia Jax Face

After Asuka defeated Nia Jax on RAW, they kept the camera on Nia and showed her alone in the ring to get the crowd to cheer for her. What I don’t get is why they want to turn Nia face. Obviously the story will be Alexa’s words being used against her. Last week she said Nia should be in the Title match. So when Asuka chooses Charlotte, it’ll backfire on Alexa. But Nia hasn’t shown the personality to be a good face. She should be pushed as an unstoppable heel. Then you can build up Nia vs Ronda Rousey at some point down the line. It’ll push Alexa a bit further down the card, but that would only be temporary in my eyes (unless Alexa moves back to Smackdown). Alexa might get cheered over Nia anyways, and that is even with the whole Alexa “semi-bullying” Nia thing later in the show.

3. The WWE Has One More Chance To Get Woken Matt Hardy Right

So Matt Hardy challenged Bray Wyatt to a match at the Hardy Compound. And this is their final chance, in my opinion, to get the Woken Matt Hardy character right. He’s struggled so far. Of course a lot of that has to do with being stuck in a program with Bray Wyatt. But if the WWE can pull off anything close to the first Final Deletion, it will be a success in my eyes. Bray Wyatt should be gone from the WWE for a bit after this. Maybe he gets thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation. Anything to get him away from TV for a bit. He desperately needs that. But if they can nail this, and bring Jeff back as Brother Nero, then they can breathe new life into a Woken Matt Hardy character that was on life support.

Quick Hits

-If Mickie James is going to dress like she did on RAW more often, then I completely approve of her random heel turn.

-So The Bar will beat every team on RAW (sending them to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal in the process), until Jeff Hardy is healthy. Got it.

-I didn’t mind Goldust coming out to confront John Cena. But his promo went way too long before getting to the point.

-They continue to build Sasha Banks vs Bayley perfectly.

-If Braun Strowman doesn’t win a Title by early summer, might as well release him. He won’t be hotter than he is right now.

-I still think the WWE is risking the crowd turning on the Lesnar/Reigns match with this worked shoot stuff. Especially if Lesnar has one foot out the door.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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